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We read this great article recently at Fidos of called “The Truth About Pet Friendly Travel“. This article talked about the number of hidden annoyances at accommodations claiming to be pet friendly hotels. A few of those annoyances are restrictions on size, species or breed, and number of pets. Another annoyance is the hotels which charge extra fees for pets.

We found another great article at I Love Dog called “4 Hotel Chains Where Dogs Stay for Free“. Some of these hotels still have size restrictions or other restrictions. But our favorite is the Red Roof Inn. We drive from Kansas to Texas at least once a year and take our two dogs. And we always look for a Red Roof Inn. Both my dogs are big, Maya is 65 pounds. We’ve never been turned away from a Red Roof Inn because of our dogs and we have never been charged an extra fee because of them.

Of course, your dogs should behave themselves when staying at a pet friendly hotel. No barking, no getting on furniture, no chewing on furniture, and please don’t poop or pee on the floor! And be sure to give dog owner’s a good reputation by picking up after your dog and leaving him in a crate if you decide to leave the hotel without him for a bit. Some employees are terrified of dogs and some dogs, despite their normal friendliness, may not let an employee inside to clean.

Enjoy traveling with your pet! I know I do. 🙂

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