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July 15, 2009


Labrador Retrievers are great dogs, but they can be a bit difficult to handle at times. Someone told me that my dog, Maya, has GLS. “What’s GLS?” I asked in a worried tone. “Goofy Lab Syndrom!”. Goofy Lab Syndrom is the perfect way to explain why Maya acts so crazy sometimes. She gets so excited that she doesn’t hear my commands and just jumps around and whines as though she had won a trip to Camp Snoopy. Maya is a great dog, very smart, and mostly well-behaved. But when she sees people or other dogs, she just goes nuts. There is no cure for GLS. You just have to keep working with your labrador retreiver and hope that someday he or she grows out of it. (in 5 or more years ?). To read more about the greatness of Labrador Retrievers, check out the article, About Labrador Retreivers.

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