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Pet Auto Safety Barks and Bytes #3

Author: MayaAndPierson
February 13, 2014

Barks and Bytes Blog Hop

What’s a bark and what’s a byte? In regards to this blog hop, I’m not entirely sure. So I’m going to say the barks are from the comments shared. Don’t worry, they’re happy barks! 🙂 And the bytes are my little tidbits. The Barks and Bytes blog hop is hosted by Jodi with Heart Like a Dog and Linda with 2 Brown Dawgs. (You know, if you put all the dogs from these two blogs together, there are actually five! Sampson, though, is probably more tan, but tan is a shade of brown, right?)

Flea with Dog Treat Web for Jones Natural Chews said, “Pawsome! One thought on the towel over the carrier – really know your dog. Our first dog would have pulled in a towel and chewed it to bits. But it’s great for anxious dogs!”
So true! Know your dog for any product. If you’re going to buy the ClickIt Utility dog seat belt because you’ve heard it’s the safest, it is important that you know it is safest because it is the most restrictive. If your dog doesn’t like the restriction, he might chew through the straps or hurt himself trying to escape from it. So another brand might be best.

Jodi with Heart Like a Dog asked if we’ve ever done a comparison of all the dog car harnesses. We’ve done one for the brands we sell. These brands include many of the top products, but not all the top products. It would be unfair for me to tell you about the AllSafe, for example, since I’ve never had the opportunity to use it. We’ve also done a post about the pros and the cons of our dog seat belt brands.

Compare Five Dog Seat Belt Brands

Dog seat belt brands listed left to right, top to bottom: ClickIt Utility, Ruff Rider Roadie, Bergan, Kurgo Tru-Fit, Kurgo Go-Tech.

Lindsay with That Mutt says, “Ace is very calm in the car and likes to sit and lie down. He doesn’t move around much. However, he does stand up sometimes, like when he watches me get out of the car. Do you think the ClickIt Utility would be OK for him? Or do you think I should consider something else since he occasionally stands? I’m thinking he could learn to not stand. He’s not a chewer.”
If he only occasionally stands, I’d say the ClickIt Utility would be great for Ace. Look at the measurements, though. I’m not sure if Ace is too big and the ClickIts do not currently come in extra-large.

Pamela with Something Wagging made a wonderful comment, “It is a balancing act between safety and comfort. In the end, everything is a compromise. Because if we wanted to be absolutely safe, we wouldn’t drive at all. :)”
So so true! You definitely seem to have the right of it, Pamela. 🙂

Pamela also said, “I’m also a big Kurgo fan. Although I wish their products were made in the U.S. I just got Honey’s new life jacket from Kurgo and I wish it was summer already so we could try it out.”
I just got some Kurgo life jackets too! One is going to go to Maya. But I plan on selling them too. It is just a matter of building that outdoor dog gear website I talked about as one of my projects to do this year. At least I have the part about finding the right products done.

I do believe it is important to support your local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. As such, the Ruff Rider Roadie dog car harnesses are made right here in the USA. And they are great products as well. Earth Heart, the company that makes the Travel Calm, also has their products made here in the USA. And I believe that most of Snoozer’s products are also made here in the USA.

Emma in the Snoozer Lookout Pet Carseat

Emma in the Snoozer dog car seat. Made in the USA.

Although… I did take an economics course recently that really helped me see things at a different angle. Yes, Kurgo may have their products made overseas but Kurgo is an American company. Kurgo pays their American employees a decent wage… a wage they can afford to give them because they save money by having products made overseas. And a savings they pass on to you by making their products more affordable.

If you’re concerned about the quality of products made overseas, don’t be. Products manufactured overseas no longer have to be compromised in quality. Kurgo products are top-of-the-line and they have a great manufacturer who is just as dedicated to quality.

Kurgo Lifetime Warranty

All Kurgo Products are Guaranteed Built for Life

Another economic trade off, besides saving money on products, is that other countries are hiring American companies for our marketing, managing, and product development skills. Instead of working on an assembly line to make products, we can spend our time inventing products. We can strive for higher paying jobs in the corporate world as managers, sales reps, marketing specialists, and in advertising. Plus, our entertainment industry is HUGE. We are artistic and creative and other countries will pay us money for what we have.

Wow, that was an awful big byte, wasn’t it? Please forgive me if I sound like I’m taking sides one way or the other. I’m not. Realistically, I’d only have a handful of products on my site if I chose to only sell ones made in America. And While I might prefer to buy American made too (especially pet food and treats), I can’t forget it was probably American ingenuity that invented many of these pet travel products to begin with and American companies that built their brands up on American soil.

