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September 28, 2013
Maya ClickIt Utility Dog Seat Belt

Maya makes the ClickIt Utility dog seat belt look good!

It’s here! It’s finally here!!! This has got to be the best pet car harness yet. The ClickIt Utility is different from any other pet car harness we’ve ever had in one major way – Dogs are secured with three anchor points.

How the ClickIt Utility Dog Seat Belt Provides Superior Safety

How do three anchor points make a difference? There is less side-to-side tossing. Also, three attachment points help to evenly distribute pressure in a crash and help to restrain both the upper and lower portions of your dog’s body. According to the crash test studies completed by Sleepypod, the two anchor points also help to keep your dog from bearing too much tension by breaking away at high impacts. Don’t worry though, the third anchor point in the back stays in place to make sure your dog is not propelled forward off the seat in a frontal crash.

A third thing also helps to dissipate pressure in a crash and that is the broad padded chest piece of the ClickIt Utility pet car harness. This is a safety feature recognized by a number of dog seat belt manufacturers including our Kurgo and Bergan brands.

Why Other Brands May Be Different

If three anchor points are safer and if it is safer to have your dog restrained as much as possible, why do so many dog seat belt manufacturers have only one anchor point and long tethers? I suspect there are two reasons for this. First of all, while many manufacturers tested the strength and fit of their products, they may not have fully understood the dynamics of a car crash and the possible effects on the dog. Thank goodness the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), who has been significantly funded by Subaru, has the means to do a full evaluation. Sleepypod was able to use the information from CPS and combine it with their six years of experience with crash testing products. (If you have a small pet, you should seriously take a look at the Sleepypod pet car seats.)

The second reason why manufacturers may be using longer tethers and only have one anchor point is because of the nature of dogs themselves. This is a very important reason that everyone should consider before purchasing a pet car harness. Let’s consider my two dogs.

Important Things to Consider

Pierson sits still in the car. He doesn’t move around too much at all. He is quiet and calm. So the ClickIt Utility is perfect for him. Maya, on the other hand, will not hold still. She has to stand up and look around. She wants to know where she is going and the only thing I can do to keep her calm is to remember to use the Travel Calm beforehand. Even then, she still wants to stand up.

Despite Maya’s strong desire to move around, the ClickIt did an excellent job of keeping her still. She could not stand up or turn around like she normally can. This is a good thing because this restrictiveness is what will help her stay in her seat in the event of a car crash. Maya sat and was even able to lie down while wearing the ClickIt. I was extremely happy with it.

However, this restrictiveness may be too much for some dogs. Little dogs might be able to stand up and turn around in it, thereby getting tangled. And any dog can chew through the straps. I would strongly suggest that you consider how your dog will react to being so confined before you purchase this.

There is one another limitation to the ClickIt Utility pet car harness to consider. It can only be used in the back seat and only in vehicles that have the latch system anchors between the cushions. The latch system is used to secure baby seats. The good news is that all vehicles 2001 and later have these latchbars. A few older cars may have them too.

I also noticed that the small and extra-small are not really all that small. The chest piece is 9 inches long. This may be way too long for little dogs, especially if they have a short body. I’d say the extra-small is more suited to a larger toy breed while the small is more suited to a smaller medium-sized dog. Be sure to measure your dog before purchasing one. Sleepypod is aware of this and says that smaller dogs are safer in a secured pet carrier such as the crash tested Sleepypod pet car seats.

My Opinion and Our Conclusion

All-in-all, the ClickIt Utility pet car harness is a fantastic product. It is very well made and the safety features are awesome. I have to say with complete honesty that this is is the best dog seat belt I have ever seen! Just be sure to consider the nature of your dog before you purchase it or understand that training may be needed before your dog will wear it effectively. If you think this is the right product for you and your dog, feel free to visit our retail site and buy one. We are currently offering free shipping and you can also use the discount code, petsafeblogger, for 10% off. Keep an eye out for a giveaway in October!


Sleepypod ClickIt Utility and Pet Car Seats

Main products from Sleepypod – pet car seats and the ClickIt Utility dog seat belt, all of which have been crash tested.


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This is Emma, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in her Lookout pet car seat from Snoozer. The Lookout line from Snoozer includes several sized car seats for dogs. Emma is in the medium sized Lookout but there are also really small sizes such as the console pet car seats, and a larger size, the My Buddy. There are also the bench seats which are designed for larger dogs. Besides the various sizes and styles, here are more reasons to love Snoozer:

These car seats for dogs come in various designer fabrics. There are five vinyl colors. Some people really like the vinyl because they are easy to wipe clean and do not absorb dirt like the fabric colors do. But some people like the fabric ones because the covers can be removed and are easier to wash in a washing machine. Plus the fabric ones come in seven designer colors.

