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June 15, 2013


It is almost celebration time, and that means fireworks. I love fireworks. They are beautiful and fun. It’s great being able to get together with family to enjoy this spectacular event. For me, family includes my dogs Maya & Pierson. But this is one family event where they are not allowed.

Last year, a friend of ours found a dog that had run off from her owner’s yard because the neighbors were shooting fireworks. Her name was Shiera and she was lucky. She had run a long distance and crossed many streets in her haste to get away from the frightening noises of fireworks. Luckily, she didn’t get hit by a car. And thankfully, she found my friend who enlisted my help.

Shiera was not wearing any identification so we had no way of knowing where she belonged. The next morning I had her scanned for a microchip and found nothing. Thankfully, Shiera’s owner and I found each other through our posts on Craig’s List. You can read the full story HERE.

Shiera’s owner learned a valuable lesson about fireworks. Shiera’s fate could have been far worse. So to keep this from happening to you and your best friend, we suggest the following pet safety tips:

– Before the fireworks start, take your dog for a long walk to tire him out and let him do his business.

– Leave your dog at home, inside, and in a secure place. A secure place can be his dog crate or a room.

– Even if indoors, make sure your dog is wearing his tags. I’ve heard of dogs breaking out screens or even glass windows in order to get out and away.

– Turn on something loud to disguise the noise. Consider calming music like “Through a Dog’s Ear”. My dog Sephi liked to hide in the bathroom so I would turn on the fan in order to help cover the noise.

– If you are home, play with your dog while fireworks going on. This may help your dog associate fun with the noise.

– Talk to your veterinarian about a dog anxiety treatment.

Pierson wearing Thundershirt for Dogs

Pierson wearing his Thundershirt.

Nothing will ruin the fun festivities of fireworks more than losing your best friend because of them. The above tips are simple things you can do to help your dog feel more comfortable and safe. So practice pet safety and go have some worry-free fun!

What do you do for your dog during these celebrations? We stay home. Maya, being a Lab, isn’t concerned about loud noises. Pierson barks, but he seems to take his cue from Maya that there is nothing to be concerned about. I will probably have him wear his Thundershirt.


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One Response to “Pet Safety Saturday – Pets and Fireworks Don’t Mix”

  1. GizmoGeodog:

    I’ve been lucky in that all but one of my dogs either ignored fireworks or loved them…Only Cecil hated them and she would run and hide in the tub…Gizmo isn’t bothered by them and that’s good cause the college next door shoots them off every couple of months