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Follow Up Friday #7

Author: MayaAndPierson
August 16, 2013

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There weren’t as many questions this week so I’m going to talk about other stuff that has happened on my other blog,, and things happening for us on other dog websites.

My Dog Pierson is to be on a Calendar!

I’m so happy that my dog Pierson is to be featured in the That Mutt calendar! Thank you to everyone who saw my post on Facebook and voted. 🙂

That Mutt Talks about Pet Auto Safety

Lindsay with That Mutt also talked about pet auto safety on one of her blog posts. Go check it out – Do Dogs Need Seat Belts? The article is well thought out and covers pros and cons. Feel free to comment. 🙂

Dogs Trapped in Cars After Accidents?

One of the questions Lindsay asked me prior to her post threw me off. She said she knew some people who were concerned about a pet car harness or pet travel carrier causing a dog to get trapped in the vehicle in a car accident. Can you believe that in all my years of running this business, no one has ever brought this up before?

Certainly, it can happen. I think this was a concern when seat belts for people first came out. But after years and years of research, statistics have shown that this risk is small and the likelihood of a seat belt saving a life is much greater.

If anything, I would be concerned about an unrestrained dog escaping from the vehicle after an accident. I get Google alerts for dogs in car accidents on a regular basis and so see a lot of news stories about dogs that went missing because they escaped the vehicle and ran off in terror. Think about it, after a car accident your dog is likely to be completely freaked out. His instinct is going to be to get as far away from the terrifying situation as quickly as possible. When a dog runs in terror, he runs blindly. This means he could run into the street, cause another car accident, and possibly get struck and killed by another vehicle.

Here’s a story with a happy ending. The video automatically plays, so I’m sorry about that. I don’t know how to keep it from doing that.

I understand we all have our different fears. The thing about a car accident is that it is unpredictable. You never know when you will be in a collision, let alone what kind of collision. What may be perfect for one situation may not be for another. Just consider the odds. While the above situation happens all the time, heroes like this aren’t always around to help.

SleepyPod’s New ClickIt Pet Car Harness

Sleepypod is coming out with the new ClickIt pet car harness soon and this design is also based on recommendations from the Center for Pet Safety! They are going to be expensive, but worth it. Keep posted here on this blog and I will let you know as soon as they are available.

My Interview with the Radio Pet Lady

I had an interview about pet auto safety on the Radio Pet Lady Dog Travel Experts show. Paris with Dog Tipper was there too! The show aired last night but will be archived at this link soon. Be sure to check it out. I think Gizmo with Terrier Torrent will be interviewed next week to talk about the fun of geocaching.

Bad Poetry Day

Hop on over to the for Pierson’s Bad Poetry Day contest entry. Seriously, it will make you laugh! 😀 Maya will feature her bad poetry tomorrow.

Where is the Pet Auto Safety Car?

As you may have read, Maya and I were in a rear end collision on July 25th. It was bad enough that the insurance company considered my car as totaled, but not bad enough to cause serious injury. Even though the car is considered totaled, I am working with the repair shop to still have it fixed. Hopefully, they can get used parts instead of new and be able to fix it for the check amount the insurance company gave me. But as of today, I still don’t have my car back!!!

How is it that a car can be considered totaled for just a fender bender? First of all, it is a Ford. That should be enough explanation, but in case you’re wanting more… My car is a 1998. Why in the heck would I want to keep such an old car? Believe it or not, it only has 87,000 miles on it and it is still running well. Also, it was more than just the bumper that was damaged. It turns out the frame is bent too, and other stuff.

K9 Car Fence

A lot of you commented on what a great idea the K9 Car Fence is. Pierson didn’t think so, but I thought it was brilliant too! I wish I had thought of it. 😉

Dog Pierson K9 Car Fance

Pierson is testing the K9 Car Fence.

Questions or Comments?

As always, if you have any questions about pet travel, feel free to ask them by commenting below or by emailing me at I’d love to hear from you!

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July 20, 2013
Dog Sitting Nicely

D a r n  it! I wish I had taken a photo earlier this week of Maya & Pierson sitting nicely when we had guests over.

We had someone from AT&T over the other day to see if they could fix our internet. We were told that our dogs had to be confined while they were here. Why? The AT&T guy that came told me one of his coworkers had recently been bitten in the face by a dog that was supposed to be friendly. Maybe the dog was. But dogs will be dogs. Maya will jump up on people if I am not careful. This can be very dangerous if someone is bending over when they pet her.

