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Five Dangers Dogs Present In Cars

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 1, 2014
Dog Distraction Clicking Cartoon

Like cell phones, dogs can be a dangerous distraction in the car.

1) Dog distractions which could cause a car wreck:
-Nosing, licking, or otherwise pestering the driver.
-Trying to climb in the lap of the driver.
-Pacing back and forth from car window to window.

Don't Let Your Dog Put Head Out Window

If I were actually driving with my dog Maya having her head out the window, she could be hurt by flying debris or choked if I stop suddenly.

2) Injury to the dog or other passengers:
-Injury to your dog’s eyes or nose from flying debris when their head is out the window.
-Broken bones, internal injuries, trauma, or death due to sudden stop, violent swerve, or car wreck.
-If a car wreck occurs, your dog could become a deadly projectile which could kill them and possibly harm other passengers.

3) Escaping the vehicle:
-Jumping out of a moving vehicle causing injury to themselves and possibly causing a wreck from you stopping suddenly or from other cars trying to avoid hitting them.
-A dog that is projected from or escapes from a wrecked vehicle could cause another wreck when he goes into the road.

4) Breaking the law:
-While it may not be against the law in all states to have your dog unseatbelted, if law enforcement sees that your dog is a distraction you may be ticketed for unsafe driving.

5) Stress to your dog:
-Unharnessed or uncrated dogs can get stressed out in a car. Stopping, turning, etc can prevent them from keeping their balance. They don’t understand all the movements and can be stressed by it.
-Dogs can get carsick – especially little dogs who can’t see out the window.
-A stressed dog can vomit or make other types of messes in your car.
-Don’t leave your dog alone in the car, even in mild weather. Heat dangers, stress from being left alone, stress from being harassed by a passerby, danger of being stolen.

Our message does not mean that you shouldn’t take your dog with you in the car. We just want you to think about you and your dog’s safety when they are in the car. Consider a dog car seat belt, keeping them in a crate or pet car seat, or putting up a pet barrier between the front and back seats in order to keep them in the back. For more information on dog car safety, visit our pet travel safety articles page.

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Follow Up Friday #19

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 15, 2013

Follow Up Friday Banner Logo

Welcome to another edition of Follow Up Friday hosted by Jodi from Heart Like a Dog. The co-host this week is our favorite Flea from Dog Treat Web for our favorite treats from Jones Natural Chews.

A comment from this past week, but posted on an article from the week before comes from Sue with Talking Dogs. On our Pros and Cons post, she mentioned how securing three dogs that need to move around was a challenge. I can definitely see how trying to secure three dogs in a dog car seat belt can be a challenge. Even though there are three slots in the back, the dogs can get tangled if they move around too much. Is there one dog who doesn’t mind not being able to move around too much? Perhaps use the middle safety belt and one latch bar from each side to secure him or her in the ClickIt Utility. The other two can wear the Bergan, which has an adjustable tether length and can allow the dogs to move around a bit more. With the really secure one in the middle, they can’t get tangled.


Jodi with Heart Like a Dog mentioned she’d like to find a way for the dogs to try a dog car seat belt on Sampson and Delilah in person. I completely understand. It can be intimidating buying some things online without being able to see it, feel it, and try it on. Read on for my response to Ducky’s mom.

Ducky’s Mom with The Golden Life asked if she could try the ClickIt Utility on a trial basis, such as a 30 day money-back guarantee. Absolutely! We have a 30 day return policy. Unless a piece is missing, such as a tether, 100% is refundable. The only thing I don’t have is a way to provide a return shipping label. Ducky’s mom also asked about the canine car harness brands available at PetSmart. I think it has the Solvit, Kurgo, and their own brand, which I’ve recently learned is actually made by the same manufacturer as Bergan. Unlike the Bergan, it is brown. But everything else is the same. Petco generally carries the Kurgo brand.

