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June 6, 2012

If I am going someplace where I don’t have to leave my dogs alone in the car, I like to bring them along. This past Saturday, I stopped to get lunch at Sonic and went to a pet consignment shop called The Dog House. Since Sonic is like a drive-through and since The Dog House allows dogs, I took Pierson with me (I couldn’t take both Pierson and Maya because I can’t handle both dogs in the shop). At Sonic, I also got what is called a ‘puppy cup’. It is a free small dish of ice cream that you can give to your dog. As you can see here, Pierson loves it! I also have here a picture of Pierson wearing a tux collar made by Bow Wow Wow Gifts who has their stuff at The Dog House.


Is that for me?


Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum...

Ice cream helps me learn to enjoy riding in the car.

Handsome? I don't feel handsome. I feel silly. But since I got ice cream...

(Special note on the puppy cup from Sonic… They put way too much ice cream in it for just one dog. I could not let Pierson eat it all or he would have gotten sick.)

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