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January 9, 2013

Sorry, my Wordless Wednesday blog posts are almost never wordless. They’re less wordy, but not wordless. 😉

We had a visitor recently who will be returning again in the middle of the month. Her name is Mau and Mau is a patched tabby cat. BTW, Mau is the Chinese word for cat. Mau is staying with us because her mom is going out of town. She could take Mau with her but Mau, like many cats, is not good at traveling. She hates being confined so a long road trip or airline flight would have been extremely stressful for her.

So mom brought Mau to our house. Mau rode safely in the short car ride because she rode in her pet travel carrier. Once Mau got here, she was very happy to get out of the carrier and into our basement. Our basement is fairly large and is completely finished with carpeting, furniture, and everything. She had plenty of places to investigate and space for all her belongings. It was just like being at home.

Mau in the basement hiding under a chair.

Mau is investigating the basement where she will be staying for a two-week visit.


By the end of her visit, Mau walked around like she owned the place.


Mau is sitting under the table. She is probably looking outside the sliding glass door window which is directly across from her.


Mau had to stay in the basement because of Pierson’s high prey drive. Pierson knows the cat is down there and kept guard at the door.


Here is a picture I drew of Mau about a year-and-a-half ago when she was still a kitten. She loves boxes.

Here is a video of Mau bullying Maya. This was on another visit from Mau before I got Pierson so Mau was allowed upstairs.


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6 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – The Cat Mau Travels to Our House”

  1. Suzanne Adams:

    Enjoy the time with your friend Mau; awfully nice of you to let her stay with you!

  2. The Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady:

    What a great host you are. Mau is very beautiful. We hope she has a nice time at your house. We wish Mau and you a happy Wednesday.

  3. Christie:

    Hey Mau! I love pretty, curious kitties. My kitty is not as curious… she’s mostly lazy.

    Christie from

  4. A Husky Life:

    That is one gorgeous kitty!

  5. Sue at Talking Dogs:

    Mau is adorable! Great video. You know I’ve never understood people traveling with cats and no carrier. Amazing the number of times I’ve been in the vets and people walk in with their cats in their arms!! Yikes.

  6. Flea:

    Poor Maya! Bullied by a little cat. 😉 Mau is a lovely tabby.