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The Extend-a-Seat from Outward Hound is a simple pet product for your car that covers the floor of your car.  Its obvious use is that it gives your dog more room in the back seat.  But did you know that it also provides a form of protection?

Have you ever slammed on the brakes and your dog flew forward into the back of your chair?  Did he fall on the floor?  Someone told me once that their dog had gotten thrown forward in such an awkward way that he broke his leg.  And this was because of a fast stop, not a car accident.  Imagine an actual car accident where your dog gets thrown on the floor.  I was in a wreck once where my seat was pushed back.  If there had been a dog back there, he would have been squished.

If your dog won’t wear a dog seatbelt harness or doesn’t do well in a pet carrier, protect your dog in the car by covering the floor with an Extend-a-Seat.  My dogs wear a dog seatbelt harness but I also have the Extend-a-Seat.  This is because I have the strap of their dog seatbelt harness a little long so that they have more freedom to move around on long trips.  Our pets are important to us.  Keep them safe and don’t wait for the worst to happen before you consider their safety.

Disclosure – Unless your dog is also wearing a dog seatbelt harness, the Extend-a-Seat may not protect your dog much in an actual car accident.  Getting thrown forward out the windshield is still a very real possibility.

***The Extend-a-Seat has been replaced by the Kurgo Backseat Bridge. Both products are essentially the same except Kurgo’s products have a lifetime guarantee and the Backseat Bridge is reversable black or tan.
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Twelve Hours of Drool and Dog Hair

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 27, 2010


We went to visit our family in Texas for Thanksgiving.  It is a twelve hour drive from Lawrence, Kansas to Kyle, Texas.  We could have flown but it would have been more expensive and we would have had to find someone to take care of our dogs while we were gone.  So, my husband and I put the dog car harnesses on the dogs and hopped in the car.

The drive from Kansas to Texas was rather uneventful.  We got stuck in traffic a few times while driving through Wichita, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and other towns where everyone was one the road trying traveling for the holidays.  We made lots of pit stops for gas, food, potty breaks, and just to stretch our legs.  Oh, we did have w few times where we had to stop suddenly.  Traffic was truely aweful!

Even though we took a relatively small car, the dogs had more room than we did.  The back seat floor was covered with the Extend-A-Seat so they had the seats and the Extend-A-Seat to stretch out on.  With the floor covered, Maya lay right in the center and had her head resting on the center console.  Sephi mostly lay off to the side and put her head near the window for fresh air.  Both had their dog car harnesses on, but they have the dog car harnesses with an adjustable strap so that they can sit, stand, and laydown without getting tangled in the dog car harness mechanism.

I’m glad it wasn’t so bad for the dogs.  Although I enjoyed the time with my family, I am not looking forward to the long twelve hour trip back home.  But, it was all worth it.  I bet Sephi and Maya would say the same.  We love the holidays!

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January 10, 2010


You give protect your dog and give them more room in the back seat with the Extend-A-Seat from Outward Hound. The Extend-A-Seat covers the floor of your car, giving your dog that extra space to stand, turn around, and move freely back and forth in the back seat. It also can provide some protection in that it keeps your dog from flying forward onto the floor should you have to make a sudden stop. Getting thrown forward an be a painful experience for your dog, even more so if they happen to twist or even break their let in the process. How would they break their foot, do you ask? Imagine your dog is looking out the window. He is standing perpendicular, right? Then you stop suddenly. If it is a big dog, two of his side feet will go to the floor while the two on the other side stay on the seat. With a sudden stop, the dog has no time to prepare and joints could be snapped. See how the Extend-A-Seat both helps to protect and gives them more room? Use the Extend-A-Seat in conjunction with a seat belt for dogs for added protection. A Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion brand seat belt for dogs have longer straps to give your dog more room to move around.

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The Guardian Gear Dog Car Harness and Cruising Companion Dog Car Harness is manufactured by the same company. The Guardian Gear black and black paw print dog car harness share the exact same design as the Cruising Compaion camouflage dog car harness. However, the Cruising Compaion houndstooth padded harness is of a different design. The padded Cruising Compaion houndstooth padded dog car harness is more comfortable than the Guardian Gear dog car harness or the Cruising Companion camouflage dog car harness.

All designs of Guardian Gear dog car harness and Cruising Companion dog car harness use a strap which buckles directly into the seat belt receptacle while the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness uses a looped strap in which the seat belt of the car goes through. Both designs are just as safe, but the styles affect how your dog rides in the car.

The straps of the Guardian Gear dog car harness and Cruising Compainon dog car harness tend to be a little long so there is still the danger of your dog being thrown onto the floor of the car and possibly hurting themselves. The extra small and small-medium sized dog carharness is usually adjustable enough to prevent this, but the large and extra large dog car harness doesn’t shorten much. If you have the floor of your car covered, say with the Extend-A-Seat or a backseat dog hammock, then the danger of your dog being hurt if thrown onto the floor is eliminated. The pro of using the Guardian Gear dog car harness or Cruising Compainion dog car harness with the extendable strap is that your dog has more room to move around in the back seat. If your dog is active and doesn’t like to hold still for long, this dog car harness is best.

