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June 13, 2012

Clinton Lake is nearby so it wasn’t much of a drive. But it was a fun walk. Pierson rolled in smelly stuff (no photo), my friends, husband, and I walked the dogs (or they walked us), and Maya ended up attracting a bunch of ticks despite the FrontLine (no photo).

My husband and I (far left and far right), our friends Sha Sha and Jin Bo (middle), Maya and Pierson (front).

Me, my husband Li Xi, and Sha Sha with Maya and Pierson in the front.

Sha Sha with Maya and Li Xi with Pierson coming back from the lake. The lake front is where Maya got all her ticks.

 The black thing the dogs are wearing are their Bergan pet car harnesses. I did not take them off after getting out of the car for the walk. I figured it was easier to just leave them on.

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