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Follow Up Friday #16

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 18, 2013

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Friday is here again. Let’s do the happy dance! What’s the happy dance? It’s the same dance your dog does when it is time for dinner. 🙂 This week’s Follow Up Friday is hosted by Jodi with Heart Like a Dog and Linda with 2 Brown Dawgs. After you see what we have been up to this week, visit their blogs and other dog blogs from the follow up blog hop below.

Last Week’s Follow Up

We Live in a Flat says they can’t use the new ClickIt Utility because they have an older car without the latchbars. Guess what? My car, the one that was recently rear-ended, is an older car too. It has no latchbars either. So if Maya rides in my car, I can only secure her through the back of the ClickIt harness. I can’t use the two side tethers to secure her. Despite that, Maya is still very secure, as secure as she was in the other dog car harness brands. However, her security is not as good as it would be if she was using all three connections. But it is still secure and I am a firm believer that something is better than nothing, especially when using nothing means Maya will be all over the car and distracting me when I drive.

Canine Epilepsy

Canine epilepsy was from a post back in May, but the comment is from this past week. Dawn Frost with MR2BC Travel Logs asks, “By the way, what do you do to keep Pierson safe in your vehicle in case he seizes. We have a backseat hammock for Morgan. The hammock keeps him from getting caught in cracks and crevices.”

The hammock is an excellent idea to keep Morgan from getting caught on something and from falling onto the floor. Pierson wears a dog car harness to keep him from falling onto the floor if he seizes. The Kurgo Backseat Bridge also helps keep him from falling onto the floor. And I suppose the pet car seat cover keeps him from getting caught on anything. Who would have thought that pet travel safety products can also help protect a dog with canine epilepsy?

Pierson in the Car Logo

Pierson is wearing the Bergan dog car harness. The Backseat Bridge covers the floor of the car.

Comparing Pet Seat Belts

Mollie’s Dog Treats says, “I’ve got to get Mollie a new seat belt, the one she has is fraying as we use it for walking too and has been washed so many times where she goes in the mud LOL. XXOOXX

Yes, you definitely should get a new safety harness if the other one is fraying. You don’t want it to break.

Roxy the Traveling Dog says, “Torrey is in the back seat and lays down, sits up, changes positions. I can’t see her loving a harness at all.”

So very true for many dogs. Pet seat belts will take away their freedom and could make them uncomfortable. I could say, too bad. If we make our children wear seat belts even though they are more comfortable without them, then we should make our dogs too. But it is not just about comfort. A dog that does not like to be restrained will likely try to get out of the harness. Sorry folks, but there is no such thing as an escape-proof seat belt. A determined dog can get out of them. And the harder they try to get out, the more likely they are to hurt themselves and defeat the purpose of the safety device.

Training might help. Maya had to be trained to get used to hers. I have to work with her again with the very restrictive ClickIt Utility. She had more freedom with the other brands, but this one is something she is not used to at all and I don’t want her to fight it and get out of it. There are also other pet travel safety products such as a secured pet travel carrier or a car seat for dogs (which Roxy is considering).

Wordless Wednesday

We had a number of friends tell us their dogs already wear pet seat belts. Let’s put our paws together for Snoopy with Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Shiner with Pawsitively Pets, and Dexter with Fidose of Reality! A lot of people loved Clover’s photo from Wordless Wednesday so here are a couple others of her:

Clover Dog Seat Belt 3

“What do you mean we’re not going anywhere? That we’re just posing for pictures?

Clover Sprawl

“Fine. Unless you change your mind about going somehwere, I’m done posing.”

ClickIt Utility Giveaway

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway posted on October 5th to win the new ClickIt Utility. If you’ve already entered, don’t forget you can submit more entries on the rafflecopter by tweeting daily.

Thanks for joining us for this Follow Up Friday. Thank you Jodi and Linda for hosting the blog hop. Enjoy your weekend and see you all next week! 🙂

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October 16, 2013
Dogs Maya & Clover

Maya is the light Lab on the left and Clover is the slightly darker yellow Lab on the right.

Dogs Clover & Pierson

Pierson gets along with Clover because Clover ignores him and Pierson doesn’t feel threatened by her.

This is our friend, Clover. She comes over to our house for a play date every once in a while. She is the only dog, besides Maya, that my other dog Pierson gets along with. Here is a photo of sweet Clover wearing her new Kurgo Tru-Fit dog seat belt:

Clover Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Seat Belt

Clover’s mom says she doesn’t mind wearing the dog seat belt.

