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Where is your favorite dog friendly destination?

Where is your favorite dog friendly destination?

Vote for the Best Pet Friendly City at

Where are some great dog friendly places to visit? Find out at They are currently running a competition where people can vote for their favorite pet friendly travel destination. Rather than have a judge determine the winner, it is us dog lovers who get a say. So go check it out and cast your vote, then keep going back to find out which cities the dog lovers liked best.

The winning cities and towns are now narrowed down to 32 places. Some of those pet friendly places are Park City, UT, Bar Harbor, ME, Seattle, WA, Aspen, CO, Key West, FL, and more! The only two places on this list that I have been to are Portland, OR and Sedona, AZ. Personally, I hope Sedona, AZ wins! It was the best pet travel destination I have ever been to –

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona has a lot of hiking areas that are great for you and your dog.

Where are the pet friendly places you’ve been to? Go cast your vote at today!

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March 12, 2013

Tulda, Oklahoma skyline

Let me start out by saying that there weren’t many obviously dog friendly places I could find in Tulsa. So why did I choose it to talk about? First, I know one of our commenters is from there and she mentioned it wasn’t very pet friendly, so I wanted to see what I could find. Second, perhaps you are in an area that isn’t known to be pet friendly but you want to take your dog anyway. Perhaps by seeing what seemingly non pet friendly Tulsa has will help you know what to look for in the area you are visiting.

The only obvious places I could find in the Tulsa area that allows dogs are the parks. About 30-40 minutes outside of Tulsa is Claremore Lake Park off of East Blue Starr Drive in Claremore, Oklahoma. This looks like a beautiful park with lots of areas to walk. The Tulsa area also has a few state parks including Walnut Creek State Park and Keystone State Park. As always, dogs are required to be on a leash. If you want to take your dog somewhere off leash, try Biscuit Acres.

How about visiting a doggie store in Tulsa? We found an interesting place called The Dog Dish. It looks like it has a lot of great dog things to shop for and to do. Coming up on March 30th is the Easter Biscuit Hunt. Doesn’t that sound like fun!?!

As far as dog friendly restaurants for people, you will have to call any place that has an outdoor patio to see what they think about dogs. We got word that perhaps the Tropical Smoothie Cafe allows dogs on their outside patio. Doesn’t a tropical smoothie sound delicious? There is a Tropical Smoothie Cafe about 5 minutes from The Dog Dish (The Dog Dish is on E 51st, and the Tropical Smoothie Cafe is just off of E 51st on S 109th East Ave).

If you find yourself living in or visiting a place that doesn’t seem very dog friendly, find out where your parks are. At the very least, you can take your dog for a walk in a park. Also, look for cafes or coffee places with outdoor patios. Be sure to call and ask first before you take your dog.

Another smart thing you can do is call a local pet store, like Petco or Petsmart, and ask employees if they know of any pet friendly places in town. They may also be able to tell you of any upcoming pet events. There are also a number of good website resources for dog friendly places such as and

Have you ever been in Tulsa with your dog? What were some of the places you visited? Tell us your pet travel experience.

And don’t forget… Wherever you travel with your dog, make sure you travel safe! 🙂

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Pet Travel Destination Tuesday – 1

Author: MayaAndPierson
February 12, 2013

MP900178659 Dog & Man Loyalty

Spring is coming soon… just a few weeks away for the official spring equinox. I’m not only excited because of the nicer weather, but also because spring break is coming! I’m not sure what we are going to do yet, but I do know that we will be taking the dogs with us. What are you going to do for spring break? How about visiting somewhere that is pet friendly so that your best friend can come? Here are some pet friendly ideas from our previous posts and from

Here is a fun place just for dogs at Lake George, New York: Canine Camp Getaway

We will probably visit Clinton Lake, Kansas, which is a 15 minute drive from home. If you’re in Kansas or western Missouri, stop by and say hi!

Chicago, Illinois was voted one of the top 10 dog friendly cities. Here is a list of all 10 dog friendly cities: Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities

Portland, Oregon is also on the list as one of the top 10 dog friendly cities.

Tampa Bay, Florida has some fun things you can do with your dogs.

So does Colorado Springs.

Sedona, Arizona has a lot of hiking areas that are great for you and your dog.

Sedona, Arizona has a lot of hiking areas that are great for you and your dog.

Years ago, my dog Smokey and I went to Sedona, Arizona. That was the best pet friendly vacation ever!

Barton Creek Greenbelt located near Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.