The looped strap of Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness is more restrictive than the straps Guardian Gear dog car harness or Cruising Companion dog car harness. This is good because in the event of a sudden stop or car wreck, your dog will not get thrown onto the floor or around the car. However, the looped strap is much more restrictive. It is difficult for your dog to stand or move around when wearing the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness. If your dog prefers to rest or is rather calm when in the car, the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness is the best.

The Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness also has the added benefit of being crash tested in conjunction with the University of Ottowa. The Guardian Gear dog car harness and Cruising Companion dog car harness does not have the benefit of official testing. This dog car harness is still safer than wearing no dog car harness at all, but for ultimate protection we recommend the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness. Because my dogs are more active in the car and because I use the Extend-A-Seat to cover the car floor, I prefer the Guardian Gear dog car harness.

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November 11, 2009


The pet travel Extend-A-Seat is a good secondary safety solution for the traveling dog. A primary safety solution for the traveling dog would be a dog car seat or a dog seat belt. Since some dog seat belts allow your dog more room to move around, a dog can still get injured if they are thrown to the floor in a sudden stop. Whether a dog is wearing their dog seat belt or not, the pet travel Extend-A-Seat keeps your dog from getting thrown onto the floor.

The pet travel Extend-A-Seat creates an expanded space in the back seat. It is designed for dogs over 30 pounds so if you have a big dog (or big dogs) the pet travel Extend-A-Seat is perfect. I use it for Sephi and Maya. Sephi is about 55 pounds while Maya is about 70 pounds and they both ride in the back seat with their dog seat belts and with the pet travel Extend-A-Seat covering the floor. The pet travel Extend-A-Seat has survived a long drive to the Branson, Missouri area and an even longer drive to the Austin, Texas area.

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March 26, 2009

Watch out for Sephi and Maya!  They are going to travel in our Pet Auto Safety car from Overland Park, KS to Austin, TX just before the big Easter weekend.  They are going to go to visit their human grandparents, human aunts and uncles, and their doggy cousins.  It is going to be quite a housefull of both dogs and humans.  The doggy cousins include Fritz the Yellow Lab, Kalua the Toy Chihuahua, Killer the Lhasa Apso, Lucky the Chihuahua mix, Callie the Chocolate Lab, Tinkerbelle the Italian Greyhound mix, and Mocha the Toy Chihuahua.

Sephi and Maya will be sitting in the back seat of the car and they will each be wearing a dog car harness.  The back seat of the car also has an Extend-A-Seat so that they have more room to move around and I don’t have to worry about them falling on the floor.  We will stop at several rest stops along the way since it is a 12+ hour drive.  This way the dogs can go potty and get a fresh drink of water from their portable dog travel bowls.  Rest generally have pet areas just for those people who travel with their dogs.  I won’t forget to pick up after Sephi and Maya and I won’t let them in the rest area bathrooms.

It should be a fun trip!  Wish us luck as we travel in pet safety.

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Weekend Road Trip with My Dogs

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 9, 2008
Finding Accommodations

Even though I only live four hours from St. Louis, I have never been there. So I made plans to visit this 4th of July weekend. The first thing I had to do was decide whether or not I was going to take the dogs. I considered a boarding kennel, a pet sitter, or leaving my dogs with a friend. But because it was a holiday weekend, these options were going to be hard to come by. So I decided to take them with me. Once this was determined, I needed to find a hotel that would allow my pets. After some research online at, I found that the Sheraton generally accepts pets.

Pre-travel Preparation
Once the hotel was booked, the next thing was to prepare for the trip. I had to not only pack for myself, but for the dogs as well. I packed their food bowls, water bowls, leashes, food, doggy biscuits, doggy poopie bags, crates, dog beds, and most importantly, extra water. I made sure they were in good health (both just had check-ups at the vet a couple weeks ago), that their tags were secure on their collars and up to date, and that my car was prepared for them. The back seat of my car has a car seat cover and I added the Kurgo Backseat Bridge which would give them extra room and keep them off the floor. My dogs wore their pet auto safety belts. The strap which buckles into the seat belt receptacle of the car was extended a little so that they had more room to move around but were still safe and secure.

While Traveling
On the way to St. Louis, we stopped at the rest stops along the way. There were three of them, each about 40-60 miles apart. Every interstate highway in the US has rest stops. I made sure the dogs only did their business in the pet area since the rest stops had a place designated specifically for pets. And I made sure I picked up after them. I also gave them water at each stop. Both dogs did great. No one got car sick. Maya was bored and tended to move around a lot, but because of her pet seat belt and the Extend-A-Seat, she was not able to bother me while I drove.

At the Destination
Both dogs were well-behaved at the hotel as well. Maya was a little hyper and wanted to greet everyone but I kept a hold of her leash and made sure she did not jump on or lick anyone. When I left the hotel and had to leave them behind, I kept them in their crates as required by hotel policy. I did not get any reports about them so I assume that they did not bark after I left. I did not always leave the dogs in the hotel when visiting St. Louis. I took them walking even went to a couple of nearby parks.

All-in-all it was a great trip. We all had a good time and we all kept safe. You and your pets can have a safe and pleasant time traveling as well. Just remember the four basics: Accommodation, Preparation, Travel, and Destination.

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