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Young’s Pool in Overland Park, Kansas had a day for dogs on August 18th. Maya went last year and loved it so I thought I would take her again. (Pierson didn’t get to go because he doesn’t get along well with other dogs.)

Maya, bottom right, waiting for me to throw the tennis ball. Lots of other dogs in the background having a good time.

Maya loves fetching tennis balls from the pool.

Maya’s coming back with her ball while another dog is going in to get a toy.

Lots of dogs having a good time at Young’s Pool.

Some public pools have a day for dogs at the end of the season just before the drain the pool. Check with the parks & recreation in your neighborhood to see if there are any such events in your area. Remember, wherever you go, travel safe.

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7 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Pooch Plunge, Swimming for Dogs @ Young’s Pool”

  1. Roxy the traveling dog:

    That looks like a great time. How fun the local pool does that.

  2. Kristin:

    Maya, looks like you had a blast! We need year-round pools for dogs.

  3. Suzanne Adams:

    They certainly look like they’re having fun!! 🙂

  4. Holly:

    This is great! I hope this happens in an area near to me! I didn’t know they had these, so thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    Happy BlogPaws WW blog hop!

  5. Goose:

    That’s so cool that your public park allows pups…ours don’t want dogs anywhere near! 🙁 Boo! Looks like you had a fab time!

  6. snoopy@snoopysdogblog:

    That looks like so much fun, I wish they did that where I live!

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  7. Flea:

    Oh my. My babies would LOVE this. We have a wading pool, but it belongs to our duck, so the dogs don’t go in. They’re afraid of the duck.