That’s all for now. If I didn’t scare you off with my economics education course, please come back and visit again! 🙂

Dawn with Maya and Pierson

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May 11, 2013

Emma in the Snoozer Lookout Pet Carseat

Imagine your best little friend riding at your side without being a distraction. The window is down, the breeze is flowing in, and your dog’s nose is to the wind. If you have a pet 30 pounds or less, then he can greatly benefit from a pet carseat. Safety is an obvious benefit and there are two aspects of safety to consider. Plus, there are two other benefits of dog car seats.

The first safety aspect of a pet carseat is that your dog is tethered in and can’t distract the driver. The second aspect is that since your dog is tethered in, he won’t fly forward into the dash or onto the floor in a sudden stop.

Most dog car seats come with a tether. The tether is to be attached to your pet’s harness, not his collar. For ultimate safety, use a dog car harness in conjunction with the safety seat instead of a regular walking harness.

The Sleepypods do not have tethers but this is because your dog (or even your cat) is enclosed inside of it. This pet carseat is then secured in the vehicle with the safety belt of the vehicle. Sleepypods have also had crash testing.

Important note regarding pets riding in the front:  Front passenger side airbags are not safe for dogs. Some airbags are designed to always deploy in the event of a front or rear end car accident while others will not deploy if there is not enough weight in the seat. So be sure to check your vehicle specifications regarding how the airbags work.

With all the turning and stopping you have to do, wouldn’t it be a more comfortable ride for your little dog if he didn’t have to continuously brace himself? Imagine making a quick stop, and instead of your pet sliding off onto the floor, he slides forward into the partition of his safety seat instead. The Snoozer and Lookouts have the most cushioning.

Some pet safety booster seats allow your furry friend to look out the car window. Sometimes, being able to see out the window can help with car sickness. Looking out the window is also a fun activity. Keep your pal entertained so that he doesn’t pester you.

Most dog car seats are for small dogs, 30 pounds and under. But there is at least one for larger dogs and that is the Full Bench Lookout Perch from Snoozer. Snoozer has a number of other different styles for smaller dogs, including the Lookout series and console seats. Sleepypods are for smaller dogs and even cats. There is also the Skybox and other booster seats from Kurgo. Check them all out and keep your best friend safe in the car.

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This is Emma, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in her Lookout pet car seat from Snoozer. The Lookout line from Snoozer includes several sized car seats for dogs. Emma is in the medium sized Lookout but there are also really small sizes such as the console pet car seats, and a larger size, the My Buddy. There are also the bench seats which are designed for larger dogs. Besides the various sizes and styles, here are more reasons to love Snoozer:

These car seats for dogs come in various designer fabrics. There are five vinyl colors. Some people really like the vinyl because they are easy to wipe clean and do not absorb dirt like the fabric colors do. But some people like the fabric ones because the covers can be removed and are easier to wash in a washing machine. Plus the fabric ones come in seven designer colors.

All the Lookouts, My Buddy, bench seats, and console seats can be strapped into your car and they come with a tether so that you can clip it onto your dog’s harness for security (do not clip onto your dog’s collar as this could cause choking in a sudden stop).

The Snoozer pet car seats are the most comfortable pet seats available. They have a 2.5 inch foam padding. This padding is on the bottom and the sides. The interior of the Snoozer car seats for dogs have lamb wool lining. This is great for both comfort and warmth. So if you are traveling with your dog this winter, help him be comfortable, safe, and warm with one of these fashionable pet car seats.

We have a couple of My Buddys in vinyl design on sale. Plus, you can use discount code petfriend to get an additional 10% off! The discount code is all one word and all lowercase.

Have a safe and happy 2013 with your pet!

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December 5, 2012


Beloved Jinger.

Bernal purchased the Snoozer pet car seat from us for his new dog Teddy. He was very happy with the car seat and our customer service, and shared his lovely story of Jinger and Teddy with us.

After his dog Jinger passed away in April 2012, Bernal wasn’t sure if he wanted another dog. But after meeting his granddaughter’s new dog Sasha, he decided to look around for a new best friend. He started at and ended up at the Almost Home Humane Society of North Central Iowa. There he saw a Bichon Frise mix named Koby and knew he was the one. Koby was matted and malnourished from his previous experience before rescue. Bernal took over his care, renamed him Teddy, and gave him a brand new start on life.

Teddy (Koby) before.

Teddy after. Cute, right?

Teddy is a cherished member of the family.

