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March 10, 2015

Highlight on Crash Tested Pet Travel Products

Lucky Maya Green Kurgo TruFit Dog Car Harness

Do you like taking your dog with you when you travel? I know our family vacations tend to be planned around our dogs. We generally travel by car to places within driving distance. If our destination is hours away, we stay over at pet friendly hotels to break up the trip. And just like for ourselves, we don’t count on luck to protect the safety of our dogs. We use crash tested pet travel products. There are only a few such products out in the market today. Let us give you a highlight of a few.

Variocage Dog Travel Cage for SUVs


The Variocage is a pet travel cage that is fitted into the cargo area of an SUV. It is a German engineered product of steel construction and it has been extensively tested to meet or exceed European crash test standards. Unlike similar cages for the SUV, the Variocage has been crash tested for multiple auto accident scenarios. (Many other crash tested cages currently on the market have only been tested with basic techniques.) The Variocage has metal joints rather than plastic. The powder-coated steel doesn’t splinter into dangerous projectiles. The cage has crumple zones to absorb impacts and keep the cage from being crushed into the back of the front passengers. Two cons to consider: 1) Price (which is a reflection of its crashworthiness), and 2) Assembly required.

Sleepypod Pet Carrier in Seat Belt


The Sleepypod pet car seat is for smaller dogs. The seat is secured using the seat belt of the car, which is more than strong enough to secure a small pet. The Sleepypod is made of soft but highly durable material that absorbs your pet’s inertia in a crash without breaking. The absorption of the material means your small dog won’t hurt himself the way he would if he hit the wall of a plastic carrier. The Sleepypod Air is similar to the regular Sleepypod in all respects except it is rectangular rather than circular. Two cons to consider: 1) For cats or very small dogs only, and 2) Tends to run out of stock frequently.

Pierson Wearing ClickIt Sport Dog Car Harness


The ClickIt Utility and ClickIt Sport dog car harnesses are fairly new pet travel products (from Sleepypod). According to the Center for Pet Safety, they provide ultimate crash test safety by keeping your dog in his seat during a crash. Side-to-side motion is restricted and your dog will not launch off the seat. Two cons to consider: 1) It can be difficult to put on your dog, especially the ClickIt Utility, and 2) It is highly restrictive and probably not ideally comfortable for long road trips. In fact, your dog can only sit or lay down in this harness. He cannot stand.

Maya Labrador AllSafe Dog Car Harness


The AllSafe dog car harness is German engineered and has been used in Europe for over 10 years. According to the Center for Pet Safety, which is a fairly new US testing center, it does not prevent your dog from launching off the seat. But European standards have been in place much longer and have concluded that this not an issue. Also, the AllSafe is not as restrictive as the previously mentioned brand. Your dog can sit, stand, or lay down. Two cons to consider: 1) Price as compared to other crash tested harnesses, and 2) Movement is still restricted, which may not be ideal for hyper dogs. A longer tether can be purchased for the AllSafe, but keep in mind that less restriction reduces the safety.

Pierson on Flat Seat Wearing Ruff Rider Roadie

Ruff Rider Roadie

The Ruff Rider Roadie is a US dog car harness brand (made in the USA) and has been around for several years. It has been crash tested in both the US and in Germany. The tether on this harness can be shortened or lengthened for your dog’s needs. The Ruff Rider is designed to fit almost every size of dog. A con to consider: If the harness is adjusted too small, it can be difficult to put on. Since it is designed to be a little loose, some dogs may be able to back out of it.

Bergan & Kurgo

The Bergan and Kurgo brand dog seat belts have also been crash tested. Although they did not perform as well in safety as the three previously mentioned brands, they do provide some measure of safety and they are reasonably priced. Both have padded chest pads, which help to dissipate pressure. The tether for the Bergan is adjustable. A con to consider for the Kurgo is if dogs move around too much in this harness, they can get tangled in the tethering mechanism.

If you are considering traveling with your dog this spring, don’t count on luck to keep him safe. Consider a crash tested product that will keep your best friend safe in the car for years to come.

Where are you and your dog going to go this spring?

