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Paw Print Design Pet Travel Supplies

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 13, 2009


Pet travel supplies just for your dog can be found at Pet Auto These particular pet travel supplies have a black paw print travel design. The first and most important of these supplies include the black paw print dog car seat belt. But our pet travel supplies do not just include items for safety. They also include pet travel supplies for convenience and comfort.

Pet Auto also has the black paw print travel bowl. The paw print travel bowl can hold more than two quarts of food or water. And it can be folded up for easy storage when not in use. The other paw print travel supplies include paw print car seat organizers. The paw print organizers hang conveniently over the headrest for easy storage of your pet’ leash, paw print travel bowl, treats, and more. Click “pet travel supplies” to visit Pet Auto’s site for the paw print designed products.

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Places to Go Traveling With a Pet

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 8, 2009


Do you want to take your pet with you when you travel but are concerned about having to leave your pet in the hotel because you can’t take them with you? You may have to leave your pet in the hotel some of the time, but we have some ideas of places you can go traveling with a pet. Now that Spring is here, you can consider eating outdoors at a park or on a restaurant patio. Lots of restaurants have outdoor patios and many will even allow you to have your dog there.

Other places you can go traveling with a pet include parks, bike trails, outdoor gardens, ranches, wineries, golf courses, lakes, rivers, and beaches. Activities you can do when traveling with a pet include biking, fishing, tubing, swimming, boating, camping, outdoor site seeing, hiking, golfing, etc. Also, you can find out about dog events in the area by calling the local animal shelters.

When traveling with a pet, make sure to call the places your are going to visit before taking your dog to them. For example, even though botanical gardens and golf courses are outdoors, many do not allow you to take your pet. Even some state parks may not allow pets.

Traveling with a pet can be fun so next time you go on a trip, consider taking your pet! Click “traveling with a pet” for great pet travel supplies.

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