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November 15, 2011


We were recently invited to join this new website for animal rescue. It is called And I have just had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the Pet Commando himself.

Louis Pollaro is the Pet Commando and he works with a team of other dog lovers including Jana Arnold and Damir Perge of Madman Interactive (producers of Pet Commando), Robert Lucian the groomer, and Dale Butler who provides discounted veterinary service for rescued animals.

When I had spoken to Louis Pollaro, he and some other team members had just rescued a lost dog who was wandering and heading towards the highway. The dog was nervous and kept running away from him and the others. But eventually Robert was able to entice the dog with Chicken McNuggets. A home was found for him almost immediately after his rescue. Perhaps this will be on the next Pet Commando episode.

Louis Pollaro has been rescuing animals for years. He is also a professional videographer. But it wasn’t until recently that he combined his talents and made episode 1 on Cleo the cat. Louis’ aim for making the video wasn’t to gain publicity, but to inspire others to rescue animals. Instead of driving by that poor dog wandering the streets and hoping someone else rescues him before he gets hit by a car, stop and do something. Instead of ignoring the sick or injured cat, take a moment to get him help. Our society does too much looking away and hoping someone else takes care of it. Is it really too much trouble to help a dog or cat and be a little late to work? I don’t think so and neither does Louis.

Most of the pets that Louis has owned over the years have been rescues. This includes his co-star Yoshi. Yoshi is an adorable and well-mannered Shih-Tzu who sometimes accompanies him on his missions. Louis also told me about his Poodle, Babette, who he had from when he was a teenager to adulthood (Babette lived to be 18). Babette was not a rescue but she was the runt of the litter and had to be bottle fed in order to survive.

As Babette got older, she also gradually lost her sight. Louis had rescued a cat sometime during Babette’s lifetime and the two became inseparable. This cat, by the way, was rescued and was first named Pandora – that is until Louis discovered she was a he and changed his name to Winston. Louis told me about a time when Babette had accidentally gotten outside. She could have wandered off and been lost or killed. But Winston somehow sensed the danger and kept Babette in the yard. Aren’t animals amazing! Just imagine poor Babette’s fate if Louis hadn’t stopped to rescue a cat.

It is obvious that Louis loves animals. If you love animals too, join the Pet Commando and take a stand in helping homeless and/or neglected animals. You too can be a Pet Commando. Do you have to be a videographer too? No. Do you have to have a team of vets and groomers? No. Do you have to keep the animal you rescue? No, but you should be responsible for getting him to a rescue group or a good home. To be a Pet Commando, all you have to do is stop and do the right thing.

Below is episode 3 of the Pet Commando. To view episode 1 and 2 and any future videos, be sure to check out the Pet Commando website. Sign up and be a member too! I did.

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