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Local St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Author: MayaAndPierson
March 17, 2012


St. Patrick's Day Clothes for Dogs

St. Patrick's Day Clothes for Dogs

No pet travel stuff today, just St. Patrick’s Day fun. We are participating in a parade today in Lawrence, Kansas. It is not a grand parade like in some bigger cities, but it is nice. Dogs will be in the parade too. I won’t be taking Maya or Pierson. Maya will be too excited with all the people around and so will be difficult to control. Pierson will be too scared of all the people and noises. (These are some good things to think about if you plan on taking your dog to a St. Patrick’s Day parade.)

My part in the parade is to assist the person wearing a dog costume. This person is promoting The Dog House, a local co-op pet shop located in Lawrence, Kansas. The Dog House sells mostly hand-crafted and homemade pet items such as pet apparel, dog beds, dog treats, and more. Other people in the parade will be walking their dogs and their dogs will be wearing St. Patrick’s Day clothes for dogs from The Dog House. The photo above is of a dog wearing such apparel. I hope to have more pictures of the parade later today.

If you are in the area of Lawrence, Kansas, come check out the parade, and The Dog House too. And have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Okay, I’m back with more photos from the parade!

Here is Roxy in her St. Patrick’s Parade clothes for dogs.

Here is another dog wearing green and some kids having a good time watching the parade.

Here are all the people watching the parade!

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