For more great pet photos, visit the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:


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Follow Up Friday #15

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 11, 2013

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Welcome to Follow Up Friday where we recap the past week events. Before we get started, I want to say thanks to Jodi with Heart Like a Dog and JoAnn with Sand Spring Chesapeakes for hosting this blog hop! 🙂

Last Friday

Lindsay with That Mutt asked, “Are there seat belts designed specifically for dogs under 10 pounds? Or are those dogs, like cats, better off riding in crates?

This is an excellent question! Although the Center for Pet Safety has not yet conducted a study of pet travel crates, I am confident of the testing completed by Sleepypod. Before Sleepypod designed their top rated ClickIt Utility pet seat belt, they designed and crash tested the best pet travel carriers I have ever seen. Check out this crash test video of the Sleepypod carrier:

When Sleepypod began designing dog car harnesses they found smaller pets were better protected in their carriers. So to answer your question more directly, yes, smaller pets are better off riding in crates; specifically, in pet travel carriers that are preferably soft-sided and are secured in the car.

Sleepypod Pet Travel Carrier Blue

These pet travel carriers from Sleepypod are perfect for cats and small dogs.


There are lots of comments on this post for obvious reasons. If you haven’t entered to win the new ClickIt Utility yet, please do. The contest is open until the end of October and you can enter daily by tweeting about the giveaway.

I noticed a lot of commenters on this post gave the weight of their dog rather than the measurement. It is very important that you measure your dog. Some of the weights people indicated for their dogs sound like these dogs are too small to fit the smallest ClickIt. You’d think the extra-small size is for toy dogs but it’s not. It is for larger small dogs. To fit the extra-small, your dog should have a combined measurement of 31 to 36 inches. Another measurement to consider for small dogs is the size of the vest. The vest piece of the extra-small is 9″ long. The narrowest part of the vest is 3.5 inches wide. This means the vest might be too bulky for smaller dogs.

One question came up in the contest, Janet K asked if we have the orange ClickIt Utility dog car harnesses. Yes, but all sizes except the orange are out of stock. Lots of these are out of stock and we only have a few left. More will not be available until mid-November.

X-Small ClickIt Utility Pet Seat Belt

The Orange ClickIt Utility pet seat belt. Notice this large Dachshund is wearing the extra small size.

Wordless Wednesday

Sugar the Golden Retriever said, “FUN Event. We missed Dogtoberseft last weekend due to the rain. LOVE Roxy’s costume. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Our weather was fantastic, for the most part. It was a little chilly in the morning, but it wasn’t as cold as it was last year. And it warmed up nicely. Maya and I really had a great time.

In regards to Roxy’s costume, it really is cute, isn’t it? Roxy’s mom and aunt, Bridget and Rhonda, make dog clothes. They make other dog stuff too. In fact, they also made the cooling dog collars from our site.

Roxy the Dachshund Mix 1 Dogtoberfest 2013

Roxy the Dachshund mix sports an adorable Kansas City Chief’s dress at the Dogtoberfest.

Cooling Dog Collar - Pink

The women who made Roxy’s dress also made these cool cooling collars.

The cooling dog collars have ice packs in them so that your dog can be cool and cool-looking. Click Maya’s picture to see these on our website. We have a few medium and large ones left. No more will be ordered until next spring.

Flea with Dog Treat Web for Jones Natural Chews says, “Omigoodness! This looks like so much fun! I love the Border Collie! And the Mastiffs! *SQUEEEE*

I saw a lot of other breeds and cool breed mixes at the Dogtoberfest. But I was too busy to get a bunch of photos. That’s a good thing, of course. BTW Flea, I bet those dogs would have really loved a shank bone or other treat from Jones Natural Chews.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for joining us for Follow Up Friday. And thanks again to Jodi and JoAnne. Don’t forget to enter the contest for the ClickIt Utility pet seat belt. Good luck and have a great weekend! 🙂

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October 9, 2013

Sunday, October 6th was the Dogtoberfest event held at South Park in Lawrence, Kansas. I was there as a vendor with a couple of tables of our pet travel supplies. Maya was there as well. Her job was to look cute and to occasionaly demonstrate her new ClickIt Utility dog car harness. Here is a photo I took of Maya and several other photos of the event:

Balloon Sculptures Dogtoberfest 2013

These balloon sculptures are awesome! Dogtoberfest had a kids section for face painting, kids crafts, and other fun activities. Where are the kids? This was taken before Dogtoberfest officially started.