All the Lookouts, My Buddy, bench seats, and console seats can be strapped into your car and they come with a tether so that you can clip it onto your dog’s harness for security (do not clip onto your dog’s collar as this could cause choking in a sudden stop).

The Snoozer pet car seats are the most comfortable pet seats available. They have a 2.5 inch foam padding. This padding is on the bottom and the sides. The interior of the Snoozer car seats for dogs have lamb wool lining. This is great for both comfort and warmth. So if you are traveling with your dog this winter, help him be comfortable, safe, and warm with one of these fashionable pet car seats.

We have a couple of My Buddys in vinyl design on sale. Plus, you can use discount code petfriend to get an additional 10% off! The discount code is all one word and all lowercase.

Have a safe and happy 2013 with your pet!

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September 29, 2012


Click on this image to get to our website. Then click on the image of the website to choose from various fashionable colors.

We are proud to introduce the new Sleepypod pet car seats. This car seat for dogs is perfect for your small furry friend, including cats. It comes in two styles and a variety of colors. But the best part is that it has been crash tested!

The Sleepypod can be used in the car, used in the home as a pet bed, or carried on your shoulder. The Sleepypod air can even be used on an airline (check airline for regulations). The Sleepypod can be safely used with or without a bedliner. Purchase the bedliner separately, or feel free to save a few bucks and just put your dog’s blanket inside.

This product is so well-made and pretty that it makes me wish I had a small dog to use it for. Do you have a small dog? Do you think he or she would like the comfortable and safe Sleepypod pet car seat?

Also choose various colors of the Sleepypod Air.


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June 23, 2011


Perhaps you have heard of the pet brand, Outward Hound.  They make lots of great outdoor gear for dogs including dog backpacks, pet strollers, portable water bowls, and, of course, pet automobile gear.  Our favorite Outward Hound products are the pet car seats.  There are the standard small pet car seats and the larger and padded Kyjen pet car seats (Kyjen is the company who owns the Outward Hound brand).

The Outward Hound pet car seats provide three points of safety for your dog.  First, the pet car seats are secured with strong nylon straps.  The top straps hang from the headrest of the seat while the bottom straps wrap around the body of the seat.  These straps can be adjusted so that the pet car seats are secure.

Second, the Outward Hound pet car seats have a strap on the inside which can clip onto the back of your dog’s harness.  This strap will keep your dog from jumping or flying out of the pet car seats.

Third, since the Outward Hound pet car seats are hanging from the headrest of the car rather than sitting on the seat itself, the airbags will not deploy in that seat should you and your pet be involved in a car accident.  This is a good thing since you do not want the airbags where your dog is sitting to deploy.  Airbags are designed for adult humans, not children or pets.

As with all Outward Hound brands, the pet car seats are of quality make and design.  If your dog loves to ride in the car, they will enjoy the Outward Hound pet car seats and be safe at the same time.

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Pet Car Seat - Deluxe Lookout
Deluxe Lookout Pet Car Seat by Snoozer

Ever heard of the Lookout and My Buddy pet car seats?  These are quality pet products made by Snoozer Pet Products.  So are the Roll Around Pet Carrier and the Snoozer Console pet car seats.  If you are looking for a comfortable way to keep your dog safe in the car, Snoozer pet products are the way to go.

The Lookout pet car seats, My Buddy pet car seats, and the Roll Around Pet Carrier are all strapped into the car with the seat belt system in the car.  The Lookout pet car seats and the My Buddy pet car seats have connecting straps which strap to the back of your dog’s harness.  This way, your dog stays in their pet car seat.  The Snoozer Console pet car seats also have connecting straps.  But instead of being strapped into the car with the car seat belt, the Snoozer Console pet car seats have straps which wrap around your car’s center console.

The Roll Around Pet Carrier does not have this connecting strap.  But your dog is kept safe because they are sipped into the carrier which is in turn strapped into the car with the car’s seat belt system.  The Roll Around Pet Carrier also has additional features which allow you to carry the pet carrier on your back or roll it around town with your dog resting comfortably inside.

Snoozer pet car seats are not only safe but comfortable too.  These products are tested for both safety and durability.  Pamper your pet with a Snoozer pet product and keep your pet both safe and comfortable as they travel around town in style.

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Give Your Pet the Gift of Love

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 9, 2010


Pet travel safety supplies to keep your pet safe is a gift both to you and to your pet.  Some dogs really love their pet car seats.  Dogs may not care too much for the dog car seat belts, but if motivated properly they can learn to love it.  Sephi and Maya love their dog seat belts.  To them, the dog seat belts mean they get to go somewhere in the car.  And that is a special treat.

Pet car seats come in all sorts of types, styles, colors, and sizes.  They are better for smaller dogs and some pet car seats may even work for medium-sized dogs.  The two basic types of pet car seats are the kind which hang from the headrest of the car and the kind which sit firmly onto the seat.  Both types are secured either with straps or with the seat belt of the car.  And both types have clips which clip onto the back of your dog’s harness.