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This is Emma, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in her Lookout pet car seat from Snoozer. The Lookout line from Snoozer includes several sized car seats for dogs. Emma is in the medium sized Lookout but there are also really small sizes such as the console pet car seats, and a larger size, the My Buddy. There are also the bench seats which are designed for larger dogs. Besides the various sizes and styles, here are more reasons to love Snoozer:

These car seats for dogs come in various designer fabrics. There are five vinyl colors. Some people really like the vinyl because they are easy to wipe clean and do not absorb dirt like the fabric colors do. But some people like the fabric ones because the covers can be removed and are easier to wash in a washing machine. Plus the fabric ones come in seven designer colors.

All the Lookouts, My Buddy, bench seats, and console seats can be strapped into your car and they come with a tether so that you can clip it onto your dog’s harness for security (do not clip onto your dog’s collar as this could cause choking in a sudden stop).

The Snoozer pet car seats are the most comfortable pet seats available. They have a 2.5 inch foam padding. This padding is on the bottom and the sides. The interior of the Snoozer car seats for dogs have lamb wool lining. This is great for both comfort and warmth. So if you are traveling with your dog this winter, help him be comfortable, safe, and warm with one of these fashionable pet car seats.

We have a couple of My Buddys in vinyl design on sale. Plus, you can use discount code petfriend to get an additional 10% off! The discount code is all one word and all lowercase.

Have a safe and happy 2013 with your pet!

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December 5, 2012


Beloved Jinger.

Bernal purchased the Snoozer pet car seat from us for his new dog Teddy. He was very happy with the car seat and our customer service, and shared his lovely story of Jinger and Teddy with us.

After his dog Jinger passed away in April 2012, Bernal wasn’t sure if he wanted another dog. But after meeting his granddaughter’s new dog Sasha, he decided to look around for a new best friend. He started at and ended up at the Almost Home Humane Society of North Central Iowa. There he saw a Bichon Frise mix named Koby and knew he was the one. Koby was matted and malnourished from his previous experience before rescue. Bernal took over his care, renamed him Teddy, and gave him a brand new start on life.

Teddy (Koby) before.

Teddy after. Cute, right?

Teddy is a cherished member of the family.

Teddy has made himself right at home.

If you want to know more details on this story, visit Bernal’s article on We love rescue stories!!!

Thank you Bernal for sharing the beautiful pet photos of Jinger and Teddy. Thank you for sharing Teddy’s story, and thank you for the wonderful compliments!

For more great Wordless Wednesday pet photos, check out the blog hop below.

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September 29, 2012


Click on this image to get to our website. Then click on the image of the website to choose from various fashionable colors.

We are proud to introduce the new Sleepypod pet car seats. This car seat for dogs is perfect for your small furry friend, including cats. It comes in two styles and a variety of colors. But the best part is that it has been crash tested!

The Sleepypod can be used in the car, used in the home as a pet bed, or carried on your shoulder. The Sleepypod air can even be used on an airline (check airline for regulations). The Sleepypod can be safely used with or without a bedliner. Purchase the bedliner separately, or feel free to save a few bucks and just put your dog’s blanket inside.

This product is so well-made and pretty that it makes me wish I had a small dog to use it for. Do you have a small dog? Do you think he or she would like the comfortable and safe Sleepypod pet car seat?

Also choose various colors of the Sleepypod Air.


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April 24, 2012


Emma in her Lookout Deluxe Car Seat for Dogs

Taking your dog on a road trip this spring? Help make their long car travel more comfortable with fashionable and comfortable car seats for dogs from Lookout. The company which makes the Lookout pet car seat has been around for 25 years. Their pet seats have been safety tested and the company is continuously working to improve the design for safety and customer satisfaction.

We have five sizes to fit your needs and each of these sizes comes in 1 of 15 colors. Perhaps choose the small console pet car seat in baby pink or hot pink vinyl for 7lb or under dogs, the larger console pet seat in grey quilt for 12lb or under dogs, the small Lookout in azure plaid for dogs 18lbs and under, the medium Lookout in denim for dogs 25lbs and under, or the My Buddy car seat for dogs 30lbs and under. Other colors include black quilt or black vinyl, khaki quilt or khaki vinyl, grey quilt or grey vinyl, leopard quilt, and other plaid colors such as colonial, highland, blackwatch, and O’Donnell plaid.


