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Sandi Wearing Her Pet Travel Seat Belt

Here is an excerpt from an article which provides great information about the wonderful Shih Tzu dog breed:

“It is a strange name but a Shih Tzu is a very popular dog breed in the US today. Amazingly, the US never even heard of this dog breed before the 1930s because only the members of the Chinese royal family were permitted to own them. “Shīzi Gǒu” in Chinese literally means “Lion Dog”. The Shih Tzu is a lap dog bred to resemble a lion. They have a long and silky coat which needs careful brushing at least every other day….

…The Shih Tzu dog was bred to be an indoor lap dog. And as such, they should not be left outdoors in extreme hot or cold weather. When you travel, you should take your Shih Tzu dog with you or leave them with a friend. The Shih Tzu dog breed generally does not like to be left alone and may get stressed out in a kennel environment. If you take your Shih Tzu dog with you they are perfectly happy travelers. Because they love people and they love to get attention, they may try to ride in your lap when you drive. This can be a distraction, and it can also be a danger. Consider getting your Shih Tzu dog a pet travel seat beltor a pet car seat. The Shih Tzu dog is small enough that you can also take them with you when you fly. An appropriately sized kennel and a health certificate form your veterinarian are two of the many things your Shih Tzu dog will need before they can go on an airplane.”

To read more on this article, visit “The Shih Tzu Dog Breed”

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