Dog car seat belts also come in various types, styles, colors, and sizes.  The two basic types of dog car seat belts are the kind which buckles directly into the seat belt of the car or onto the latch-bar of the car and the kind which uses the seat belt of the car which goes through a loop on the dog seat belt harness.  The styles vary from basic to slightly padded, to well padded.

Pet travel safety supplies are also great gifts to give before the holidays when you may be traveling.  Let your pet travel with style, safety, and comfort this Holiday Season.

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How Do Pet Car Seats Work?

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 23, 2010


Pet car seats helps to protect your pet by keeping them secure in a nice doggy bed. Most pet car seats should have a strap which will clip onto the back of your dog’s harness for added security. And most pet car seats should easily be able to be strapped into your car. Pet Auto has numerous such pet car seats. The difference in them is in the way they strap into your car, how cushioned they are, and how much of a boost the seat gives your dog so he can look out the window.

Some pet car seats strap to the seat of your car. These have two sets of long straps – one which wraps around the headrest and one which wraps around the body of the seat. All these types of pet car seats give your dog a good boost so they can look out the window.  And all should have a shorter strap on the inside where your dog sits.  This short strap clips onto the back of your dog’s harness.

Some pet car seats are strapped into your car by using the seat belt of your car. The seat belt of your car loops within the pet car seats and buckles them safely in.  The seat belt also goes through a loop strap which will then clip onto the back of your dog’s harness.

And some pet car seats are strapped around the console of your car so that your dog can sit in the front with you. This is the safest way for your dog to sit in the front seat if you have passenger side airbags. Airbags are not safe for dogs so if you can’t disable your passenger side airbags, your dog should not be sitting in the front passenger seat of your car.  A strap is included on the inside of the seat where your dog sits.  This strap should be clipped on to the back of your dog’s harness.

A variation on pet car seats are pet hammocks. There are various brands and all of them work by hanging off the headrests of your front and back seats. If you don’t have both front and back headrests, then the pet hammocks won’t work.  Pet hammocks are more for preventing your dog from injury by keeping them from being thrown onto the floor of your car.  Most pet hammocks should have an opening to allow for seat belts so that your dog can also wear a dog car seat belt.

Visit Pet Auto to see photos of the different pet car seats and to compare prices.

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Pet Airline Safety? YES!

Author: MayaAndPierson
June 15, 2010


Pet Auto was recently featured in an article by Cessna Owner is a magazine for owners of private airplanes. When asked if our dog seat belts would work in an airplane, we said, “Yes”. As long as the airline seats have seat belt harnesses for people, then our Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness will work. Our Kennel straps will work in a private airplane as well. And some of our pet car seats will work in a private airplane if the seats are bucket seats. You can check out Cessna Owner at Unfortunately, the article about pet airline safety is not available online. But you can purchase the July 2010 issue to read the informative article.

Sorry, we don’t have parachutes for dogs. 

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Have You Seen The Snoozers?

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 26, 2009


Pet Auto has lots of pet car seats. The most comfortable ones are made by Snoozer. Check out the Lookout pet car seat, the Lookout Deluxe pet car seat, My Buddy pet car seat, the Snoozer Console pet car seat, Lookout Perch pet car seat, and the RollAround pet car seat. All these pet car seats are all made by Snoozer.

The Lookout pet car seat is very thickly padded. So is the Lookout Deluxe pet car seat. The only difference is that that the Lookout Deluxe pet car seat has a storage tray on the bottom of the pet car seat. Both these items have several colors to choose from.

The My Buddy pet car seat is just like the Lookout Deluxe but much bigger.

The Snoozer Console pet car seat is like the Lookout pet car seat but much smaller and made to strap on to the console rather than strap in with the car seat belt.

The Lookout Perch pet car seat is a different style and is made for larger pets.

And the RollAround pet car seat is also a pet carrier and back pack.

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December 20, 2009


Still need Christmas gifts for your dog lover friends or family?  Tomorrow, Monday, is the last day you can order from Pet Auto and have the item arrive by Christmas.  BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT NOT ALL PRODUCTS APPLY.  Not every item on our site is available to arrive by Christmas.  We can ship some items via USPS Priority Mail on Monday.  But large items like the metal pet car barriers and most pet car seats and hammocks can not be shipped in this way.

 Items which can be shipped via USPS Priority Mail include:

  • All our dog seat belts and pet car harnesses,
  • The backseat pet barrier and the front seat pet safety barrier,
  • Most dog seat covers:  Brown Paw Print dog seat covers, Camouflage dog car seat covers, Cruising Companion quilted seat covers, Cruising Companion Houndstooth dog car seat covers, black dog seat cover, and the Slumber Pet quilted dog seat covers,
  • Guardian Gear Sightseers pet car seats and the Skybox Booster pet car seats.
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