So no matter how friendly your dog is, be considerate of your guests. I have a tendency to think, “The dogs live here, you don’t.” But what if Maya jumps on someone and hurts them? It would be my fault. I would be responsible. It doesn’t matter whose house it is. So in order to protect the safety of my guests, here is what I do with Maya and Pierson:

Work on Sit / Stay
Maya gets really excited when people come over. So we’ve been working very hard on the sit and stay commands. I don’t just work with her at home with no distractions, I also work with her when people come over and out in public with other distractions.

Work on No Jumping
I’ve taught Maya not to jump on me, but it has been difficult to keep her from jumping on other people. People don’t know that they shouldn’t pet her unless she is sitting calmly, so it is my responsibility to tell them. When we are at home or on walks and someone wants to pet Maya, I make sure they know that if she gets up or starts to get anxious, back away or turn around and ignore her.

Keep on a Lead
This helps even at home. If Maya is on a leash when guests come over, it helps put her in “work” mode. It also enables me to grab the other end and restrain her if she gets too excited.

Make Sure Pets are Confined
Yes, it is my house. But there will be some cases where it is simply best to confine my dogs. The AT&T guy was just one example. Another situation I have to be careful of because of Maya’s exuberance is when small children come over. Maya is great with kids, but she tends to get so excited that she knocks them over.

What do your dogs do when people come over? Are they challenging like Maya or calm and well-mannered like Pierson? (Sephi was well-mannered too.)

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Do you know Maya and Pierson? The beautiful yellow Labrador pictured at the top of this blog isn’t just some random puppy. That is my Maya! She’s been pictured on this blog a number of times, along with my Australian Shepherd mix Pierson. They aren’t just models for pet auto safety products, they have other talents too. Check out some non-travel pet photos of them below:

Maya & Puddle of Mud @ Dog Park

Maya finds a big puddle of mud along one of the dog park nature trails.

Labrador Maya Young's Pool

Maya, bottom right, waiting for me to throw the tennis ball. Lots of other dogs in the background are having a good time.

Labrador Maya Sleeping on Back

Maya likes to sleep on her back.

Pierson Sleeping on His Back

Pierson too.

Dog Pierson Jumping Hula Hoop

Pierson loves agility. Jumping through the hula hoop was the first agility trick he learned.

Dog Pierson Dog Agility Tunnel

Pierson goes through the dog agility tunnel.

Dogs Maya Pierson Sprinkler

Last summer, playing in the sprinkler was Maya and Pierson’s favorite activity.

Do you want to get to know Maya and Pierson even more? Sign up for our other blog – At the top right of our blog is where you will find the email sign up. We post about twice a week. Check out today’s post for Wordless Wednesday to see how Maya and Pierson help out at work. Then check us out on Saturdays where we post about dog training, Maya and Pierson antics, pet health, or other fun dog topics.

For more fun pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below.

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May 29, 2013

I’ve been in a creative mood lately and have taken a few photos of Maya & Pierson and added some captions. If you like them, Pin and share!

Are We There Yet Dogs

Maya Pierson Vet Captions

Maya Vet CaptionHere are a couple that are not pet travel related, but I think are my funniest memes yet:

Sporting Dog Caption

Pierson Belly Rub Caption

For more fun pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:

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Dogs Pet Safety Belts

My dogs Maya and Pierson in the back seat of my car wearing their pet safety belts for both my safety and theirs.

My dog Pierson is great in the car. He sits so quietly in the back seat that I could almost forget he is there. If he were your dog, you might think, “Well, he doesn’t need a seat belt then.” But I think he still does. He may not be a distraction, but his safety is important to me. There is another reason to consider restraining your dog in the car. The following are three major points I’d like to make about pet safety belts:

Not all dogs behave in the car like my Pierson does. My Labrador Maya is crazy in the car. I do mean CRAZY! She loves it so much that she can hardly control herself. If she wasn’t wearing a dog seat belt, she’d be all over the place. Dogs like my Maya really can be a dangerous distraction and they really can cause car accidents. Don’t believe me? Here are some Real Life Examples.

Also, a study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham who studied drivers 70 and over found that those driving with their dogs were 50% more likely to get into a car accident. That article can be read on SpotNews in Alabama. I bet it is true for other age groups as well.

If you consider a safety tested dog seat belt brand, your dog could be better off with their restraint than they would be without. Pet safety belts may prevent your dog from being thrown about the car, into other passengers, onto the floor, or through the windshield. A dog wearing a restraint won’t be able to run from the scene. And it will be easier for medical personnel to help a restrained pet.

