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July 27, 2008

woofsfacility.jpgWe loved the new facility at Woof’s Play & Stay. During our visit, we got to speak to the business owner and several employees. Everyone was obviously a huge dog lover. There was great food for both people and pets, fun games, and wonderful free prizes and spectacular door prizes.

We were greatly impressed with our tour of the facility. The day play areas were large and clean. An employee stood inside the play area to monitor the dogs. Cameras which can be accessed online were also monitoring the play area! We really liked this idea because we can watch our puppies online while they are having fun and playing. There were different play areas for different dogs. The dogs were put in different play areas based on their size, temperament, and activity level.

The night boarding kennels were well equipped and looked very comfortable. There were two types of rooms: The regular suites and the Penthouse suites. All the suites are private but the Penthouses offer a bit more home-like feel. The Penthouses had televisions, pet-themed wall paintings, more privacy, and luxurious bedding. One thing we liked about the night stay was that the day play was included in the cost of the overnight fee. We liked this because most boarding services charge extra for play time.

The full service grooming and spa services were also wonderful. It is a terrific way to really pamper your puppy at a reasonable cost. The Furminator de-shedding is also a great service that our own dogs could really use during those heavy shedding seasons.

Maya will be staying at Woof’s Play & Stay on Wednesday, July 30th. We will try to have a link to the online viewing so you can see her in action! For more information and pricing on the services offered at Woof’s Play & Stay, check out their website at

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