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You might think I’m going to talk about a seat belt for dogs or a pet travel crate, but I’m not. Sure, these things most certainly can help, especially for safety, but a dog that doesn’t ride well in the car is not going to do much better in a restraint. They might try to escape the seat belt (and succeed) or they will absolutely hate riding in the carrier. So what is the number one way to help a dog ride well in the car? Training!

In order to ride well in the car, your dog has to learn how to ride well. This takes time and it can be difficult. I should know. I am still working with my crazy Labrador Maya. It is taking me even longer to teach Maya to ride well in the car because I am not consistent. I know that in order to train Maya, I need to work with her nearly every day. If I can just do that, riding with Maya would be so much more pleasant and less distracting.

There are different reasons why dogs don’t ride well in the car. Sometimes they tend to get car sick, like my Pierson. Sometimes they are really nervous about riding in the car. And some, like Maya, just go absolutely bananas in the car. So how does training help a dog ride well in the car? Visit our website for a great article titled, How to Travel with a Dog in a Car.

Thanks for stopping by! Visit us again next Pet Safety Saturday. 🙂

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February 4, 2013


Pierson wears the Bergan brand and Maya wears the Kurgo brand dog safety seat belt.

Maya and Pierson are very special to me. They may not be children, but they are more than just my pets. I don’t just feed them, play with them, and take them to the vet annually or as needed. I also take on other responsible roles such as making sure they eat healthy food, get enough exercise, train them, brush their teeth, clip their toenails, brush out their coat, etc. And I have them wear a dog safety seat belt when they ride in the car.

Some people think this is over-the-top for “just a dog”. But if you’re reading this, then you know that your dog is an integral part of the family. If your four-legged family member doesn’t currently buckle up in the car or isn’t safely restrained in the vehicle in any way, here are some reasons to consider it:

Reduce Driver Distractions
When I brought Maya home for the first time, she didn’t have a dog seatbelt yet. So, on the ride home she kept trying to climb in my lap. It was a big distraction which caused me to run a red light. I got honked at but thankfully did not get into or cause a car accident. But it taught me to always be prepared. Perhaps your dog paces in the car or keeps trying to climb from the back to the front seat or tries to stick his face in your face while you’re driving. 

Protect Your Pet
Perhaps your dog rides well in the car and doesn’t distract you in any way. My dog Pierson is like that. He just sits there quietly the whole ride. But what if I have to stop suddenly or swerve out of the way of another car or something in the road? Or worse, what if I get in a car accident? Car accidents or even simple emergency vehicle maneuvers can cause a dog to be ejected from the vehicle or cause serious injury to your dog if they hit the dash or the windshield. A dog isn’t going to understand why your car suddenly went crazy on the road. They are going to be terrified and may try to escape. What then? More often than not, the dog will run as fast as they can to get away from what caused their fear. They could run into traffic or run away and get lost.

Other Dangers
I don’t know about you, but if I get in a car accident I prefer not to be struck by a 50+ pound flying projectile (i.e. my dog). I also do not want my dogs to stick their head out the window. Before I realized the danger of this, my dog Sephi did it all the time. But then my vet told me about one of his client’s dog that had to have his eye removed because of flying road debris. When your dog wears a dog safety seat belt, it is more difficult for them to put their head out the window. They can still get the nice breeze, but at least they can’t be hurt from things on the road and they can’t jump or get thrown out of the car.

The Law?
It’s not yet a law in my state but New Jersey has a law stating that animals inside the vehicle must be restrained. I have no doubt that other states will soon follow. Even states that hesitate to make such a law will have or may already have laws that allow police officers to issue a ticket to anyone who is driving unsafely due to a distraction.

Maya and Pierson do not suffer in the least because they wear a dog seatbelt in the car. They might not be able to move around much or put their heads out the window but trust me when I say they still love to ride. With a little practice and perhaps a little time, your best friend can get used to his safety restraint and love the ride just as much as before.

This post is part of the Pet Blogger Awareness Day for pet travel safety.

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January 19, 2013

We’re posting adorable dogs for Super Dog Sunday. These dogs are up for adoption at!


