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November 19, 2008


Leave Your Pet(s) at a Boarding Kennel

The major benefit of having your pet cared for at a boarding kennel is that they are under almost constant care. However, you may want to research boarding kennels before you elect this option. Some have smaller cages with no outside access while others have both inside and outside access. And some have a large day care area where your pets can play with others during the day.

The drawback of having your pet stay in a boarding kennel is that you have to arrange things in advance just as you would a pet sitter. You will also have to get something from your vet certifying that your pet is up to date on their shots. Bordetella is an additional prevention that may have to be administered prior to boarding. Bordetella is generally not a standard treatment for dogs like rabies and DHLPPC shots. Another drawback is the cost. A simple boarding cost will apply but some boarding kennels charge additional fees for administering medications, day play sessions, and larger boarding cages.

The best way to decide which option to choose is to know your pet. Maya, for example, is very sociable. She would not do well at home by herself for so long. I will either have her go and stay with a friend or most likely, I will take her to Woof’s Play-n-Stay Pet Hotel. They are a boarding kennel with a day play area. The day play is already included in the cost so I don’t have to pay extra for her to socialize with the other dogs and with the dog-loving day care workers. Sephi, on the other hand, prefers her solitude and would much rather be at home. If I can’t get a friend to come by and take care of her, I know she would love for Ron with Grand-Paws Pet Sitting Service to come visit.

So, the most important factor in determining which option to choose it so know your pet.  Other factors, of course, come into play, such as cost and convenience, but your pet’s happiness and well-being comes first.

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