Lindsay with That Mutt commented on how my mom’s dog Solo resembles my boy Pierson. Solo came from a terrible hoarding situation. She was extremely shy and after bonding with my mom and stepdad became extremely possessive of them. She had been known to try to bite people coming to visit. But when my husband and I met her for the first time, she warmed up to both of us very quickly. My husband, who is not a big dog lover, fell in love with her. After our dog Sephi passed on and we talked about getting another dog, my husband told me he wanted a dog like Solo. So the search for Border Collies began and we eventually found Pierson, a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix.

Solo and Max

Solo now lives the good life in a loving home. My mom’s cat Max was her best bud, but he passed away a couple years ago.

By the way, we had a good weekend at my mom’s. My mom has recovered from lung cancer very well. My stepdad’s health is not so great though. We really worry about him.

Emma with GBGV Life said she loves her dog car seat belt. Hers is the AllSafe, by the way. And she says that her new sister Bailie is adjusting to it as well. That’s fantastic! Sometimes it can be difficult introducing a canine car harness to our furry friends. It’s best to start when they are young, but puppies don’t necessarily take to them any easier than adults. Emma also mentioned how she didn’t see her comment after she posted it. Sorry everyone, my comments are set up to go through moderation. There are a ton of methods to keep the spammers at bay and I choose the moderation one.

Ann with My Pawsitively Pets says Shiner has a canine car harness, but since she has a small car, Shiner doesn’t get to ride in the car very often. Makes sense. Shiner is a big girl and I can see how a small car could be uncomfortable for her, not to mention crowded for you.


Lindsay with That Mutt said, “I think you make a good point that in most cases, any type of restraint is going to be safer than nothing.” Thanks, Lindsay! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. In fact, even though Kurgo didn’t rank as one of the best in the independent study completed by the Center for Pet Safety, they have a wonderful testimonial from a customer who said the Kurgo canine car harness saved their dog’s life.


There were a lot of compliments on this post. I love making these funny dog captions with photos of Maya & Pierson and am so glad you all liked them. 🙂 Here’s an oldie but goodie:

Maya Pierson Cookietown


The preview video is finally done! Alas, I’m not quite done with the full episode yet. Enjoy this 20 second preview today, then stop by again this weekend for the first full episode, which will be about 3 minutes.

Jodi with Heart Like a Dog said this about the 20 second preview video, “I love that Pierson has an Aussie accent. I can’t wait to see the whole video. How did you figure out the video editing? Honestly, I have to learn how to do that!

I bought the movie editing software in March of this year. It has taken a lot of playing around to figure out how to use it and I still haven’t mastered all the features.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and for all your wonderful comments. And thank you Jodi and Flea for hosing the Follow Up Friday blog hop. Have a great weekend everyone!

Dawn with Maya and Pierson

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Wordless Wednesday – Dogs & Picnics

Author: MayaAndPierson
September 5, 2012

Summer turning to fall is a great time for a picnic. So fill up the picnic basket and head out for some fun! We had a great picnic this past week. It was my husband and I, our two dogs Maya & Pierson, and four friends. Check out these fun photos.

First, game time. We didn’t have a volleyball so we played badminton instead. This is our friend Sha Sha.

Eating was next. Maya & Pierson don’t usually beg, but we and our friends couldn’t help but to give them a few goodies.

Pierson sitting for some picnic treats. Maya using her trick of giving the big brown puppy eyes to get treats.

Then we go for a walk and do some exploring. Lots of interesting smells!

Then our friend Jinbo takes them for a run.

After such a workout, we all hung out at the watering hole.

We ended the afternoon with a little fun at the playground.

Don’t forget, if you travel anywhere in the car with your dog, be sure they are secured in a dog car seat belt or other pet travel safety device.

For more fun pet photos, check out the great blogs on the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below.

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Keep Your Dog from being a Distraction to the Driver

The dog won’t be able to distract the person driving the car.  Distractions can be very dangerous to the driver.  Some dogs are naturally well-behaved in the vehicle but many dogs have to be trained car-riding decorum.  Why not train them in a dog car seat belt or other pet safety restraint instead?