New Jersey has made it the law that pets be restrained in the car. I was recently asked about this dog seat belt law in New Jersey. The question was whether a dog had to wear a seat belt or if a pet travel crate was okay for dogs riding in the car. Here is a quote directly from the New Jersey State Legislature regarding the law – “The driver of a passenger automobile shall secure or cause to be secured in an appropriately sized, properly adjusted, and fastened seat belt restraint system, any non-crated domestic dog or cat that is being transported in the vehicle.”

Trying to interpret laws can sometimes be difficult, but the wording ‘any non-crated domestic dog or cat’ tells me that if your pet is crated in the car, the law doesn’t apply. But if the pet is not crated, he must wear a dog seat belt.

It may not be law in your state yet, but you can be ticketed for unsafe driving in any state. So if your dog is acting crazy in the car or if your driving seems to be affected by the fact that you have a dog in your lap, you could be fined.

If your dog won’t wear a dog seat belt, then consider securing them in a pet travel crate. Or try some of our training tips to get your dog used to wearing the car restraint. Our training tips can be found on an article we wrote – Getting Your Dog Used to a Dog Car Harness.

I know our dogs love to stick their heads out the car window and they may even seem depressed when they suddenly find themselves confined in a dog seat belt. But it is important that we do what is best for them, and for ourselves. Protect your best friend, just as you do for yourself and your children.

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April 6, 2013
Slumber Pet Cooling Mat

Help dogs stay cool on a pet cooling mat.

Now that spring is here, I bet you want to be outdoors more. I bet your dog does too. Perhaps now that the sun is shining and the weather is warmer, you and your dog can go somewhere for a nature hike, visit the lake for a picnic or a swim, or go to that dog park you really love but didn’t go before because it was too cold outside and all the way across town. But before you and your dog head out the door, let me make one very important reminder about dogs in cars. And also, let me introduce a new product that is perfect for pet travel in warm weather.

I want to introduce the new pet travel product first. I’m excited about it because I think it is a great pet product for when we travel long distances with the dogs. See, the a/c of my car doesn’t get to the back of the car where Maya and Pierson are as easily as it blasts us in the front. So if I want my dogs to stay cool, I have to wear a coat and have the a/c on full blast. The new product we found is a pet cooling mat and it allows my dogs to stay cooler without me freezing my you-know-what off.

The Slumber Pet cooling mat is very easy to use. Simply put it in the refrigerator to let it cool down. And then take it out for your dog to lie on. Your dog can lie on it directly, or you can put it in their pet bed. Your dog can lie on it inside the house, outside, or in the car for pet travel in warm weather. (If you use the pet cooling mat outside, use it in the shade so that the coolness lasts longer.)

This pet travel product brings me to the point about safety I wanted to make. This product does not mean that you are allowed to leave your dog alone in the car while you run inside to get groceries and such. Never ever ever leave your dog alone in the car. The pet cooling mat can stay cool for long periods, but not if it is exposed to extreme heat (such as the extreme heat that builds up in a car).

Even though the weather is not hot yet, it is warm enough to make the inside of your car hot, even if the windows are down. Don’t believe me? Go to the grocery store in the afternoon when the sun is out on a 60 degree day. I did that yesterday (without my dogs, of course) and by the time I got back to my car 30 minutes later, it was super-hot inside. If Maya or Pierson had been left in there, they might have had a heat stroke.

Heat is not the only danger of leaving your dog in the car. Someone could steal your dog. Trust me, this happens all the time. People take dogs from cars because they believe you are cruel for leaving them in there, because they want to use your dog as a bait dog, or for a multitude of other unsavory reasons.

Don’t leave your dog vulnerable to theft or to heat stroke. Always make sure someone can stay with your dog in the car, or just leave your dog at home. Plan trips to the park and such separately from your grocery trips and other errands. And don’t forget to bring plenty of water for your dog to drink! 🙂

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February 18, 2013

If Maya & Pierson could drive, where would they go? To the food store, of course! Now that Maya has a driver’s licence, I’m going to have to take away her credit card. I might also have to make sure she doesn’t hang around with the wrong crowd at the dog park. Oh, goodness! There is so much to worry about when the kids grow up and go out on their own. At least I know Maya wears her seat belt when she is in the car.

Who’s idea was it to make it legal for dogs to drive anyway? Apparently, Subaru has!!! Yep, Maya’s driver’s license is with Subaru.

