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May 30, 2012

Pierson tends not to get along with other male dogs so I don’t usually take him to pet events. But I took him to the Dogs Got Talent event at The Dog House in Lawrence, KS this past Saturday and he did very well. He did snap at Buster the Golden Retriever mix once but only as a warning and not as an attack. The two came close to playing together later – close but not quite. Pierson gets along better with Roxy the Dachshund who he has met a few times previously. He is not sure what to think of kids. He let the girl pet him a few times, especially if she had treats. But he wasn’t quite sure if he should trust her.

Buster is getting love while Pierson looks on in the background, probably wondering why he is not getting all the attention.


Girl petting Roxy the Dachshund with Pierson sitting nearby and looking at someone who has treats.

Notice in the above photo that Pierson is wearing some sort of harness. This is the back of her Bergan Pet Car Harness without the tether attached.

I love Wordless Wednesday but it is so difficult not to say a few words. Enjoy other great pet photos in today’s blog hop!

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