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May 6, 2010


Spring is here and it’s time to go to the lake or the beach again. And if you are like me, you are probably going to want to take your dog. The lake or the beach is a fun place to visit, but it can also be dangerous. The American Dog Blog has some great safety tips for every member of your family. Read the bulleted points below, then visit the American Dog Blog for more details.

* Wear Life Jackets

* Beware of Water Anomalies – such as sneaker waves, rip currents, and underwater debris.

* Beware of Other Animals – both animals on the water’s edge and in the water.

* Wear Sunscreen

* Keep an Emergency Kit Handy

* Keep Fresh Water Available

* Beware of Heat Exhaustion

* Watch for Fatigue

* Protect Your Dog’s Feet from Glass, Hot Sand, Sharp Rocks

* Rinse Off Ocean Salt Water

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