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November 18, 2010

Once during a long road trip, we stopped at a hotel for the night so that we could take a rest before the next big driving day.  We were a long way from any big cities which provide a number of hotels to choose from so we didn’t have much of a choice when we finally found a place to stop for the night.  But when we went to this hotel with our dogs, we were appalled!  They turned us away because our dogs were too big.

So back on the road we go.  We drove for at least a half hour before we found another hotel.  And can you believe it, but the same thing happened again.  It was almost midnight and we were tired.  What a dangerous thing to be driving when you are tired.  But what could we do?  When faced with the decision to either sleep in the car or keep going, we chose to keep going.

Thankfully, we found another hotel within about 5 minutes.  And not only did they welcome our dogs, they gave our dogs treats and directed us to a designated doggy-potty-area.

So what is the big deal with a big dog in a hotel?  Our dogs are well-behaved and non-destructive.  I suppose a bigger dog can make a bigger mess, but in my experience, little dogs are more likely to make messes.  And I suppose that a bigger dog can have a bigger bite, but did you know that most dog bite cases are from small dogs?

Don’t worry, I am not trying to discriminate against little dogs.  I’m just saying that to discriminate against big dogs is unfair.

Visit to sign a petition protesting the hotels who discriminate against big dogs.  Stand up for your big dog so that he gets treated the same as a little dog.

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One Response to “Why Won’t Some Hotels Allow Big Dogs?”

  1. Jessica T:

    I went to a hotel which allowed dogs and they put us in a smoking room even though I don’t smoke!!! Unfair and unhealthy.