Subaru DL 4 MayaHow can you get a driver’s license for your dog? By visiting Subaru’s Facebook app – This app is super easy to use. I simply typed in Maya’s name and information, then downloaded a photo of her. Please note that Subaru posts these driver’s licenses on their FB page so use a fake address. How do you like our fake address? Get it? Here’s one for Pierson too. Notice his address.

Subaru DL 4 Pierson

By the way, Subaru has a number of other fun apps on their FB page. You can also put your dog in a Subaru, ask a dog expert about a Subaru, and map your dog walk.

If you haven’t seen any of the funny Subaru dog commercials, check this one out – Like all the funny Subaru dog commercials, it is super-hilarious!

By the way, Subaru is doing a contest for two Visa gift cards! The first place winner gets a $350 Visa gift card and the second place winner gets a $150 Visa gift card. This contest is open from today through 11:59 pm ET on Sunday, February 24th. There are a ton of ways to enter. Just do the tasks listed in the Rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer – We are being compensated by Subaru for this post. Please note, however, that we would not have agreed to post at all if we did not agree with the content. We love the funny Subaru dog commercials and have posted them before, unpaid. The other content we have been asked to post, like the Puppy Bowl promotion, has been a lot of fun and the Subaru Facebook app is cute.


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February 13, 2013

For our participation in the Super Dog Sunday event, we were entered into a prize drawing. We didn’t even know our participation meant a possible prize so when Maya & Pierson won, it was a super surprise! For in case you weren’t aware, the Super Dog Sunday helped to benefit the Petfinder Foundation. While the twitter party is over, Super Dog Sunday continues with more possible prizes. Keep an eye out on this blog or our American Dog Blog for a giveaway of a Kumfy Koats. In the meantime, check out the pictures of Maya & Pierson with their prizes:

Maya & Pierson sit amongs all the great winnings.

Maya & Pierson sit amongs all the great winnings.

This is what they won – two dog books, two toys, a paw-wipe towel, Toby & Max jewelry, a lickety stik dog treat, and a natural remedy for dog aggression (I can’t wait to try it on Pierson when he goes out and sees other dogs).

Pierson is telling me how much he loves his plush football dog toy.

Pierson is telling me how much he loves his plush football dog toy.


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February 7, 2013

My dogs love to ride in the car! Whenever I go someplace where my dogs are allowed to go too (since I won’t leave them in the car by themselves) I take them with me. So, bank drivethrough, fast food drivethrough, let’s go Maya & Pierson! Even better, let’s go to the dog park or the pet supply store to buy some toys!!!

Speaking of riding in the car, I absolutely love all the hilarious Subaru dog commercials. Did you see the new ones when you watched the Puppy Bowl? I had a teaser for one of the commercials last week. Here is another teaser. Then below that is one of the full commercials. Seriously funny.

I like this one, except the dog should not be sitting in the lap! Where’s your seat belt, miss/mr puppy? At least Grant Weber, the Subaru Salesman, isn’t actually driving with the dog in his lap.

When you watched the Puppy Bowl, did you get a chance to use the IntoNow app which presented Subaru content in conjunction with the show? I did and I liked it a lot, although I did have a bit of trouble figuring out how to use it. Also, because of my phone some of the links on the app did not allow me to use them… like the one for making a dog driver’s license. Fortunately, these are available on Subaru’s Facebook page. I will give it a try soon, then will let you know what I think.

We seldom do paid posts, but when we do it is because we like the content we are being asked to present… in this case, the funny Subaru dog commercials. We’ve posted these commercials a number of times in the past, unpaid, so it isn’t that much of a stretch to have a paid post. This is a paid post, although the text content associated with these videos is all our own.

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January 30, 2013

No pet auto safety theme today. I just want to share some cute photos of my pups. Maya & Pierson don’t just help me in promoting safety in the car, the also provide me with boundless entertainment.

Maya and Pierson love to play together… although it does look like Pierson is having more fun in this photo than Maya.

Here is one of them playing outside. (Our grass is terribly brown this winter.)

When they are not playing, they are sleeping in the strangest positions.

Pierson too.

Maya loves to swim. (This was taken at the end of summer.)

She also loves baths (wierd).

Pierson likes to dress up. (not really, but he’ll do anything for a cookie.)

This is what Pierson does while I fill up his food bowl. First thing in the morning is potty break, then breakfast.

Synchronized spinning – see more on my American Dog Blog which can be found in the blog hop below.

Those are my pups. See how cute and entertaining they are? No wonder I make them buckle up when they are in the car.

For more adorable pet photos, visit the Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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