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March 30, 2010

There are lots of posts about the yellow lab named Tater Tot who escaped from the car after a car accident.  We had to share the story too since Tater Tot’s story is a good story to share to remind people that pets need to be buckled up too.

 Trish Dale of Warren, Vermont was in a car accident a few days ago.  Her dogs were with her in the car when Trish fell asleep at the wheel.  For the most part, everyone was not too seriously injured.  But both her dogs bolted out of the car to escape the scary event.  They were terrified and had no understanding of what had just happened.

 One of the dogs was found right away, but poor Tater Tot wasn’t found until three days later.  First, he is in a terrifying car accident, then he is separated from the people who could have given him comfort.

 Thankfully, everything ended well.  Tater Tot is back home with his loving family.  To read more about the car accident, check out

Remember, dogs wearing a dog car harness may have a better chance of survival than a dog without.  Not only are they saved from being projected out a window, but they are also kept from escaping from the car.  Tater Tot could have gotten hit by another car during his escape.  Or he could have died from injuries which could have been treated if he had been able to stay with the car.

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January 2, 2010

With more people traveling long distances during the Holiday Season, it is not a surprise that many of these travelers take their pets with them. There are probably more people traveling with their pets this time of year than during any other time of year. And as a result, we have seen an increase in the number of articles written about dogs being involved in car accidents. In some of the articles, the dog survives. But in most of them, the dogs were killed.

A couple in Fostoria, Ohio were taken to the hospital after a car wreck on December 28, 2009. Last heard, the couple were in stable condition, but their dog had been killed in the car accident. To read more about this accident visit

Two of three dogs involved in a car accident in Rochester, New Hampshire were killed while one survived. One of the dogs killed was an 8-week-old puppy which had been a Christmas gift. To read more about this accident visit

Near Pheonix, Oregon, we here of a dog who was ejected from the car during an accident. The dog survived the car accident but was tragically killed when it was struck by another car after fleeing the scene of the accident. To read more about this accident visit

In the UK, there was a car accident where the car was left balancing off a 6 foot drop. All occupants survived with only minor injuries, including the dog who was completely unharmed. The dog had been in its pet travel carrier when the accident occurred. To read more about this accident visit

Here is what we can learn from these stories: First, a dog seat belt harness can help to protect your pet during a car accident just like a car seat belt can help people and children during a car accident. Second, if a dog is wearing a dog seat belt harness during an accident, they can’t be ejected from or flee from the scene of an accident only to disappear or be struck by another car. And third, a dog seat belt harness is not the only way to keep your pet safe in the vehicle. Putting your dog in a pet travel carrier can help as well.

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December 20, 2009
Family seeks help finding dog ejected from overturned vehicle

A 6 year old Golden Retriever name Chloe was ejected from a vehicle during a car accident on Interstate 295.  She is now missing.  We are not sure when the accident occurred but the article was published on December 19th.  Chloe is wearing Florida tags and the owner asks that you contact her at (570) 242-7618.  For more information on the article and on Chloe, check out the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Above photo courtesy of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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Dog in Car Accident Found Alive

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 24, 2009

Thank goodness Sparky was found after being in a car accident.  Him and his owner, Jesse Haas, were driving down a road one night when they hit a stopped vehicle not quite pulled off the road.  Jesse Haas’s vehicle flipped several times.  Thankfully, Jesse Haas only suffered minor injuries, but Sparky took off in terror through a broken window.  A witness to the accident said the dog took off into the woods so he and Jesse Haas called after him as they went searching.  Thankfully, Sparky came out of some bushes.  His owner is taking him to the vet.

If you want to read more about this story, visit

 Not all stories about dogs in car accidents end happily.  Check out our other blog, AmericanDogBlog, for a sad story about a dog put to sleep after being in a car accident.

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Police Dog Dies in Car Accident

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 19, 2009

A Baton Rouge police dog dies in the line of duty on Friday, October 16, 2009.  The officer was driving early Friday morning in the patrol car with his K-9 partner, Philos, when they were broadsided by the driver of a pickup driving the wrong way on a one way street.  Both the driver of the pickup and the police officer suffered minor injuries.  Philos was taken to an emergency vet hospital but died of his injuries.

 To read more about his sad article, visit this website:

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What Will a Dog in a Car Accident Do?

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 3, 2009

There are two major reasons a dog should wear a dog seat belt. The first is preventative. A dog wearing a dog sear belt is less likely able to distract the driver and cause a car accident. The second reason is for the same reason people wear seat belts – so they don’t get tossed about or thrown from the vehicle should a car accident occur.

Besides the obvious reasons your dog should wear a seat belt in the car, here is another. What if you get in a car accident and the dog is okay? The dog is still going to be terrified, right? And what do you think a terrified dog is going to do if there is an open window or door? They are going to escape run. They are confused, possibly hurt, and terribly frighted. They have no idea what happened or why. All they know is that something very very bad just happened. Here are a couple of articles we found of dogs escaping after a car accident. At least two of them are known to be okay after a long ordeal of being lost and alone. But one has yet to find their way home. If you live in the area of Bonaire, Georgia, please help Sam get home.

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