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Helping to Prevent Homeless Pets

Author: MayaAndPierson
August 27, 2008


According to No More Homeless Pets KC (NMHPKC), “. . . for every one person born, 15 dogs and 45 cats are also born. And that means there simply aren’t enough homes for them all.” So what happens to the excess animals? They roam the streets. They may possibly spread diseases to your own pets, get into garbage, mess in your yard, and continue to breed which causes more homeless dogs and cats. Wild dogs may form into packs and sometimes attack people and other animals, including your own pets. And the worst of all, millions of homeless dogs and cats get euthanized each year – That’s right, MILLIONS!

So what is being done to prevent homeless animals? There are many non-profit organizations all over the country that dedicate their time to not only find homes for these animals, but to also find a way to prevent more homeless animals. There are several in the Kansas City area, including No More Homeless Pets KS (NMHPKC). Their mission is “To lead a cooperative effort to end pet overpopulation and transform the KC area into a ‘Humane community’.” Part of what they do is help in getting homeless animals adopted. They also prevent homeless animals by providing humane education and low-cost spay and neutering.

So what can you do to help prevent homeless animals? The most important thing you can do is to spay or neuter your own pets. There are many benefits to spaying or neutering your dog or cat. Check out our following blog in a few days about the benefits of spaying or neutering.

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