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Don’t leave the chance of your dog surviving a car accident to Irish Luck.  Protect them with a dog car harness, pet car seat, or keep then in a kennel then strap them in with kennel restraints.  With a dog car harness, your dog is secure and still has a little mobility to move around.  A pet car seat is better for smaller dogs and they are both comfortable and secure.  Putting a dog in a kennel then strapping in the kennel with kennel restraints is good for dogs who may not like to ride in the car but feel secure in their crates.  Kennel restraints are also as secure and safe as a dog car harness.

Start of your spring with luck on St. Patrick’s Day and practice pet auto safety when you travel.

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January 15, 2011


Sandy from Colorado wrote to us about her dog’s experience with the Lookout Perch pet car seat:

“My dog loves the lookout perch car seat!  Bessie is too big for most car seats but since she has short legs I really wanted to find something for her.  I am so glad I found your website!  The lookout perch is perfect for her.  And I feel better knowing she is secure in the car.  I will send you a picture of Bessie in her seat soon.  For now, here is one of her at home.”

Our reply:

“Thank you Sandy and Bessie.  We are really glad you both like the Lookout Perch pet car seat!  Don’t forget that if you have passenger-side air bags to turn them off if Bessie is sitting in the front.  Happy New Year!”

The Lookout Perch pet car seat is strapped in and secured with the seat belt of the car.  There is an attaching strap which can clip onto the back of the dog’s harness.  Don’t clip it to the dog’s collar.  Purchase one of our dog car harnesses or get a regular walking harness from the pet store.

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Emma in her Lookout Deluxe Pet Car Seat
Emma is enjoying her Birthday Present:
The Lookout Deluxe Pet Car Seat

Emma is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and it is her 1st birthday. For her birthday, her mom and dad bought her the Lookout Deluxe Pet Car Seat. Emma’s parents purchased the Lookout Deluxe Pet Car Seat after seeing it at our booth at the Kansas City Pet Expo. Since they lived near our location in Lawrence, Kansas, I met with them and delivered the product in person. I got to meet Emma in person too! She is a very sweet and friendly little dog. Emma’s parents says she is well-behaved too – and she loves her new Lookout Deluxe Pet Car Seat.

Happy Birthday Emma!!!

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Comfortable Console Pet Car Seat

Author: MayaAndPierson
May 8, 2010


Putting your small dog in the front seat may not be safe if you have passenger side airbags. But if you don’t want your dog in the back seat (or if he won‘t stay in the back seat), consider a console pet car seat. A pet car seat for the console of your car straps around the console. There is also a strap inside the console pet car seat which you would clip onto the back of your dog’s harness. The strap around the console and the strap to your dog’s harness helps keep your pet secure in his seat. The console pet car seat also allows your dog to visit you in the front without causing a distraction by climbing into your lap.

The Console Pet Car Seat by Snoozer comes in two sizes and various colors. It is also very well padded for comfort. The lamb wool interior liner of the Snoozer Console Pet Car Seat makes it cozy for your dog on those long road trips.

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March 13, 2010


In celebration of spring, Pet Auto has reduced the price of the Sightseers Pet Car Seat. Little dogs can travel in comfort whether they are traveling in the car or being carried around town. That is because the Sightseers Pet Car Seat can be used as both a pet car seat and as a pet travel carrier. Just because your dogs are small and cute doesn’t mean you have to carry them around in a fluffy pink bag. Carry them in the classy looking Sightseers Pet Car Seat instead.

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Pet Auto has recently added two new products. Well, they are not really new as they have been on the market for some time. But this is the first time we are offering them on our website.

The first one is the Kurgo Wander Dog Car Hammock in black. We have had the tan Wander Dog Car Hammock on our site for well over a year now. And it has been so successful that we have decided to add the black Wander Dog Car Hammock.

The second one is the Full-Size Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat. We have had the Half-Bench Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat was added to our site last year, but we did not add the Full-Size Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat until this new year.

Both the Wander Dog Car Hammock and the Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat are great pet auto safety devices for your dog. The Wander Dog Car Hammock keeps your dog in the back seat and from getting thrown onto the floor. They also have zipper openings for the seat belt of your car so that your dog can wear a dog car seat belt and be doubly protected. The Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat is great for larger dogs up to 70 pounds. It is the biggest pet car seat we have. Strapping your dog into the Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat provides as much protection as a dog car seat belt, but is much more comfortable.

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December 2, 2009


Whether your dog will travel by car or airplane this holiday season, you will need to be sure to pack a few select items. If your dog is to travel by airplane, you will need to get a proper sized carrier. Contact the airline for carrier size specifications and other requirements. If your dog is to travel by car, don’t forget your dog’s car safety device (such as a dog seat belt or pet car seat). Dogs who travel by car or airplane will also need food, water, food and water bowls, a blanket or dog bed, leash, collar with id tags, their veterinary information, and any medications they require. You may also want to consider packing a dog first aid kit, dog toys, and dog waste disposal bags.

Feel free to check off the below items as you get ready for your dog to travel.  Some of these supplies can be obtained at Pet Auto
___ carrier
___ dog seat belt
___ jugs of drinking water
food bowl
water bowl
blanket or dog bed
make sure your dog is wearing their dog tags and that they are readable
veterinary information
___ pet’s
dog first aid kit
dog toys
dog waste disposal bags

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November 2, 2009


Some dogs don’t like to ride in the car. Sometimes it is because they are scared of the car and their tummies get upset, and sometimes it is because the movement of the car doesn’t agree with them. If your little dog gets car sick in the car because of the movement, a pet car seat may be able to help. Ever read a book in the car (while someone else is driving, of course) and felt a little sick. For whatever reason, Our eyes on a stationary object while our brains are registering movement causes us to get a little car sick. The same can go for dogs. If your little dog is in a car, they probably can’t see any of the movement that their body can feel. So if your little dog can sit in a pet car seat, they can see out the window and this might help them from getting car sick.

Besides a pet car seat, here are some other things which might help keep your dog from getting car sick:
*Don’t allow your dog to eat or drink excessively before a car ride.
*Start getting your dog used to the car by taking them on short trips.
*Open a car window to give your dog fresh air
*If your dog is nervous in the car, distract them with a fun toy. Do what you can to make car riding fun. Nervousness can sometimes cause car sickness.

A pet car seat may not only help with car sickness, it may also save your pet’s life.

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Pet Auto has added a new pet car seat from Snoozer. This pet car seat, called the Roll Around Pet Car Seat, has been crash tested in a car seat position (with all zippers closed) for a 30 pound dog at 30 miles per hour. But safety is not its only feature. The Roll Around Pet Car Seat can also be used as a back pack, pet carrier, and pet bed. You can travel with your dog just about anywhere, whether by car or airplane, because the Roll Around Pet Car Seat can fit under most airline seats.

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July 25, 2009

Lola Driving the Car

If your dog is sitting in your lap when you drive, this is not only a danger to you, but also to your dog. Your dog may hold still and simply snuggle up in your lap, but what if you have to stop suddenly? Your dog will most likely get thrown onto the floor under the pedals.

If your dog looks out the window when you drive, your dog may fly out of the window if you stop too quickly. You don’t have to slam on the brakes for your small dog to get thrown.

A dog in your lap is a very real danger. So please keep your pet off your lap when you drive. If your dog insists on trying to sit in your lap, this can be a distraction too. Try putting your dog in a pet car seat or a dog seat belt harness. A pet car seat for a dog can be as safe as a baby seat is for a child. And a dog seat belt harness can be as safe for a dog as it is for a person.

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