Barton Creek Greenbelt located near Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas also has a lot of pet friendly places to visit. I should know, I used to live there!

Austin is in the Texas Hill Country which is a very beautiful part of Texas. The Hill Country covers a number of cities and towns in central Texas. GoPetFriendly has visited quite a few places in the Hill Country that are dog friendly: Pet Friendly Tour of the Texas Hill Country

How about visiting a pet friendly beach? More specifically, how about taking your dog to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

Camping would be a fun thing to do with the dogs. Believe it or not, my husband has never been camping. Hmmm. Here is a pet friendly camp site in North Carolina worth checking out: Four Paws Kingdom

I hope you liked my first edition of Pet Travel Destination Tuesday. I am going to try to do this every Tuesday – the key word being ‘try’. 😉 For the most part, I may only feature one place a week instead of an entire list like today. If you would like to recommend a pet friendly place to visit, please email us at Feel free to send your recommendation along with a photo of your pets!

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According to, Chicago, Illinois is a great place for dogs to visit. There are a number of pet-friendly hotels and even a couple of pet-friendly guesthouses, such as the Guesthouse in Historic Oldtown. But your dog doesn’t have to stay in a hotel. Take him with you when you go sightseeing.

The Antique Coach and Carriage Company will take you and your dog on a scenic carriage ride through downtown Chicago. The Mercury Skyline Cruiseline has dog-friendly cruises on Sundays in the summer. You can also take the Paws Around Chicago taxi service to take your dog to all the pet-friendly places.

Several stores in Chicago are pet-friendly too. Take your dog to shop in PetSmart, Petco, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, The Down Town Dog, Uncle Dan’s, Bloomingdale’s, and more. also lists almost 50 restaurants in Chicago which allow dogs. So shop and stop for lunch.

Take your dog to visit the Navy Pier. Your dog is allowed in most of the outdoor areas, but not the indoor areas. Your dog is also allowed in the Shakespeare Garden at Northwestern University. Or take your dog to Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park (pictured above). My Labrador Maya would love that! Dogs must be on a leash, though. And you must pick up after them.

Want to just chill for the evening, maybe play some pool? Take your dog to Of Mutts and Men. According to, this place charges $3 per dog and your dog can roam around inside for free while you watch TV, play pool, play chess, or just relax and read with a cup of coffee. There is also a practice ring so you can play or work directly with your dog in a secluded area.

The Chicago area also has a number of dog parks and dog beaches. Montrose Harbor Dog Beach is one such place where your dog can swim Lake Michigan. Please note that a permit may be required for your dog to play in the dog parks or beaches. Call the city of Chicago to get this permit in advance. You must also be able to furnish your dog’s proof of vaccinations.

If you are going on vacation this spring or summer, consider taking your dog and visiting the pet-friendly Chicago. Find out more places to visit and more information on And don’t forget to have your dog wear a dog seat belt or other pet travel safety device.

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November 19, 2011


I have always wanted to go to Branson, Missouri for the winter holidays. Silver Dollar City has a great Christmas festival. The problem with visiting Branson, Missouri is that there are not many dog friendly places for tourists to visit, especially in winter. If we go the Branson, Missouri for the Christmas festival, Maya will not be able to go.

Maya can, however, stay in a dog friendly hotel. There are a number of dog friendly hotels in Branson, Missouri. I can always count on the Red Roof Inn allowing Maya to stay. Days Inn, Quality Inn, and La Quinta are also usually dog friendly.

There is an especially nice dog friendly place to stay, the Emory Creek Victorian Bed & Breakfast and Gift Shop. This bed and breakfast also has a special pet friendly room called the Dogwood Room (pictured above). It has its own private porch and overlooks the gardens. Talk about a pampered pup!

Since it is winter, there won’t be many outdoor activities anyway so Maya will be perfectly comfortable in a hotel room for a while. We can still take Maya for walk. And we can even take her walking at the Shoppes at Branson Meadows. Maya probably won’t be allowed in any of the stores, but she will be allowed in the common areas of the mall.

Also near the mall is a Humane Society Thrift Store. It is a thrift store like any other thrift store with clothes, furniture, etc. for people. But it benefits the humane society.

I can also take Maya with me to the Stone Hill Winery. She’s not allowed inside but she can be on the patio while I taste test a glass of hot mulled Hermannsberger wine.

I wish there were more dog friendly places to go in Branson, Missouri but this will have to do. At least there are a number of pet friendly hotels and Maya won’t be completely bored.

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