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September 29, 2009

Maya Still Playing Outdoors in Winter

Summer is over but your sporting dog is still going to need exercise. Fall is the time when the sporting dog goes hunting with their people. But not all people go hunting so not every sporting dog gets to hunt. So take him out to the park instead. It’s a great time of year to play fetch. The sporting dog loves to fetch in a field and in the water. Since the weather is cooler, the water will be cooler too, but the sporting dog probably won’t even notice. Play fetch with a Frisbee, ball, Kong, rope toy, plush toy… you get the idea. Try a fun game of keep away but make sure the game is fun for your dog, not an aggravation. Another fun game for your sporting dog is hide-and-seek. If there are two people, one can hold the dog while the other goes to hide. Hide behind a tree, in a tree, behind the shed, in the shed, under the patio… just like when you were a kid. Then the other person lets the dog go and encourages him to find you. Some sporting dog breeds are bred for search-and-rescue so this is a great game. Don’t you wish you enjoyed your work as much as the sporting dog does? Hide-the-treat is another great game for your sporting dog. It’s not as active as the other games but it can be just as challenging and fun.

Have a great fall season with your sporting dog. To learn more about sporting dogs, click here:  The Sporting Dog Group.  For a cool sporting dog figurines, click here:  Sporting Dog Figurines

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