Balloon Sculture Dogtoberfest 2013

A close up of one of the colorful balloon sculptures.

Brindle Mastiff 1 at Dogtoberfest 2013

We met this beautiful brindle Mastiff at Dogtoberfest.

Disc Dogs 3 Dogtoberfest 2013

I couldn’t leave my booth but luckily the disc dog event was right across from me. Look at this Border Collie go!

Disc Dogs 4 Dogtoberfest 2013

This Border Collie is really intent on her disc.

Disc Dogs 5 Dogtoberfest 2013

This dog is doing the weave trick at the disc dog event.

Mastiff and Malamute Dogtoberfest 2013

Also close to my booth was the Mastiff rescue. This big guy is already adopted. The Malamute is a visitor to the event.

Maya Playing with Stick 1 Dogtoberfest 2013

When Maya wasn’t being a model for her dog car harness or greeting visitors at the Dogtoberfest event, she was playing with a stick she found.

People and Dogs at Dogtoberfest 2013 - 2

Lots of people and dogs at the Dogtoberfest event. These people and vendors are to the left of my table.

People and Dogs at Dogtoberfest 2013 - 4

More people and vendors at the Dogtoberfest event. This is from the right side of my table.

Roxy the Dachshund Mix 3 Dogtoberfest 2013

This is my friend Roxy. I haven’t seen her in such a long time and so was very happy that she came to Dogtoberfest.

For more Wordless Wednesday fun, check out the blog hop below:


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Follow Up Friday #14

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 4, 2013

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Friday is here again! It’s time to recap the past week’s events. And let me tell you, it has been an eventful week. Before I get to that, though, let me thank Jodi with Heart Like a Dog and Lynda from Two Ears and a Tail for hosting the Follow Up Friday blog hop. Thanks! 🙂

There were a lot of great comments from last week’s Follow Up Friday. One that needs special mention is the one from Flea with DogTreatWeb for Jones Natural Chews. She knows we go from Kansas to Texas and back every year and that we drive through Oklahoma on the way. So she invited us to stop by on the way back! I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to meet Flash, Patches, Jimmy, and all the lovely hens. And Flea would love to meet Pierson. So be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss the post about our trip at the end of December.

Maya ClickIt Utility Pet Seat Belt

My Maya looks happy in her new ClickIt pet seat belt, but she is not too thrilled about not being able to move around much anymore. At least she is safer this way.

The New ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Belt is Here!

I knew the ClickIt Utility was going to be nice but I didn’t really expect it to work well enough to keep my Maya in her seat. She is a crazy dog and likes to stand up and move around. This is the first pet car harness that keeps her in her seat. I really truly love it!

Ms. Phoebe the cat had a good question about the ClickIt Utility. She asked if her 70lb doggie sister would be able to lie down in the harness. The answer is yes. My Labrador Maya wanted to move around so badly, but the only thing she could do to move was to lie down. Having the Kurgo Backseat Bridge in place might help my big girl be able to lie down in the forward facing position without hanging off the seat. (The photo of Maya above does not show the Kurgo Backseat Bridge because I took the photo in my husband’s car. My car is a 1998 and does not have the latch system.)

Snoopy with Snoopy’s dog blog asked if the dog safety belt harness could also be used as a walking harness. Yes, Snoopy, it can. It has a ring on the back to allow for this. It does not, however, have a ring in the front like the Kurgo harness does.

Roxi asked if her 75lb German Shepherd and 30lb mixed breed could both ride in the back seat while wearing this pet car harness. Yes, Roxi, both can ride in the back seat. All vehicles 2001 model and later have the latchbar system in place for baby car seats. This latchbar system consists of these metal anchors located between the seat cushions. For both the left and right side of the seat (but not the middle) there are two anchors.

There are no anchors in the front seat so your dog will not be able to wear the ClickIt in the front. Other brands, however, may work in the front seat. We usually do not recommend dogs in the front seat, though, because front passenger side airbags are not safe for dogs.