Lucky is a nine month old boy with lots to offer a new family.

He would love an active family to play with and walk with.  Lucky loves to play, it is his favorite thing besides being with people.  Lucky is a wonderful and sweet boy, young enough to train your way. Find out more about Lucky on –


Crosby is a purebred 3 year old Vizsla. He is a very loving and affectionate dog and has a calm disposition for a Vizsla.

He’s also well trained and obedient. His only negative is that he does not do well with new people. We are seeking a new home for him because he is the younger of 2 Vizslas in our household and now that we are empty nesters we cannot give them both the attention they deserve. For more information on Crosby, check him out on –


Lewis is a very petite beagle. He is full grown and only weighs 16 lbs.

When he came to us he had a “cherry eye” that had to be repaired. He has completely recovered and you can’t even tell anything was ever wrong with his eye. We think Lewis might have a problem with his distance sight. He can see, we just aren’t sure how well. When he looks at people at a distance he nevers looks directly at you. He is a beautiful little guy who loves attention and gives little kisses.He is good with other dogs and is fine with cats. Housetraining is going well, he only has a couple of accidents a month now. He loves to play with all dogs, but when it comes to crating, he does best with a female dog. He will do best in an active household and pet parents that don’t mind an active dog. For more info on Louie, visit his profile page on –


Mac is a darling 3 1/2 month old Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix.

He is potty pad trained and very nicely socialized. Mac may be deaf. For more information about cute little Mac, visit his profile page at

All these dogs can be found on They are being presented here today as part of the Super Dog Sunday even coming up tomorrow. Check out more on this event by clicking the image below:

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The most traveling we do with our dogs is done during the holiday season. This is because we are traveling long distances to see our family. To prepare for long winter travel with our pets, we make sure that the vehicle is not only comfortable but safe. Here are some photos of my dogs riding in the car during winter travel.

This is Sephi on the heated pet car seat cover.

Maya in the back seat. She is wearing her dog seat belt but the tether allows her to move around a bit and she can put her head between the seats. She is resting on the backseat bridge which covers the floor and she is covered with a dog blanket.

Maya & Pierson ride in the back of the Ford Escape that we rented for our trip to Texas this November. They have a nice comfy bed and a blanket.

This wasn’t taken in winter and Emma isn’t our dog, but she rides very comfortably and warmly in the Snoozer pet car seat.

Pierson in the car with a blanket… not that he really needs a blanket with that nice thick coat of his.

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September 19, 2012

I recently went to New York for the first time – Manhattan. Unfortunately, I did not take my dogs. I was only there for a few days and I did not want to needlessly subject my dogs to airline flight. They stayed with friends instead.

Even though I did not take my pups, I did take lots of pictures of other dogs. There were two main things I noticed about people and their dogs in Manhattan, New York: 1) People picked up after their dogs. I never once saw a pile of dog poo on the sidewalk. 2) Central Park is a really nice place to take your dog. They don’t have an off-leash area but they have off-leash times in the morning and in the evening on certain days. Do any of my readers live in New York? If not, has anyone visited New York with their dog? I’d love to hear your experience.

In the fast paced life, you can take your dog for a walk, stop at an outdoor cafe for a quick breakfast, and take care of business on your cell phone all at the same time.

Early AM, lots of people headed to Central Park to walk their dogs.

If you think New York is too crowded to have two big dogs, you’re wrong. These two pups enjoy it here.

Lots of open space in Central Park. There is no designated off-leash area but there are off-leash times.

A walk by the lakeside in Central Park.

The biggest dog in New York is Balto. I love this statue!

Central Park is a great place for your dog to get away from the noise of the city. There are lots of nature spots for your dog to check out… lots of squirrels too!

Central Park has a zoo and a children’s petting zoo too. Check out these adorable kids having fun in Central Park.

At the children’s petting zoo, I couldn’t resist my inner-child.

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September 12, 2012

My mom and stepdad live in the country out in Missouri so every once in a while we gather up the dogs and make the 5 hour drive for a visit. Welcome to Stiles Haven and thank you for visiting my mom, stepdad, and their beloved pets.



