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August 1, 2008

kurgobarrier.jpgDoes your dog like to try to join you in in the front seat of your car when you drive? Does your dog try to lick you or sniff you while you are driving? Dogs moving around freely in cars can be a serious a safety hazard to themselves, the driver, and the passengers. A pet car barrier keeps everyone safe by creating a strong wall between the front and back seats of the car. This wall keeps the dog safely in the backseat. The main benefits for keeping your dog in the back seat include:

*     Should the car stop suddenly, the dog might be kept from flying forward into the front seat or out the front windshield.

*     Helps restrict excited pups from distracting the driver by moving between the front and back seats of the vehicle.

*     Should an accident occur, your dog will likely remain in the back seat and away from airbags. (Airbags can kill rather than save your pet.)

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Dog Auto Safety

Author: FidoIntheCar
July 28, 2008



Being safe in the car is of utmost importance for you and your loved ones.  New parents comb through products looking for the next big improvement to protect their children.  There are hundreds of child protective seats available that are designed for children of varying ages which help reduce the impact of any car accident.
It goes to reason that this same product should be available for dogs which obviously cannot be secured in a safety device designed for human use.  Having a special seat that can protect your dog is imperative for those that care about the safety of their most beloved pets. 
Dog car seats are an incredible innovation.


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July 27, 2008

Like a cell phone, a dog can be a major distraction in the car.  A phone call that distracts a driver has been statistically proven to cause car accidents and create cars of people more prone to injury and death.  This can be said for an unruly dog in the vehicle.  Even the best trained dogs can be excited in a car where anything can happen.  A loud noise or an interesting dog walking down the street could be enough to send a calm dog into a fit.  Avoid putting yourself and your dog in harms way by getting an inexpensive dog safety belt today.

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July 13, 2008

soapydog.jpgTuesday, July 15th between 4 and 8 pm, we are going to participate in the Suds of Fun event at U-Wash Puppy in Shawnee, Kansas.  We are displaying and selling some of our products and donating 25% to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.  The U-Wash Puppy at 75th and Neiman Rd is giving dog baths for $5 and the first 50 dog washers get fun pack full of dog and people goodies!  Sheridan’s Frozen Custard will be handing out free pup cones to keep everyone cool, plus there will be some adorable dogs up for adoption.  Other pet vendors will be participating in the event as well and donating a portion of the proceeds to the humane society.  So if you live in the Kansas City area, give your dog a bath and help the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City help the homeless animals in your area.

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Weekend Road Trip with My Dogs

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 9, 2008
Finding Accommodations

Even though I only live four hours from St. Louis, I have never been there. So I made plans to visit this 4th of July weekend. The first thing I had to do was decide whether or not I was going to take the dogs. I considered a boarding kennel, a pet sitter, or leaving my dogs with a friend. But because it was a holiday weekend, these options were going to be hard to come by. So I decided to take them with me. Once this was determined, I needed to find a hotel that would allow my pets. After some research online at, I found that the Sheraton generally accepts pets.

Pre-travel Preparation
Once the hotel was booked, the next thing was to prepare for the trip. I had to not only pack for myself, but for the dogs as well. I packed their food bowls, water bowls, leashes, food, doggy biscuits, doggy poopie bags, crates, dog beds, and most importantly, extra water. I made sure they were in good health (both just had check-ups at the vet a couple weeks ago), that their tags were secure on their collars and up to date, and that my car was prepared for them. The back seat of my car has a car seat cover and I added the Kurgo Backseat Bridge which would give them extra room and keep them off the floor. My dogs wore their pet auto safety belts. The strap which buckles into the seat belt receptacle of the car was extended a little so that they had more room to move around but were still safe and secure.

While Traveling
On the way to St. Louis, we stopped at the rest stops along the way. There were three of them, each about 40-60 miles apart. Every interstate highway in the US has rest stops. I made sure the dogs only did their business in the pet area since the rest stops had a place designated specifically for pets. And I made sure I picked up after them. I also gave them water at each stop. Both dogs did great. No one got car sick. Maya was bored and tended to move around a lot, but because of her pet seat belt and the Extend-A-Seat, she was not able to bother me while I drove.

At the Destination
Both dogs were well-behaved at the hotel as well. Maya was a little hyper and wanted to greet everyone but I kept a hold of her leash and made sure she did not jump on or lick anyone. When I left the hotel and had to leave them behind, I kept them in their crates as required by hotel policy. I did not get any reports about them so I assume that they did not bark after I left. I did not always leave the dogs in the hotel when visiting St. Louis. I took them walking even went to a couple of nearby parks.

All-in-all it was a great trip. We all had a good time and we all kept safe. You and your pets can have a safe and pleasant time traveling as well. Just remember the four basics: Accommodation, Preparation, Travel, and Destination.

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July 7, 2008

callieincar2.jpgIf your vehicle has passenger side airbags that can not be deactivated, then your dog should not be sitting in the front seat. This is true even if your dog is wearing a pet car safety harness or is in a pet safety travel seat. There is a warning in your vehicle manual and sometimes even on the visor that states no children under a certain age and no children in car seats are to be in the front seat. The vehicle manual generally does not state anything about pets but the same applies. This is because airbags are designed to protect adults and rather than save your pet, an airbag may end up seriously harming or possibly killing your pet instead.

So before allowing your dog to sit in the front seat, make certain that the front passenger side of your vehicle does not have airbags or that those airbags are turned off. And make sure that your dog is wearing a pet car safety harness or is secured to a pet safety travel seat.

