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Cute Dogs for Adoption

Author: MayaAndPierson
January 17, 2010

 Yellow Labrador Retriever Picture

Are you aware that after the holidays animal shelters get overloaded with pets?  Every year, puppy mill breeders work extra hard to have lots of dogs to sell for the holidays.  These dogs are then often given as gifts.  Sadly, however, it doesn’t work out and a many dogs get taken to the shelter.  Dogs who thought they were going to get a happy new home find themselves homeless.  If you are looking for a new dog, consider adopting.  Why buy a dog when you can adopt.

 We did some volunteer work this weekend at the Lawrence Humane Society in Lawrence, Kansas.  We had lots of adorable dogs and puppies to show.  One of my particular favorites was a Masen.  Masen is a three month old sheltie mix (not a lab mix like the website shows).  He is not only extra cute, as puppies tend to be, he is also very smart.  We were able to teach him to sit and lay down in a very short time.  But unless someone takes him home soon, he will forget what he learned.  He needs a new home with someone who has time to play with and train a new and energetic little puppy.

 Check out Masen and other adorable dogs up for adoption at

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