The untamed wild.


The tamed wild – Solo (left) & Rocky (right).


So cute and cuddly!


Pixie with her new baby chicks.


Pixie takes really good care of her family. Pixie is named as such because the other chickens pick on her and pull at her feathers. Well, Pixie has shown them all by being the one to have a happy family.


Sandy is very much like a dog in that she wags her tail when you come to see her and she loves her belly rubbed. BTW, Sandy is about to have kids!


Just look at Sandy’s beautiful smile.


Do you take your dogs for trips out into the country?

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Wordless Wednesday – Dogs & Picnics

Author: MayaAndPierson
September 5, 2012

Summer turning to fall is a great time for a picnic. So fill up the picnic basket and head out for some fun! We had a great picnic this past week. It was my husband and I, our two dogs Maya & Pierson, and four friends. Check out these fun photos.

First, game time. We didn’t have a volleyball so we played badminton instead. This is our friend Sha Sha.

Eating was next. Maya & Pierson don’t usually beg, but we and our friends couldn’t help but to give them a few goodies.

Pierson sitting for some picnic treats. Maya using her trick of giving the big brown puppy eyes to get treats.

Then we go for a walk and do some exploring. Lots of interesting smells!

Then our friend Jinbo takes them for a run.

After such a workout, we all hung out at the watering hole.

We ended the afternoon with a little fun at the playground.

Don’t forget, if you travel anywhere in the car with your dog, be sure they are secured in a dog car seat belt or other pet travel safety device.

For more fun pet photos, check out the great blogs on the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below.

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We read this great article recently at Fidos of called “The Truth About Pet Friendly Travel“. This article talked about the number of hidden annoyances at accommodations claiming to be pet friendly hotels. A few of those annoyances are restrictions on size, species or breed, and number of pets. Another annoyance is the hotels which charge extra fees for pets.

We found another great article at I Love Dog called “4 Hotel Chains Where Dogs Stay for Free“. Some of these hotels still have size restrictions or other restrictions. But our favorite is the Red Roof Inn. We drive from Kansas to Texas at least once a year and take our two dogs. And we always look for a Red Roof Inn. Both my dogs are big, Maya is 65 pounds. We’ve never been turned away from a Red Roof Inn because of our dogs and we have never been charged an extra fee because of them.

Of course, your dogs should behave themselves when staying at a pet friendly hotel. No barking, no getting on furniture, no chewing on furniture, and please don’t poop or pee on the floor! And be sure to give dog owner’s a good reputation by picking up after your dog and leaving him in a crate if you decide to leave the hotel without him for a bit. Some employees are terrified of dogs and some dogs, despite their normal friendliness, may not let an employee inside to clean.

Enjoy traveling with your pet! I know I do. 🙂

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July 4, 2012

We’re taking our dogs on a 4th of July picnic but they are going back home before we watch the fireworks. Maya and Pierson are celebrating the picnic already!

Pierson says, "No, I do not think this is cute at all!"


Maya says, "I agree, Little Brother. If I wasn't getting a treat for this, I would greatly protest."

Happy 4th of July!!!

Enjoy more pet 4th of July photos from the Wordless Wednesday blog hop:

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April 17, 2012

The Rumpy Dog Blog inspired this post. Blogging is fun but you’re not going to get many visitors if you don’t participate in social media. If you are on the internet, you have probably heard of social media. Social media includes Facebook, My Space, Linked In, Twitter, and more. It also includes photo sharing sites like Flickr, blogs like the one you are reading now, forums, and so on. Blogging is fun. But posting regularly then marketing it with social media can be very time consuming. If you want to work towards having a popular blog, be sure you are blogging about something you love.

My passion is dogs. Because the retail websites in my company are about dogs and cats, I find that the time I spend on social media is much more fun. Visit my social media sites. Follow my pages, like, add to your circle, subscribe, and join the fun!

If you are a social media junkie and post about pets, add your links in our comments and I will follow you in return.

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Thanks Rumpy Dog for being an inspiration! 🙂

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