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January 18, 2011


If you are traveling with your dog during the cold weather season, here are a few good pet travel tips:

*Make sure your dog is completely dry after grooming before taking them out in the cold.
*Consider a dog sweater and booties for small dogs or dogs which are sensitive to the cold.  A dog sweater may good even if your cold-sensitive dog is riding in the car with the heater on.  The heater may not be felt as well in the back where you dog is sitting.
*After walks or outdoor play, check your dog’s feet for ice.  Ice balls can form, especially if your dog has long hair around their feet.  Trimming the long hair may help.  Remove ice with a warm washcloth.  Also check their feet for cuts and frostbite.
*Walking dogs on sidewalks melted with salt is okay but make sure you rinse their feet off with warm water afterwards.
*When going for walks, keep your dog on a leash at all times.  Dogs can get lost in the snow because all the scent markers have been covered.  Keeping them on a leash will also keep them from running over ice and falling through into a body of water.  If your dog falls in the water, call for help.  Do not go after him yourself.
*If you travel with your dog, don’t leave him alone in the car.  In summer months where your car becomes an oven, the opposite occurs in winter where your car becomes a refrigerator.  Keep a blanket in your car for in case your car breaks down or you get stuck in snow.

*Check out our more extensive list of cold weather tips for dogs at our American Dog Blog.

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May 28, 2009


Another important thing for pet owners to remember is to pick up after the pet. This is a very easy thing to do. Plastic grocery bags are great for picking up your pet’s little messes. Simply put your hand in the bag, pick up the mess, then turn the bag inside out over the mess. Tie it off and discard it in the nearest trash can. There are also several pet wate bags on the market. Some pet waste bags are even biodegradable. Your neighbors will appreciate you picking up after your dog. People playing in parks will be grateful as well.

Practice these five pet travel tips every time you take your dog in public. Keep your dog on a leash and keep them under control. Don’t take your pet into places where they don’t belong and never leave your pet unattended. Be sure to pick up after your pet. These practices not only help in making a public experience pleasant for everyone, but they keep your pet safe as well.

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May 20, 2009


One of the best pet travel tips for traveling with your dog is to always have your dog on a leash. The main importance of this is that you don’t want your dog to get away from you and get lost in a place they are not familiar with. Keep your pet’s leash short if you are around a lot of people. Some people are frightened of or strongly dislike dogs and may act defensively in response when a dog approaches them. Also, know your dog’s behavior. Avoid those things that you know your dog reacts negatively to whether it be children, other pets, or even noise. Adults generally know not to approach a dog without asking you first, but children may not. If you are not sure how your dog will behave around people or children, be especially attentive and prepared to pull your dog away from the situation. Even if you and your pet are in an off-leash area, always monitor your dog’s behavior. If you see your dog jumping on people or being a bully to other dogs, put your dog on a leash.

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As pet owners, we have a responsibility to take care of our pets. But if we want to take our pet for a walk in the neighborhood or to play in the park, we also have a responsibility to the public. Not everyone appreciates our pets as much as we do. So in order for both ourselves and our pets to enjoy the social experience, there are a few pet travel tips we need to remember.  There will be five parts posted in the month of May about our Pet Travel Tips/Pet Etiquette series.  Keep checking out our blog.

Pet Travel Tips Part I – Use a Leash
Pet Travel Tips Part II – Control Your Pet
Pet Travel Tips Part III – Avoid Public Buildings
Pet Travel Tips Part IV – Do Not Leave Your Dog Unattended
Pet Travel Tips Part V – Pick Up After Your Pet

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Dog Seat Belt

If you are fairly certain your pet can handle a long road trip, here are some pet travel tips you should consider while traveling:

1) Even if your pet rides well in the car, you should consider using a pet restraint for safety. You never know when someone will cut your off and force you slam on your breaks – or worse, get into a car accident.

2) Don’t let your dog ride in the front seat unless the vehicle has no passenger-side airbags or if the passenger-side airbags have been turned off. Air bags were not designed for children or dogs.

3) Don’t let your dog put their head out the window while the car is moving. Even a speck of flying debris can damage your dog’s nose or eyes.

4) Make lots of pit stops for your pet so that your pet can stretch their legs and take potty breaks.

For more pet travel tips, click “pet travel tips” to visit travel articles by Pet Auto

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If you are ready to go on your trip, don’t forget these important pet travel supplies:

1) Bring your dog’s pet safety restraint such as a dog seat belt or pet car seat. Or at the very least, install a pet barrier to keep your pet from distracting the driver.

2) Keep your pet’s leash handy. Don’t let your pet get out of the car without their leash on and their leash in your hands.

3) Bring a first aid kit for both you and your pet.

4) Make sure your pet is wearing their id tags for in case they wander off.

5) Bring plenty of water for both you and your pet.

For more pet travel tips, click “pet travel tips” to visit travel articles by Pet Auto Also, check out Part III our blog which will post in a few days.

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April 21, 2009

Lola Driving the Car

Before you and your pet go on vacation this spring or summer, make sure your pet is ready for the road trip. Take your dog on short rides in the car to see how they handle it. Do they get nervous? Do they get car sick? Do they get excited and move all around inside the car causing dangerous distractions? Of all the pet travel tips, this is the most important thing to know.

Pre- Pet Travel Tips:

1) If your dog is nervous in the car, take them on several short trips and take them somewhere fun so that they learn to associate the car with fun stuff. Also speak to your vet about using tranquilizers.

2) If your dog gets car sick, don’t feed them large amounts and give them lots of water. Also talk to your vet about medicine which will help settle your dog’s stomach.

3) If your dog is a distraction in the car, consider purchasing a dog seat belt or a pet auto barrier. If using a dog seat belt, let your dog get used to wearing it before taking a long trip.

4) Visit the vet to make sure your pet is healthy enough for the trip and that all their tags and other forms of ID are up to date.

For more pet travel tips, click “pet travel tips” to visit travel articles by Pet Auto Also, check out Part II our blog which will post in a few days.

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March 12, 2009


You don’t have to go on vacation without your dog. With pet travel safety, you can go anywhere in comfort and style. And with, you can easily find places to stay which will allow your pet to stay too! This site also offers great information on pet air travel and pet international policies. They provide great pet travel tips and information on what to do in emergency situations. Also check out’s information exchange forum where you can find and share information about pet travel.

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