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Kendra Wears a Dog Car Seat Belt

Author: MayaAndPierson
May 24, 2011


Shelley with has her dog wear a dog car seat belt.  Her dog, Kendra, is from a high kill shelter in Kentucky.  She wears the dog car seat belt in order to be safe.  Kendra does ride in the front seat because Shelley’s car does not have a back seat.  If your dog must ride in the front seat, make sure the passenger side airbags are disabled.

Thanks Shelley for sharing this great photo of Kendra.  She is beautiful!

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January 24, 2011


Do you love the outdoors?  Are you considering traveling to Austin, Texas?  The Austin area is a great place for people who love the outdoors to visit.  In the city itself is Zilker Park and the Barton Creek Greenbelt.  North of Austin is Georgetown Lake.  (My dog, Smokey, and I went on a 3-day hike around the lake once.  It was awesome!)  East of Austin is Bastrop Lake.  (This place is great for taking the dogs swimming, hiking, or boating.)  These are just the places I am most familiar with.  There are many more outdoor places in the Austin area for you and your dog to visit.

Back when I used to live near Austin, Texas, I had Becky Ann, Achilles, and Smokey (pictured above left).  As you can imagine, traveling anywhere with all three of them in the car was a challenge.  That is when I first considered dog car seat belts.  I got one for each of them.  It took a little time, but Smokey, Becky Ann, and Achilles came to love their dog car seat belts and this meant that they got to travel to more places more often.

Our favorite place to go was Zilker Park.  It was nearby, it’s woodsy so there were lots of interesting smells for them to check out, it’s a beautiful place for anyone who loves the outdoors to visit, and it’s a great place for all of us to get exercise.  Zilker Park holds a lot of outdoor and dog-friendly attractions like the Zilker Botanical Gardens, the Zilker Park Boat Rentals, and my favorite, an entrance to the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

Dogs on a leash are allowed in the 31 acre Zilker Botanical Gardens.  Be sure to pick up after your dog, though!  We don’t want doggy smells overwhelming the beautiful smells of the garden.  The Zilker Botanical Gardens features several themed gardens such as the Fragrance Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Prehistoric Garden, and more.  These gardens also feature tranquil streams, picturesque waterfalls, and exotic ponds filled with Koi fish.  If you have a chance to visit, make it around March when the annual Zilker Garden Festival takes place.

Zilker Park Boat Rentals allows well-mannered dogs on the boat rentals.  If your dog doesn’t mind riding in a boat, this is a great way to see the beautiful scenery which Austin, Texas has to offer.  I am all about safety so my dogs wore dog life jackets when we went on the boat – especially Becky Ann who was the only dog that I ever owned who didn’t know how to swim..

As mentioned before, the Barton Creek Greenbelt was my favorite place in Austin, Texas to visit.  The Barton Creek Greenbelt features a 7-mile-long trail perfect for walking, hiking, or biking.  Dogs are required to be on a leash.  This is especially important so that your dog doesn’t get in the way of the people biking along the trail.  The main trail follows Barton Creek.  There are a lot of great swimming holes along the way.  If you are a rock climber, there are some great cliffs to climb.  You may also see waterfalls, wildlife, and caves.  Once in a while, you will see a house on the other side of the creek, but most of the Barton Creek Greenbelt is all natural landscape.

If you ever get a chance to visit Austin, Texas, bring your dog.  There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels.  Even the airport is dog-friendly.  If you drive, be sure your dog wears a dog car seat belt.  If you fly, be sure it is when the weather is at its mildest because bigger dogs are not allowed to fly when the weather is too hot.  This is because bigger dogs have to travel in the cargo area of the plane which is only moderately temperature controlled.

