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Labrador and Pet Travel Calm

Travel Calm really worked on my crazy Labrador Maya!

Do you all remember the video of my crazy Labrador Maya in the car? If you missed it, check it out HERE. Basically, my Maya LOVES to ride in the car. She is so excited about it that she whines and cries for the first 15 to 20 minute of every car ride. At first, it is cute. But, as you can imagine, it doesn’t take long to grate on the nerves. I wasn’t sure what to do about it until I came across this pet travel product from Earth Heart called Travel Calm.

Travel Calm is an herbal mist spray that you put on your dog’s outer ears or on their belly. You can also spray it on the fabric of your vehicle or on your dog seat cover or pet car seat. The natural herbal scents are supposed to help soothe your dog and calm him. It can work for excited dogs like my Maya and for nervous dogs.

Travel Calm from Earth Heart

With an upcoming road trip from Kansas to Texas with my dogs over the Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would give this mist spray a try. I am super excited to say that the pet Travel Calm worked great! Maya may have whined once for one second, but that was it! You can see my review posted on December 1st, 2012. I was so happy with this product that our company purchased a bunch more for resale.

Pet Travel Calm is now available on Plus we are giving away a free bottle at the end of March! Check out the Rafflecopter below and enter to win your free bottle of this great pet travel product. This contest giveaway is available to those with a shipping address in the continental US only. You do not have to enter in every category on the Rafflecopter but each category you enter gives you another chance to win. The contest ends at 11:59pm CST on March 31t, 2013. A winner will be chosen on or around April 1st… Maybe we will do it on April 2nd so that you don’t think our email saying you’re a winner is an April Fools’ joke! 😀
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November 17, 2012


Maya on a Road Trip to Texas

Every year for Thanksgiving we either leave from Kansas to either visit my dad in Texas or to visit my mom in Missouri. This year it is Texas. What does this mean for my dogs Maya & Pierson? They are going with us so this means an 11-12 hour drive.

This year’s trip is a little different. We have a couple of friends going with us. Since we all only have a car, there is no way four people and two big dogs will fit in a car, so we have to rent an SUV.

Using Dog Seatbelts in SUV Cargo Area
Pierson has never taken such a long trip in the car before (as far as I know) and neither Maya nor Pierson have ridden in the back of an SUV before. Thankfully, their dog seatbelts will still work in the SUV cargo area. While Maya wears the Kurgo dog car harness and Pierson wears the Bergan one, both are using the Bergan tethers. These tethers use a carabiner clip to attach to the car so this means it can be used on the seat belt system in the back seat of a car or on a cargo ring in the back of an SUV.

Limiting Pet Hair in the Vehicle
When we pick up the car on Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving, I will make sure the carabiner clips on their dog seatbelts will fit on the cargo rings. And if not, I will find an alternative. Then I will line the back of the SUV with a sheet and blankets. The sheet is to protect the rented SUV from dog hair so that I can try to avoid an expensive cleaning fee. The blankets, of course, are for their comfort.

Packing for the Pets
Also in preparation for the trip, I will make sure I have everything we need, including the things especially for Maya & Pierson. Leashes, harnesses, water, dog toys, dog bowls, and dog food are just the basics. I also want to make sure their dog tags are secure on their collars, I want to make sure I have their veterinary information with me, and I will need dog waste bags so that I can pick up their poo at rest stops and at my dad’s house. I will also have a pet first aid booklet from Blue Pearl and a couple of new products that we are trying out for the trip.

Travel Calm Mist Spray
The first product is called Travel Calm and it is from a company called Earth Heart. Maya is super excited during the first 20 minutes of the trip and gets excited all over again every time we make a pit stop. I am hoping Travel Calm will help. The Travel Calm doesn’t just help with nerves, but it is also supposed to help with car sickness. Since I’ve known Pierson to get car sick before on short trips, I am hoping the Travel Calm will help keep him from getting car sick on the long trip.

Petz On Board Sign
The other product I have not received yet but hope to soon. It is a Petz On Board sign from a company called Extremely Board. It has a picture of Maya & Pierson on it along with our phone numbers, phone numbers of emergency contacts, and a phone number to their vet. This sign then sticks to the window of the car.

I can’t wait to try these products out and will be sure to give share my review of them when we get back. I will share some pictures of our trip too so stay tuned. And if you are traveling with pets too, be sure to travel safe! And let us know how you and your pets spent the holiday.

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