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Poor Maya burned her paw the other day. When we went to the dog park, Maya was so excited that she burst out of the car as soon as I took off her dog car seat belt, but before I was able to put on her leash. I have learned to put on the leash before taking off her seat belt, but only after Maya burned her paw while running around on the hot asphalt pavement of the parking lot. One of her feet blistered and some padding came off. I took her to the vet, but the only recommendation they had was to give her some pain medicine and not let her walk around too much. She limped for three days.

Before you take your dog out this season, be aware that the black asphalt pavement is very hot and can burn your dog’s feet. Try to avoid the black asphalt pavements or try to park in a shaded area. Maya’s injuries were very minor and limted to only one of her paws, but could have been much worse.

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