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September 12, 2012

My mom and stepdad live in the country out in Missouri so every once in a while we gather up the dogs and make the 5 hour drive for a visit. Welcome to Stiles Haven and thank you for visiting my mom, stepdad, and their beloved pets.



The untamed wild.


The tamed wild – Solo (left) & Rocky (right).


So cute and cuddly!


Pixie with her new baby chicks.


Pixie takes really good care of her family. Pixie is named as such because the other chickens pick on her and pull at her feathers. Well, Pixie has shown them all by being the one to have a happy family.


Sandy is very much like a dog in that she wags her tail when you come to see her and she loves her belly rubbed. BTW, Sandy is about to have kids!


Just look at Sandy’s beautiful smile.


Do you take your dogs for trips out into the country?

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2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday –Fun Farm Animals in Missouri”

  1. Mary Hunter:

    Those baby bunnies are too cute!

    I also like the first two pictures with all the greenery — looks like a very peaceful place.

    Nice to meet you through the bloghop. 🙂



  2. Lisa:

    Sandy has an adorable smile!