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July 9, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Our blog was nominated for an award at the end of last month! It is the Versatile Blogger Award and we were given it by our friend Hawk at We are so excited because this is the first time our Pet Auto Safety blog has been nominated for such an award!

How does this nomination work? It is like a digital chain letter. A blogger who is nominated then awards 15 other bloggers and those 15 other bloggers nominate 15 more. The award makes its way around the internet, with some bloggers getting the award multiple times. But it serves another purpose too. If you’re reading my blog and you like it, then this award allows you to discover other great dog blogs that I like. It is a fun way to share!

Below are some of my favorite dog bloggers (in no particular order). Be sure to check them out. They are all fun and pawesome!

Brown Dog CBR – This is the blog for Hawk, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I love this blog because there are a ton of photos of Hawk and he is always looking at interesting things and doing fun stuff.

2 Brown Dawgs – This is the blog for Thunder, Storm, and Freighter, also Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. I discovered this blog through Hawk’s blog. I love this blog because these three dogs do field training and it is so interesting to learn the process.

Sugar the Golden Retriever – This is the blog for Sugar… yep, a Golden Retriever. I first discovered the blog when Sugar was in Hawaii. The pictures were always fun and beautiful. Sugar is in Chicago now, but the blog is still fun. You can recognize Sugar by her purple shoes!

Roxy the Traveling Dog – This is the blog for Roxy, a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix and Torrey, an Australian Shepherd (mix?). They get to travel all around the United States. Their parents do this fun thing where they go on Rendezvous. You really have to visit their blog to find out more.

Snoopy’s Dog Blog – Snoopy is an adorable Bearded Collie. He’s always up to some kind of mischief! If you need a cuteness fix, this is always a fun blog to visit.

All Things Dog Blog – This is the blog for Tanner and Oliver and it is one of the first blogs I started following when I started. Carrie, Tanner and Oliver’s mom, gave me a lot of great tips in getting my blog going. And she’s a great fan of keeping her dogs safe in the car!

Clowie’s Corner – Clowie is a Great Pyrenese. She is a beautiful sweet dog – a true gentle giant. She always tells such great adventure stories in her blog.

Flea with Dog Treat Web for Jones Natural Chews – Flea is the writer of this blog and she has several pets – Flash and Patches (Australian Shepherds), O’Bunner and Humperdink (rabbits), Jimmy (duck), Ryan (Goose), and a ton of chickens that I can’t remember the names of. I only recently discovered this blog and fell in love with it right away. Flea is so funny and the way she presents things makes for some very entertaining reading.

Something Wagging This Way Comes – This is another humorous blog, although sometimes serious. Honey, a Golden Retriever is often the focus. Honey is a great dog and gives her owner a great insight into life.

Rumpy Dog – Rumpy is a Siberian Husky. He and June Buggie tell us about several animal welfare issues and what we can do to make sure that we are looking out for their wellbeing. There is also some dog and cat cuteness going on there.

Dakota’s Den – Dakota is an adorable Sheltie. I am partial to Shelties since my first very own dog was a Sheltie. Dakota blogs about a variety of things from pet care, prizes, cute pictures, and more.

Glo Girly – This blog is hilariously cute. GloGirly is the blogger, but she talks in the voice of Katie and Waffles, her cats. These two cats are always up to something.

Go Pet Friendly – Ty and Buster are the dogs in this blog. They get to travel all over the country. I first noticed them when they traveled through Texas. Since I lived in Texas for many years, Ty and Buster’s adventures made me a little home sick.

Kirby’s Dog Blog – If you like cute little fluffy dogs, then you’ll love Kirby. Kirby’s mom, Leah is adorable too. This blog is all about innocent cuteness.

Oz the Terrier – Oz is an adorable Cairn Terrier, which I am partial to since Toto of the Wizard of Oz was a Cairn. I’ve lived in Kansas these past ten years so how could I not love Toto! I’ve followed Oz for some time but really enjoyed their March blog posts which featured Irish Limericks about several dogs in the dog blogging world, including Maya & Pierson! So fun and creative!!!

There are a lot of other dog blogs that I follow, but I had to narrow them down to fifteen. Be sure to also visit Leroy and Sherman’s blog, My Brown Newfies, the Long Life Cats and Dogs blog with Pixels and Litchi, Will and Eko’s blog, Brooks (RIP) and Kelly with Peggy’s Pet Place, Pepper Paws, Mollie and Alfie, Maggie with Wag the Dog UK, Remy with One Blue Dog, Gizmo with Terrier Torrent, and the list goes on. And don’t forget to take a trip to visit my dogs, Maya and Pierson, at!

Me and My Dogs maya and Pierson

Left to right: Maya, Dawn, Pierson

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4 Responses to “Pet Travel Destination Tuesday is to Other Dog Blogs”

  1. Roxy the traveling dog:

    Thanks so much for including us in that great round up of pet blogs. That’s great company to be in. And Thanks for the award too.

  2. Clowie:

    Congratulations to you on your award!
    Thank you for including me in your list and saying such nice things about me. I’m in good company, but there are a few I’m not familiar with yet.

  3. Hawk aka BrownDog:

    Hi Y’all!

    Thanks for passing the award back…we love awards. I love this blog and your other blog…This blog is important for all dogs and humans because too many times I see dogs sitting in drivers laps, hanging heads out of windows or roaming around the bed of a moving pick up truck…

    Y’all come back now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. GizmoGeodog:

    Congrats on your award and thanks for the shoutout!