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March 9, 2013
Dougie and his dog life jacket.

Our friend Dougie always wears a dog life jacket while on the boat.

I’m starting a new recurring blog posting event called Pet Safety Saturday! On most Saturdays, I will talk about dog car safety. But sometimes I will throw in some other pet safety issues. Like today, I am going to discuss the benefits of dog life jackets.

With spring on the horizon, you may be thinking of taking your dog to the lake for a swim or even boating. I think a life jacket for dogs would be great for either pet activity.

Maya and her dog life jacket.

Maya sometimes wears a dog life jacket while out swimming.

While Swimming
My Labrador Maya is a great swimmer. If I let her, she’d swim for hours and hours no matter how tired she got. I am so afraid that she’d wear herself out and drown that sometimes I have her wear a life jacket for dogs. There are other concerns too. Sometimes Maya will overlook the ball I threw and keep swimming. She could accidentally swim too far. Or she could get caught in a river (or ocean) undercurrent and be swept away. So before you take your dog swimming, consider these dangers and have your pets wear dog life jackets.

* Danger of drowning as a result of fatigue.
* Danger of swimming out too far.
* Danger of being swept away by undercurrents.

While Boating
Every person in the boat wears a life jacket, why not the dog? The same reasons a person should wear one in the boat applies for a dog too. Your boat could capsize and you could be left stranded in the middle of a huge body of water or knocked unconscious. You could fall off the boat. If you’re in the water wearing a colorful life jacket, it will be easier for someone to spot you. All of these things apply to your pet while wearing a colorful life jacket for dogs.

* Danger of the boat capsizing.
* Danger of being knocked unconscious after the boat is capsized.
* Danger of falling off the boat.
* Easier to spot your dog in the water if he falls out or is thrown out of the boat.

Be safe and have fun this spring! And come visit us next week on Pet Safety Saturday for another dog safety issue. 🙂

(Above photo of Dougie wearing a life jacket for dogs is courtesy of our friend Joanne in the UK.)

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2 Responses to “Pet Safety Saturday – Dog Life Jackets”

  1. Joanne:

    Hi thanks for featuring my boy ! He’s a great example of a dog who just knows fun is ahead when he sees me get out his doggie life jacket. Another major benefit of using these dog life vests is they prevent dogs from swallowing sea water which if ingested too much can prove fatal.

  2. Carol Bryant:

    What a cutie! Happy Wordless Wednesday from the BlogPaws blog hop!