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Take Your Dog to the Movies

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 26, 2010


Is your dog stuck at home most of the time while you enjoy your summer? Why not take him to the movies? But they don’t allow dogs in movie theaters, do they? No, dogs still are not allowed in movie theaters unless they are service dogs. But you can take your dog to a drive-in movie theater. Drive-in theaters used to be very common. They are not so much anymore. But there are still quite a few still in business. Check out to find a drive-in theater in your area. Your dog may not be able to enjoy the movie, but they will enjoy your company. Grab some lawn chairs, food, and drinks for yourself. Then get your dog’s water bowl, some doggy treats, a dog blanket or bet, and your dog’s leash. Pack up the car and head on out. Sit outside, socialize with your neighbors, and enjoy the warm summer air which has been subdued by the dark stary-speckled blanket above.

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