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June 2, 2012


Maya Wearing a Coolie Dog Collar


We have great dog friends here in Lawrence, Kansas. Two such friends with Bow Wow Wow Gifts make fantastic dog stuff. They specialize in one-of-a-kind clothes for dogs but they also make this great dog collar called the Coolie dog collar.

The Coolie dog collar is a simple dog collar containing small ice packs. If you plan on having fun in the sun, help your dog stay cool by freezing the ice packs, inserting into the Coolie, then tying the Coolie around your dog’s neck.

The Coolie dog collars come in two color choices. Get the hot pink with doggy designs or the bright blue, also with doggy-themed designs. You can also choose from three sizes. Ice packs are included.

Bow Wow Wow Gifts made these specific Coolie dog collars just for Pet Auto Safety. You can’t get them anywhere else so get a Coolie dog collar for your dog while supplies last.

The collars are shown above in the two colors available. The collar’s straps are folded under in these photos. Notice the second blue one where you can see the straps a little bit more.

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