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February 20, 2011


Have a tail-wagging time with your dog in Portland, Oregon.  Portland, Oregon has more dog friendly hotels than we can shake a stick at, several off-leash dog parks to roll over for, and a number of dog-friendly restaurants worth begging for.

Portland, Oregon is known as the City of Roses.  Take your dog to visit Portland’s first public rose garden, the Peninsula Rose Garden.  Dogs must be friendly, leashed, and picked up after.  Two other big rose gardens in Portland also allow dogs – the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park and Ladd’s Addition Rose Garden.

Other dog-friendly places in Portland and the surrounding area to visit are the Cooper Mountain Vineyards and Oak Knoll Winery, the Grotto, and the Hoyt Arboretum.  The Grotto is a Catholic Shrine and botanical garden.  Dogs are not allowed on the upper level, but they are allowed outdoors in the plaza an botanical garden.  The Hoyt Arboretum is 185 acres of trees and has about 12 miles of trails.  The trees consist of over 1,100 species from around the world.  Your dog would love to check out those trees!

Portland also has a number of dog friendly restaurants where dogs are allowed on the outdoor patio.  You’d think that places like the Iron Mutt Coffee Company and the Lucky Labrador Public House would be dog friendly – and you would be correct.  Other dog friendly restaurants include Monteaux’s Public House, Berlin Inn German Restaurant and Bakery, Casa Colima, Goose Hollow at the Cove, Kells Irish Pub, and more.

You can’t go wrong with your dog in the City of Roses.  Come visit Portland, Oregon and be sure to bring your dog!

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One Response to “Dog Travel Destination – Portland, Oregon, City of Roses”

  1. MalamuteMom:

    Portland sounds beautiful. This may be a dumb question, but what time of year is best to see the rose gardens?