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December 20, 2009


Still need Christmas gifts for your dog lover friends or family?  Tomorrow, Monday, is the last day you can order from Pet Auto and have the item arrive by Christmas.  BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT NOT ALL PRODUCTS APPLY.  Not every item on our site is available to arrive by Christmas.  We can ship some items via USPS Priority Mail on Monday.  But large items like the metal pet car barriers and most pet car seats and hammocks can not be shipped in this way.

 Items which can be shipped via USPS Priority Mail include:

  • All our dog seat belts and pet car harnesses,
  • The backseat pet barrier and the front seat pet safety barrier,
  • Most dog seat covers:  Brown Paw Print dog seat covers, Camouflage dog car seat covers, Cruising Companion quilted seat covers, Cruising Companion Houndstooth dog car seat covers, black dog seat cover, and the Slumber Pet quilted dog seat covers,
  • Guardian Gear Sightseers pet car seats and the Skybox Booster pet car seats.
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Dog Seat Belt

We have been keeping an eye out for a lot of articles in which dogs are involved in car accidents. Sometimes the articles are sad because the dog dies. Sometimes they are sad because the dog escapes from the car and gets hit by another car or disappears. Sometimes the dog is never found, and sometimes the dog is found several days later either dead or in very bad shape because they have been all alone for so long. And thankfully, a few articles are happy because the dog survives and gets rescued.

No one can predict a car wreck so the only thing we can do is try to be prepared. Although seat belts are not guaranteed to save our lives, it is more likely that we will survive a car wreck if we wear our seat belts than we would if we didn’t wear them. The same goes for the dog seat belts. And if our pet is lucky enough to survive a car wreck, dog seat belts can help in another way. The dog seat belts can keep the dog from escaping from the car and getting hit by another car or disappearing into the wilderness. Dog seat belts can also help keep your pet restrained so that a rescuer can tend to their injuries.

Don’t just think of dog seat belts as a way to help your pet during an accident, think of them as a way to help your pet after an accident too.

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June 24, 2009


Cruising Companion™ Camouflage Dog Seat Belts are now available at Pet Auto We love the dog seat belts which provide both safety and style. The Cruising Companion™ Camouflage Dog Seat Belts have durable nylon straps to keep pets safely restrained while traveling. Any male dog would look handsome wearing the Cruising Companion™ Camouflage Dog Seat Belts as either a dog seat belt or a walking harness. And he can support our military with this camouflage look.

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Our customers have been asking about a dog seat belts which don’t put pressure on the dog’s neck. Although all our dog seat belts rest on the dog’s breast-bone, not the neck, we have found dog seat belts which put even less pressure on your dog. Check out the fashionable Cruising Companion™ Houndstooth Dog Seat Belts. The Cruising Companion™ Houndstooth Dog Seat Belts have padded, vest-style restraints which evenly distribute pressure to keep your dog both comfortable and secure. Sephi & Maya love their new dog seat belts and they both look absolutely adorable in the pink & white houndstooth pattern. The Cruising Companion™ Houndstooth Dog Seat Belts colors also come in brown & white and black & white. And the same colors and patterns are also available in car seat covers.

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Have your Pets Use Safety Restraints

There are many pet auto safety products on the market that protect dogs and cats when they travel . Dog seat belts are comfortable and allow your dog to lay down or sit and still sniff through an open window. A pet car seat provides some form of restraint as well as cushioning. And dog or cat carriers keep pets in a secure enclosure.

Keep you, your family, and your pet safe when traveling. Seat belts and other safety restraints are a good idea for every passenger, so travel safe with your pet. Your dog will still love the ride in the car and you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet will have protection should the unexpected occur.

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