Available Lookout Pet Car Seat Colors

These car seats for dogs are very well padded for comfort. However, be aware that the added comfort may also add unnecessary warmth for warm weather. If you use a Lookout pet car seat, be sure your dog has plenty of cool air. You can even consider wrapping an ice pack and putting it in the seat to help your dog keep cool.

Dogs are protected in the Lookout car seats for dogs with an included tether. Clip the tether onto your dog’s harness, not on his collar. The console car seats are secured in your car with straps which wrap around the center console while the Lookouts and My Buddy are secured with the seat belt of your car. Be aware of airbags in the car. Airbags are not designed to protect dogs. If you are putting your pet car seat in front of an airbag, either disable the airbag or push the seat as far away from the airbag as possible.

My Buddy pet seats are on sale. A couple of them are discounted even more. Check out Pet Auto Safety for the various Lookout pet car seat colors and sizes as well as other car seats for dogs. Then feel free to email us with your opinion and pictures of your dog enjoying his.

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Pet Auto Safety Products as a Gift?

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 3, 2011


Giving someone a pet auto safety product as a gift for their dog could be interpreted in the same way as giving someone exercise equipment or a cook book for beginners. These gifts say you need to lose weight or you can’t cook. So does giving a pet auto safety product say you need to properly care for your dog?

It might. It depends on what you are giving, who you are giving it to, and why. First, let’s examine the what. A dog car harness may send the wrong message. But what if it’s a stylish dog car harness that they can also walk their dog with? Then the gift might be considered more thoughtful. A pet car seat could also be considered a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to pamper their small dog.

Who you are giving the gift to can also make a difference on what message you are sending. If you are giving a dog car harness to your son or daughter, it’s okay. Giving hints about what they should and shouldn’t do is expected from a parent. But giving a pet auto safety product to a co-worker may not be considered as thoughtful unless you are good friends and you happen to have heard that co-worker talk about getting a pet auto safety product for their dog in the past.

Are you giving a pet auto safety product to someone because you saw their dog hanging out the car window too many times? Or are you giving it to them because you know they really care about their dog? Perhaps they never thought about a pet auto safety product for their dog before, right?

Giving the gift of a pet auto safety product to your close friend or family member can be a thoughtful gift. If you are concerned about how they might interpret the gift, try bringing up pet auto safety casually in a conversation. This way you get a sense for how they feel about pet auto safety products. And if you have talked to them previously, then they may be flattered that you remembered what they told you in that conversation.

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Pet Safety on Labor Day

Author: MayaAndPierson
September 4, 2011


It is the last holiday of the summer so let’s go enjoy it!  Many of us will be hanging out at the lake this Labor Day weekend.  If you’re like me, you are going to take your dog.  Here are a few important pet safety tips to remember:

* When driving out to the lake, be sure everyone including your pet is safely restrained in the vehicle.  Your dog should use a pet safety device such as dog car harness, pet car seat, or pet crate.
* Be sure everyone wears sunscreen.  Consider sunscreen for your dog too – especially if your dog has short fur.
* Pet safety means keeping your dog on a leash unless he is in an off-leash area for dogs.  There are many reasons for keeping your pet on a leash.  You don’t want him wandering off and getting lost.  With so many people about, you do not want your dog getting into trouble with people or other dogs.  And you don’t want your dog wandering around picking up scraps of food or garbage.
* Bring plenty of water.  Don’t forget your dog’s water bowl so he can drink too.  Just because you are at the lake doesn’t mean your dog should be allowed to drink from it.
* Be aware of the dangers of heat stroke.  Watch for signs and if any person or pet exhibits signs, get them somewhere cool as soon as possible.  Signs of heat exhaustion include vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, and increased heart rate.  For dogs symptoms also include excessive panting, pale gums, and/or a bright red tongue.
* Stay away from pond scum.  As per our pet safety article on our American Dog Blog, blue-green algae can be harmful for both you and your pets.
* If you are going on a boat, be sure everyone including your pet wears a life jacket.  Boating accidents are common and should your dog fall or get tossed overboard, you want him to be able to keep afloat until help comes.