The Center for Pet Safety Report is Out

Remember the 2001 report where four harnesses failed, thereby mislabeling all pet seat belts as a failure? Well the October 2013 report showed that not all brands were failures. The ClickIt Utility dog safety belt got the highest marks. It outperformed all other brands. Other brands did okay and still others completely failed. If you haven’t read my post regarding this, please go check it out now. It was published October 3rd, 2013.

Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s mom from SamsNorthernGirl blog mentioned a couple of dogs probably would not be comfortable wearing the ClickIt Utility dog safety belt because it is too restrictive. Both Callie and Shadow have mild hip dysplasia that could be aggravated by being forced to stay in one place. The restriction of this particular brand is definitely something people want to consider. While it is good to be as restricted in the car as much as possible in most cases, I can see how something like hip problems could be an exception.

Thankfully, other brands did not fail the test. A brand like the Ruff Rider Roadie harness may not have done as well as the ClickIt, but it did not fail the testing done by the Center for Pet Safety. There are other methods of keeping your dog safe in the car as well. A secured pet travel crate might be just as good as a harness. The Center for Pet Safety has not yet conducted studies on this but will. We will keep you posted.

Thank you all for stopping by and for your comments. The more we engage in conversations about the safety of our pets, the better things will get.

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October 2, 2013

Every couple of months, the Lawrence Humane Society has a little gathering called the Mutt Mixer. It is where people can come to bring their dogs and they get to hang around in the huge exercise pens with other dogs. The mixing part is the dogs with homes and their people get to meet dogs up for adoption. It’s a great socializing activity that Maya loves. I like it too, but I mostly hang out outside of the fenced area at a small table where I have the dog seat belts. I still get to socialize, though! 🙂 Here are some of the photos from the event last Thrusday (the 26th).

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 1

Maya is making friends.

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 2

The Lawrence Humane Society has huge fenced-in areas for the dogs to run around in.

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 3

This is Reno having a good time at the September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event.

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 4

This is Brownie having a good time at the September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event.

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 5

They had pools for the dogs to play in at the event. Maya was the first to test one out.

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 7

Maya played with people more than with other dogs at the Mutt Mixer event.

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 8

Maya really knows how to make people visiting the event feel special.

September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event 9

This is Spud, a Frenchie, who came to check out the September 2013 Mutt Mixer Event.

These other photos are from the same event held in May.

2013 May Mutt Mixer - 1

From the May 2013 Mutt Mixer at the Lawrence Humane Society.


2013 May Mutt Mixer - 2

More doggies and my Maya mixing it up at the Mutt Mixer.


We didn’t make it to the one in July. View our posts from the end of July to see why.

Do you have any fun events for dogs in your neighborhood?

There are more fun pet photos on the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:

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Follow Up Friday #13

Author: MayaAndPierson
September 27, 2013


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Welcome to the Follow Up Friday blog hop where bloggers recap events of the week. This week’s follow up is hosted by Jodi with Heart Like a Dog and Sue from The Golden Life. Thanks Jodi and Sue! 🙂

It’s been a fun week for me with the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event held last Sunday. And by the time this follow up posts, I will also have attended the Mutt Mixer event at the Lawrence Humane Society last evening. I will tell you more about the Mutt Mixer next week. For now, let’s start with comments from last week’s Follow Up Friday.

Follow Up Friday #12

Flea with Dog Treat Web for Jones Natural Chews says, “Pierson is the prettiest. He should get all the attention. All the time.” Of all the info from the follow up and she only notices Pierson’s photo! 😀 I can’t blame her. He really is such a pretty boy. Not that Maya’s not pretty too. But there is just something about a dog with long silky hair. Pierson is the Fabio of the dog world. This one’s for you, Flea:

Pierson in a Tux

“I’m too sexy for my shirt, so I wear a tux-dickey instead.” (Honestly, I think he likes the dickey better than his pet car harness.)

Flea also mentioned that we should stop in Tulsa on our next trip to Texas. My husband and I go from Kansas to Texas and back once a year to go visit my parents. We go right through Oklahoma and Tulsa would only be an hour off course. We generally break our 11 hour trip up into a two-day drive so Tulsa sounds like a great place to rest up and visit. So Flea, how does either just before or just after Christmas sound?

