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January 2, 2009

So you want a specific breed of dog and you can’t find it in a shelter or with a breed rescue group. What is your alternative? You can buy a dog from a pet store or breeder. However, there is great danger in doing this. The dog you are buying may have come from a puppy mill. Puppy mill breeders are known to unscrupulously breed dogs without any thought to the health and temperament to the dogs themselves. And don’t be fooled just because the purebred dog you are buying has papers. All that papers mean is that the dog is a purebred. It doesn’t mean that there has been multiple inbreeding of the dogs which deteriorates the quality of the breed. And it doesn’t mean that the dog won’t come with severe health or temperament issues associated with unscrupulous breeding.

My parents bought a dog once who was purebred German Shepherd. We named him Rocky and he had papers. But by the time he grew up, he looked nothing like a real German Shepherd. They bought another dog who was also a purebred German Shepherd with papers. Her name was Tanya and she looked like a standard German Shepherd. However, she had to be put to sleep after only two years of age because of severe hip dysplasia problems. The breeder had enticed my parents with a guarantee that the dog would not get hip dysplasia. But the catch which my parents were unaware of was that the guarantee was only for one year and these dogs generally do not show signs of hip dysplasia until after they are a year old. My parents tried to report the deficiency of the breed to AKC but AKC said that they played no part whatsoever in regulating such a thing. Their only interest was in documenting that the dog was a purebred German Shepherd.

So, let it be known that a dog with papers does not mean you are getting a quality breed. For both you and your new dog’s benefit, you must research before buying a dog. Read the following article for more great information on papers:

Facts about “Papers”

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