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The High Cost of Shipping

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 18, 2011


USPS is raising their prices AGAIN!  Other shipping companies are as well.  It is probably due to the poor economy and the rising cost of gasoline.  USPS costs are going up only slightly but I that is the second time this year.

If it seems that the shipping costs on Pet Auto are high, this is why.  But some websites don’t charge shipping at all, you say.  They do, but the cost is built into the cost of the product.  Or you could have the opposite effect on ebay where you are lured in with the low cost of the product but hit with a horrendous overinflated shipping cost.

Pet Auto does neither of those things.  Our shipping cost is as close to the approximate cost to ship as we can get it.  So if the $29.99 hammock says $10 shipping, then it costs us about $10 to ship.  However, sometimes when multiple items are purchased the Pet Auto website inflates the shipping – sometimes.  If that is the case, we refund the difference.  For example, if you order two Pet Buckle dog seat belts, the website will charge you $20 (apx $10 each to ship).  However, since we can ship two Pet Buckle dog seat belts in one medium flat rate box with the post office for just over $10, we generally refund $10 of the $20 charged by the site.

If you purchase from Pet Auto, don’t be surprised with the shipping.  We promise, you are not being cheated.  With rising gas costs, shipping costs are going up all around.  And if our site overcharges you, we will refund the difference.

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