Teddy has made himself right at home.

If you want to know more details on this story, visit Bernal’s article on We love rescue stories!!!

Thank you Bernal for sharing the beautiful pet photos of Jinger and Teddy. Thank you for sharing Teddy’s story, and thank you for the wonderful compliments!

For more great Wordless Wednesday pet photos, check out the blog hop below.

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The My Buddy Superior Pet Car Seat

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 29, 2011

The biggest and best pet car seat we have seen thus far is the My Buddy pet car seat from Snoozer.  Snoozer makes many great pet travel products including the Lookout pet car seat.  The My Buddy pet car seat is different from the Lookout pet car seat in that it is much bigger and it can hold two or more small pets.

As one of the biggest pet car seat brands, the My Buddy pet car seat can hold up to 30 pounds and it is about 30 inches by 17 inches on the outside and about 25 inches by 12 inches on the inside.  It gives pets a boost of about 7 inches and is a total of 19 inches tall.  Compare this to the Kyjen pet car seat which is about 15 x 15 inches square.  This is great for dogs who want to sit or lay down in a curled ball.  For multiple small dogs or a small dog who wants to stretch out, the My Buddy pet car seat may be best.

The My Buddy pet car seat is easily secured with the seat belt of the car.  And it comes with two connector straps so that two dogs can be secured in the pet car seat.  So the My Buddy pet car seat is not just for quality comfort, it is great for superior safety as well.

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Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner / Pet Bed

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 5, 2011


Snoozer makes very high quality products for pet car travel.  Most of those products include different variations of the Lookout pet car seats such as the Lookout Deluxe, My Buddy, Lookout Perch, and pet console seats.  Snoozer makes another great product as well – The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed.

Like all Snoozer products, the Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed is designed for comfort.  Your dog can ride comfortably in the back cargo area.  Not only is your dog comfortable, but your cargo area is protected from muddy paw prints and such.  The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed is made from nylon fabric which is water and hair resistant.  The fabric cover can be removed from the foam padding and washed as needed.  The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed can also be used in the house (or hotel room) as a pet bed.

The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed does not provide safety like the other Snoozer products do.  For safety, we recommend wither having a pet car net in place or using the Pet Buckle dog car harness with the attached Kwik Connect Tether clipped onto the metal rings which may be located in the cargo area of the SUV.

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September 25, 2010

(Back view of the Roll-Around Pet Carrier)

The Roll-Around Pet Carrier is an all-purpose dog carrier made by Snoozer.  You can easily tote the Roll-Around Pet Carrier like a suitcase.  The handle extends and it has wheels for easy tug-along.  Or you can carry it like a backpack.  Then secure it in your car as you drive to the airport.  With the smaller pet carrier, it will fit under most airline seats for airline travel.  When you get to your hotel, keep the dog in the Roll-Around Pet Carrier for use as a pet bed.

To secure the Roll-Around Pet Carrier in your car, simply slide the seat belt of the car through the straps in the back as pictured above.  Then snap the seat belt into the seat belt receptacle.  Sudden stops or car accidents will keep your pet in the pet carrier and the pet carrier secured to the seat.  Snoozer says that the buckled in Roll-Around Pet Carrier in the car seat position with all zippers closed has been crash tested at 30 pounds at 30 mph.

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Comfortable Console Pet Car Seat

Author: MayaAndPierson
May 8, 2010


Putting your small dog in the front seat may not be safe if you have passenger side airbags. But if you don’t want your dog in the back seat (or if he won‘t stay in the back seat), consider a console pet car seat. A pet car seat for the console of your car straps around the console. There is also a strap inside the console pet car seat which you would clip onto the back of your dog’s harness. The strap around the console and the strap to your dog’s harness helps keep your pet secure in his seat. The console pet car seat also allows your dog to visit you in the front without causing a distraction by climbing into your lap.

The Console Pet Car Seat by Snoozer comes in two sizes and various colors. It is also very well padded for comfort. The lamb wool interior liner of the Snoozer Console Pet Car Seat makes it cozy for your dog on those long road trips.

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Pet Auto has added a new pet car seat from Snoozer. This pet car seat, called the Roll Around Pet Car Seat, has been crash tested in a car seat position (with all zippers closed) for a 30 pound dog at 30 miles per hour. But safety is not its only feature. The Roll Around Pet Car Seat can also be used as a back pack, pet carrier, and pet bed. You can travel with your dog just about anywhere, whether by car or airplane, because the Roll Around Pet Car Seat can fit under most airline seats.

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