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September 19, 2012

I recently went to New York for the first time – Manhattan. Unfortunately, I did not take my dogs. I was only there for a few days and I did not want to needlessly subject my dogs to airline flight. They stayed with friends instead.

Even though I did not take my pups, I did take lots of pictures of other dogs. There were two main things I noticed about people and their dogs in Manhattan, New York: 1) People picked up after their dogs. I never once saw a pile of dog poo on the sidewalk. 2) Central Park is a really nice place to take your dog. They don’t have an off-leash area but they have off-leash times in the morning and in the evening on certain days. Do any of my readers live in New York? If not, has anyone visited New York with their dog? I’d love to hear your experience.

In the fast paced life, you can take your dog for a walk, stop at an outdoor cafe for a quick breakfast, and take care of business on your cell phone all at the same time.

Early AM, lots of people headed to Central Park to walk their dogs.

If you think New York is too crowded to have two big dogs, you’re wrong. These two pups enjoy it here.

Lots of open space in Central Park. There is no designated off-leash area but there are off-leash times.

A walk by the lakeside in Central Park.

The biggest dog in New York is Balto. I love this statue!

Central Park is a great place for your dog to get away from the noise of the city. There are lots of nature spots for your dog to check out… lots of squirrels too!

Central Park has a zoo and a children’s petting zoo too. Check out these adorable kids having fun in Central Park.

At the children’s petting zoo, I couldn’t resist my inner-child.

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One Response to “Pet Travel Destination – Dogs in New York”

  1. Kia:

    Nice NY pictures. I’ve never been to NY. Maybe Simba and I will get to go one day 🙂