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Kurgo makes great pet travel products such as the Wander Pet Car Hammock, the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness, the Backseat Barrier, and the Backseat Bridge. They are well-made, very useful and safe, and best of all they have a lifetime guarantee. Since we like Kurgo so much, we have decided to expand from our pet auto safety base and have added the Kurgo Wander Back Pack for Dogs.

So what does a back pack for pets have to do with dog car safety?

Pet – This one speaks for itself.

Auto – Your dog has to ride in the car before he can get to his favorite hiking spot to use his new back pack.

Safety – This one is a stretch but the Kurgo Wander Back Pack for Dogs has four reflective strips (two on the top and one on either side) for just in case your dog is hiking in the woods at night.

So mostly the Wander Pack has to do with pet travel. Plus, we just wanted to order them so that our own dogs could use them! In fact, that is our dog Maya in the photo above wearing hers.

Like other Kurgo products, the Wander Back Pack for Dogs has a lifetime guarantee. So if you plan on going on a hiking trip with your dog to Colorado, Missouri, or other great hiking spots, consider a Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness and the Kurgo Wander Back Pack for Dogs.

Be sure to check us out next week for another new pet auto safety product. We are adding a bunch of new pet travel products in May.

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