If there are any other pet safety issues you can think of, let us know.  And have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!!!

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Pet Car Travel Tips from the ASPCA

Author: MayaAndPierson
August 25, 2011


Visit for some great pet car travel tips.  They advise several safety features for your dog including securing them in a well-ventilated pet carrier, not letting your dog stick his head out the window, and not leaving your dog unattended in the car.  These are lots of great tips for pet car travel, many of which we have also stressed.  Two differences:

1) The pet carrier should be secured in the car.  Kennel straps from Pet Buckle are a great way to do this.  The kennel straps from Pet Buckle have been crash tested.

2) If your dog doesn’t like to ride in a pet carrier, have him wear a dog car harness or ride in a pet car seat.  A dog car harness or pet car seat can provide as much safety for your dog as a pet carrier that has been secured in the car.

Visit the for great pet car travel tips and other great advise on pet care.  Feel free to make a donation to help this non-profit organization fight animal cruelty.

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The My Buddy Superior Pet Car Seat

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 29, 2011

The biggest and best pet car seat we have seen thus far is the My Buddy pet car seat from Snoozer.  Snoozer makes many great pet travel products including the Lookout pet car seat.  The My Buddy pet car seat is different from the Lookout pet car seat in that it is much bigger and it can hold two or more small pets.

As one of the biggest pet car seat brands, the My Buddy pet car seat can hold up to 30 pounds and it is about 30 inches by 17 inches on the outside and about 25 inches by 12 inches on the inside.  It gives pets a boost of about 7 inches and is a total of 19 inches tall.  Compare this to the Kyjen pet car seat which is about 15 x 15 inches square.  This is great for dogs who want to sit or lay down in a curled ball.  For multiple small dogs or a small dog who wants to stretch out, the My Buddy pet car seat may be best.

The My Buddy pet car seat is easily secured with the seat belt of the car.  And it comes with two connector straps so that two dogs can be secured in the pet car seat.  So the My Buddy pet car seat is not just for quality comfort, it is great for superior safety as well.

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March 25, 2011


Carrie, the owner of shares her experience with buying our products in a three part series called “Dog Safe Travel Around Town and on the Highway”.  On February 28th, she tells her experience about traveling with her pets.  She says about us, “After the beginning of All Things Dog Blog, I met a new friend through the blog. The owner of Pet Auto Safety, has introduced me to safer options that I never knew existed.”  Click here to visit her blog and read Part I of “Dog Safe Travel…”.

On March 8th, she posts Part II of her series and tells us a little bit more about her dog Oliver’s experience with his pet car seat (Oliver in his pet car seat pictured above).  Here is a partial quote from her blog, ” Transportation issues change when you risk a large dog stepping on a small dog in the back seat, so we’ve taken precautions to protect little Oliver.

Since Oliver’s inclination has always been to stay by my side (he is a ‘companion’ breed, after all), he’s much happier when in the front seat. There are only a few safe options for this scenario; we picked a raised car seat, pictured above. While there are different types, mine is a model that has 3 straps attaching it to the seat, so there’s a pretty fair backup system in place. An adjustable strap inside the seat area attaches to your dog’s harness with a clip. This gives you the ability to decide how much he can move around inside the seat.”  To read more, click here to visit her blog and read Part II of “Dog Safe Travel…”.

In Part III posted on March 16th, Carrie talks about Tanner’s experience with the Pet Buckle.  In her blog post, Carrie says, “My only surprise was that the buckles are as strong and secure as our human seatbelt buckles are. That loud click sent me a clear message: Tanner will be safe in this seatbelt. I liked that.”  Click here to visit her blog and read Part III of “Dog Safe Travel…”

Visit again for more great posts from Carrie.  She doesn’t just blog about pet auto safety, she blogs about All Things Dog! 

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