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September 10, 2010


If you are going on vacation with your dog sometime soon, give us a call.  Let us help you determine which dog car seat belt is best for your dog.  Then make a purchase.

Yes, you have to make a purchase before getting the discount.  After making your purchase, send us a photograph of your dog wearing the dog car seat belt and write a 2-3 paragraph testimonial about your experience.  Once received, we will give you a 50% refund.

We want to hear about your experience with the dog car seat belt, whether good or bad.  It is important to us that we get feedback on our products so we can properly provide the best products and services available on the market.  Tell us how the dog car seat belt worked for your dog and tell us about your vacation too!

Visit Pet Auto for our contact information and make a purchase.  Don’t worry, if you have already purchased a dog car seat belt from us in the past, you can still qualify for this offer.  We just need your name so we can find your previous order in our records.  Although we don’t know how long we will keep this offer available, it won’t last long.

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August 25, 2010


Maya, my yellow Labrador Retriever, just turned 3 years old today.  She is not just my dog, she is the model of one of the dog car seat belt brands.  She is also seen at the top of this blog page.  And she was used to design the Pet Auto logo.  Maya is famous!

 In celebration of her 3rd birthday, we are sharing a 10% off discount code which can be used at any time on Pet Auto  The discount code is dogbirthday.  Enter it in all lower-case and as one word to get 10% off of anything at Pet Auto

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How Do Pet Car Seats Work?

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 23, 2010


Pet car seats helps to protect your pet by keeping them secure in a nice doggy bed. Most pet car seats should have a strap which will clip onto the back of your dog’s harness for added security. And most pet car seats should easily be able to be strapped into your car. Pet Auto has numerous such pet car seats. The difference in them is in the way they strap into your car, how cushioned they are, and how much of a boost the seat gives your dog so he can look out the window.

Some pet car seats strap to the seat of your car. These have two sets of long straps – one which wraps around the headrest and one which wraps around the body of the seat. All these types of pet car seats give your dog a good boost so they can look out the window.  And all should have a shorter strap on the inside where your dog sits.  This short strap clips onto the back of your dog’s harness.

Some pet car seats are strapped into your car by using the seat belt of your car. The seat belt of your car loops within the pet car seats and buckles them safely in.  The seat belt also goes through a loop strap which will then clip onto the back of your dog’s harness.

And some pet car seats are strapped around the console of your car so that your dog can sit in the front with you. This is the safest way for your dog to sit in the front seat if you have passenger side airbags. Airbags are not safe for dogs so if you can’t disable your passenger side airbags, your dog should not be sitting in the front passenger seat of your car.  A strap is included on the inside of the seat where your dog sits.  This strap should be clipped on to the back of your dog’s harness.

A variation on pet car seats are pet hammocks. There are various brands and all of them work by hanging off the headrests of your front and back seats. If you don’t have both front and back headrests, then the pet hammocks won’t work.  Pet hammocks are more for preventing your dog from injury by keeping them from being thrown onto the floor of your car.  Most pet hammocks should have an opening to allow for seat belts so that your dog can also wear a dog car seat belt.

Visit Pet Auto to see photos of the different pet car seats and to compare prices.

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This is a photo of Maya in my car. Can anyone guess what is wrong with this picture? There are two things wrong:

1) Maya should not be in the front seat. My car has passenger side air bags and air bags are not safe for children or dogs. And since I can’t disable my passenger side airbags, Maya should always sit in the back seat.

2) Maya should not have her head out the window. Flying debris could hurt her sensitive nose or do damage to her eyes. I should put the window down a little for Maya to get a good sniff of the air, but not enough for her to stick her whole head out.

Just so you know, my car is parked in this photo. Maya is in the front seat with her head out the window but she is not really “riding” in the car. Nor was she left unattended in the car. I parked the car, let her in the front seat to look out the window, then took the picture. When I was done a minute later, I sent Maya to the backseat and put her back in her dog car seat belt. Then I got back into the car and drove her to the dog park for some fun and games.

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