2BrownDawgs also commented on Pierson, “Awe that picture of Pierson on the first day is so cute. I think he knew he had found a new home.” He was scared when he first came here. I think he looks a little nervous in this photo. Pierson warmed up quickly, though. BTW, if you all don’t know Pierson’s story, read The Reward of Rescuing a Dog on my personal dog blog.

Jodi with Heart Like a Dog said, “It is so true that people are stealing dogs. Personally, I can’t be careful enough.” This was in response to the information we posted that heat is not the only danger to dogs being left in the car. So it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside; it is never a good idea to leave your dog in the car.

Mr. N’s mom with Tenacious Little Terrier says she’s interested in the ClickIt because Mr. N. keeps trying to jump out of his car seat. Well, good news! The ClickIt Utility pet car harness is here! Visit our retail site for lots of great information and videos and come back to our blog tomorrow for our personal take on it.

ClickIt Utility Pet Car Harness

The New Sleepypod ClickIt Utility Pet Car Harness

The Yellow Ribbon

Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s mom Sue with The Golden Life agreed the yellow ribbon was a good idea and also agreed that some people still aren’t going to respect it and that we should still be responsible with our dogs. Jodi with Heart Like a Dog agreed too. Jodi also mentioned how dropping Delilah’s leash helps with her leash reactive behavior because she no longer feels trapped. I agree that this can work with some dogs. They are fine off a leash, but put that leash on and they go nuts! Pierson, however, is not good with other dogs whether he is on a leash or not. So letting go of his leash is not a good idea at all. I believe it is due to his breed mix tendencies. As a herding dog, his job is to not only herd but also to guard. So he has a very high prey drive and guarding instinct. We are working on these issues and making progress. But he still has a long ways to go.

Responsible Pet Owner’s Day Event

There were lots of comments about the dogs on this post. Many people liked the cute puppy Mia. SnowyDay with Life of Drool said, “I WANT MIA!“, Mollie and Alfie from Mollies Dog Treats said they liked the last photo (which was of Mia), and Lindsay with That Mutt said, “Oh my gosh, that puppy in that last photo is among the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen.” I agree. She is so cute! Here is another adorable picture of her:

Mia The Cutest PUppy Ever 2

Mia! Mia!

Jackie with Pooch Smooches thought all the pups were good-looking. Bailey with Sheltie Times thought the event looked great. Maya and I had a good time at the event. We met so many wonderful people and dogs. For some reason, however, Maya was scared to death of the Dobermans. She hid under the table when they came by. They were nice dogs so I’m not sure why. Interesting.

A couple of people commented on the Wynn Dixie dog. Flea thought the dog in the dog from the movie was a mutt. And Donna with Donna and the Dogs never heard of the Berger Picard before. The owner of the dog told me, “Most people think the Wynn Dixie dog was a mutt,” and “There are only about 500 Berger Picards in the US.” I’m paraphrasing, but that is about what he said. Here is another photo of him.

Berger Picard French Herding Dog

The Wynn Dixie dog – Berger Picard, a herding dog of France.

Well, that’s all I have. Is it enough? 😀 More than enough, I’d say. I hope I didn’t bore you. If you want to hear more, though, come back tomorrow and check out the ClickIt Utility pet car harness!

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September 25, 2013

On Sunday, Maya and I went to the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event at Crystal K9 in Lawrence, Kansas. I had one table there for our pet travel supplies and Maya came with me to show off her Kurgo Go-Tech dog safety seat belt. The event was the first one ever held by Crystal K9 so it was a small event. But it was a lot of fun. There were several enjoyable activities, some of which Maya got to participate in. And there were other local pet supply vendors. Here are some photos I took of the event:

Adoptable Dog Responsible Pet Owner's Day 2013

There were adoptable dogs at the event, including this sweet girl.

Berger Picard Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This is the Wynn Dixie dog breed, the Berger Picard. This adorable guy is about 5 months old. Just look at those ears!

English Setter Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This is the first English Setter I have ever seen in person. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Havanese Responsible Pet Owner's Day

I think this guy is a Havanese. Sorry, I can’t remember for certain. I met so many adorable dogs at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Keeshond Responsible Pet Owner's Day

I learned how to say Keeshond properly when I met this beautiful girl and her bigger fluffier brother at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Dog in Purse at the Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This little guy belongs to the exectutive director of the Lawrence Humane Society. He loves to stay in his purse and he was quite comfortable there too.

