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September 17, 2011

Anyone have trouble getting their dog to get in the car? This is a great video by the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan. I agree with most of it but I am not too sure about how he pulled the dog into the car in the beginning of the video. The step up was a good idea and so was the refreshing blanket. I also agree that it is a matter of trust, not respect.

But rather than force her into the car, would it have been better to help her associate the car with good things first rather than force her in? Perhaps if they sat on the edge and coaxed the dog in with treats and the ‘kissy’ voice? Or if they went inside and called the dog in? If the dog only put his front paws up, then give treat and praise lavishly. After several successful trials, move the treat further back and eventually work up to get the dog to come all the way in. Any thoughts?

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