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Lost Dog Reunited with Owner

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 11, 2012

We love happy endings! You know all the warnings sent about dogs and fireworks? Well, this dog Shiera was in her own yard when she escaped and ran off in fear. Her mom saw her one moment and the next Shiera was gone. Our friend’s friend found her at about 11pm and got in touch with me. I took her in that night. Then the next morning contacted the shelter, posted her photo on FB, Twitter, and Craig’s list.

I am happy to say that Shiera is now home with her family. It was a very happy reunion. Here are a few photos of Shiera’s short stay.


Shiera is the black dog. She is laying under my desk at my feet along with my Labrador Maya.


From the moment I learned and said Shiera's name, she perked up and knew it was time to go home. We are waiting in the car to meet her mom. Shiera wore my dog Pierson's car harness for the ride.


Mom and son are so happy that Shiera's safe. And Shiera is happy to be going home.


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