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June 25, 2008

It’s summer and it’s HOT! The most important thing to remember to bring when you travel with your dog this summer is water. Just like people, dogs can get dangerously dehydrated in the heat. And just like people, they could die from heat exhaustion.

No matter where you travel this summer, be sure you bring lots and lots of water. You can get water along the way at convenient stores but convenient stores are not always conveniently located. You will need water not only for yourselves, but for your pets as well. Be sure to bring enough for everyone. If you are traveling a long distance by car, having water on hand could be a lifesaver. And don’t forget the dog’s water bowl when you travel. There is a huge variety of pet travel bowls that are small and easy to carry no matter where you go. Some pet travel bowls are collapsible and could even fit in your pocket, making it easy to provide water for your dog when in the car, at the park, camping, or on a long hike.

Pet Travel Bowl

Older dogs, overweight dogs, puppies, dogs with short pushed-in faces, and dogs with health problems are more susceptible to heat exhaustion than other dogs.  You may want to consider leaving your dog at home, with a friend, or in a boarding kennel rather than taking him with you.

Emergency Care:
If your dog is panting loudly and excessively, salivating more than normal, vomiting, lethargic, and/or the skin on the back of the neck does not spring back to normal when pinched, then these are signs of possible dehydration. If you think your dog is dehydrated, get him out of the sun and somewhere cool as soon as you can. Try to get him to drink some cool water and give him ice if you have any. If there is a pool of cool water nearby or even a water hose, allow your dog to get wet. And be sure to allow your dog to continue to pant. Dogs don’t sweat like we do so panting is their way of cooling down. If you don’t notice any changes within 15 minutes, get your dog to the vet immediately. Heat exhaustion can cause your dog to go into shock. It can also cause some serious damage to your dog’s organs.

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“Paws in the Park” Pet Event

Author: MayaAndPierson
June 21, 2008

Shawnee Mission ParkThe employees of visited an event today called “Paws in the Park” which was presented by the Johnson County Park & Recreation District. This event is located at Shawnee Mission Park, a 1,250 acre park located in Johnson County, Kansas at 79th and Renner Rd. It is the largest park in Johnson County and has more visitors than any other park in the state of Kansas. This is because the park is not only clean and well-kept, but it also has areas designated for numerous activities including fishing, boating, canoeing, picnics, hiking, and biking. It also has a disc golf course, trails for horse back riding, an archery range, a play area for kids, the Theater in the Park, and best of all, a 53 acre off-leash area for dogs. The off-leash area for dogs has a swim beach, some well-kept wood chip trails, and both grassland and wooded areas for the dogs to visit.

“Paws in the Park” is a family and pet event with multiple pet-related activities and pet-related vendors. The pet-related activities and events included a pet/owner look-a-like contest, a dog walk, best trick contest, an agility course, and best costume contest. There was also a canine demonstration by the Overland Park Police Department. The pet-related vendors we saw included PetsMart, various animal rescue groups, local dog training businesses, local dog sitters and day care businesses, veterinary clinics, and more! Next year, we here at hope to be one of the vendors in this event. Our goal is to not only get the word out about pet auto safety, but to collect enough proceeds to be able to donate a portion to the local humane society. Most of the proceeds for the “Paws in the Park” event is given for the upkeep of Shawnee Mission Park, but a fair portion will be donated to an area dog rescue group. We are proud to contribute to any organization that helps pets. We are also glad that we could contribute to a great park that we take our dogs to all the time.

Check your local area for great off-leash parks and wonderful pet-related events.

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Keep Dog Drool off your Car Interior

Author: MayaAndPierson
June 17, 2008

Have you noticed doggy nose prints and slimy dog drool on your car windows and door panels? Not only is it disgusting, but the doggy drool can permanently damage your precious car interior if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. And while drool may not damage the windows, it sure is difficult to clean. There is a solution out there for those of us who like to travel with our pets but don’t like the damage done to our car.

Introducing a new product from Kurgo. The Kurgo car door guards protect your vehicle door panels from scratches, muddy paw prints, dog drool, pet hair, etc. If your dog likes to ride, this product is perfect for keeping the door panels of your car interior in new condition.

Janice from Cedar Falls, Iowa loves them. “It is so much easier to remove the bibs and car seat cover off to clean them. And when I do, the inside of my car still looks and smells brand new.”

Jacob from Grand Rapids, Minnesota says, “My dog Zeus is a drooler.  He loves to ride in the car but when he does, slobber gets everywhere.  The car seat cover protected the seat but I had nothing to protect the doors until I found the door bib.  It doesn’t stop Zeus from drooling but now I feel much better about letting him ride in my new car.”

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Pet Car Seats for Comfort & Safety

Author: MayaAndPierson
June 5, 2008

Pet Car Seat - Deluxe LookoutBest for small and medium sized dogs, a pet car seat is the perfect way to pamper your dog AND help keep them safe. We love to take our dogs with us when we travel, but sometimes the seat of the car just isn’t comfortable. The dogs tend to lose their balance when we make those turns or make those stops. The seat belt works great for helping to keep the dogs from being thrown on the floor, but the car seat adds comfort. And comfort is great if you are taking a long road trip for summer vacation.Most car seats are plushly padded and some even provide a boost so the dogs can still look out the window. A good pet car seat should somehow attach to the seat of a car. Some will hang right over the front passenger seat. (But be sure that the airbags for the passenger side is turned off before you use a pet car seat in the front seat. Air bags are safe for adult people only.) The best pet car seats have a connecting strap where one end clips onto your pet’s harness and the other somehow utilizes the car’s seat belt.

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