Maya in the Way Responsible Pet Owner's Day

My Maya got in the way of a lot of photos at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Maya Making Friends Responsible Pet Owner's Day

Maya loved meeting all the dogs at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Maya Won Dish Responsible Pet Owner's Day

Maya won this dog dish in one of the activities at the event. The activity was a doggie version of musical chairs where the dog who took the longest to sit was out. Maya got 2nd place out of 10 dogs. I’m so proud!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Responsible Pet Owner's Day

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event. He was with a Cardigan Welsh Corgi too, but I didn’t get a good photo.

Responsible Pet Owner's Day Crystal K9

Lots of people and dogs hanging out at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event held out in front of Crystal K9.

Dog Giselle Dog Safety Seat Belt

I think this girl’s name is Giselle. She was adopted from the Lawrence Humane Society a few months ago. Here, she bought the Kurgo Go-Tech dog safety seat belt from me at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Cute Little Puppy Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This cute little girl is named Mia and she was at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event too. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing?

For more great pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:


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August 28, 2013

My lovable happy Labrador Maya turned six this month! If you don’t know Maya, she is our Pet Auto Safety CEC (Chief Executive Cuteness). You may have seen her in some of our product photos and reviews on both this blog and our retail website, Pet Auto Read more about her and see many more photos of her on my personal dog blog, In the meantime, here are a few recent photos of Maya hard at work:

Lazy Dog MayaMaya Sleeping Under DeskInvincibles Gecko Dog Toy and MayaDog Maya CEC Working Too Hard

Here is Maya from this morning. Still a puppy!

Find more videos like this on

Also, if you have a chance, go vote for Maya’s photo in a calendar contest on HeartLikeADog. Visit and vote daily! It would be a great birthday present. 😉

For more great pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:;)

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July 26, 2013

We didn’t have many pet travel safety questions this past week. Our dog blog is more of an informational blog and doesn’t inspire a lot of comments. We do have a lot of readers, though. And our readers generally prefer to ask their questions by email or phone.

Which Size Dog Safety Belt Should I Get?

An important question that came up and comes up often is, how do you know what size of dog safety belt to get? This is not always easy since each manufacturer determines its own size standards. Take the recent review on the Kurgo Go-Tech pet seat belt. The medium size should fit most dogs between 25 and 50 pounds, but there are so many different shapes and sizes of dogs within this range that it is impossible for this size to fit them all. Consider a Bulldog, and then consider a Whippet. Both could fit within Kurgo’s medium weight range. But the neck of a Whippet is so small and narrow while the Bulldog’s is thick. I doubt the medium Kurgo Go-Tech would fit the Whippet while it might fit the Bulldog perfectly.

The medium Kurgo Tru-Fit style, on the other hand, might fit both dogs since the neck size is adjustable. The Ruff Rider Roadie also has an adjustable neck size (except smaller sizes). For both the Kurgo and the Ruff Rider Roadie, the most important size measurement is the girth size. The girth size is the measurement around your dog’s chest just behind the front legs. See how to measure your dog’s girth (chest) below.

Maya's Measurement for Dog Seat Belt

Maya gets her girth measured to see what size of dog seat belt is right for her.

The Bergan dog safety belt is the most flexible when it comes to sizing. Both the neck and the chest sizes are fully adjustable. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Italian Greyhound or a Mastiff. It is the weight of the dog that is most important. However, the small Bergan may be too big for really tiny dogs like Chihuahuas. And while the extra-large Bergan is the largest of all the extra-large size brands we have, it still may be too small for really big dogs with a chest (girth) size greater than 50 inches around.

Pros and Cons of Each Brand of Seat Belts for Dogs

Gizmo from Terrier Torrent commented about a recent review we posted on the new Kurgo Go-Tech harness. He liked how the review listed both the pros and the cons. We like it to. What works for me and my dogs may not work for you and yours. There are a lot of factors to consider. Check out our post from February 16th, 2013 where we attempt to list the pros and cons of our four most popular brands – Compare Pet Seat Belt Brands. This post does not yet include the Kurgo Go-Tech since this is a brand new style.

Help us out for the next Follow Up Friday by asking more questions about pet travel safety. Don’t just ask about seat belts for dogs. Ask about other products. And ask us some general pet travel questions too. We’d love to help. 🙂 And we will give you the pros as well as the cons.

Thank you, Heart Like a Dog, for hosting the Follow Up Friday blog hop!


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