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November 16, 2008

Hire a Pet Sitter

The benefits of this option is somewhat similar to having a friend or family member come by your home. Other benefits of hiring a pet sitter is that they are a lot less likely to have something come up which prevents them from coming to visit. My dogs have a great pet sitter, Ron with Grand-Paw’s Pet Sitting Services. My dogs love Ron and Ron loves them. Ron is very reliable and if there is some chance he can’t make it, one of the other pet sitters can come by instead. The drawback of hiring a pet sitter is you have to arrange things well in advance as they may be booked by the holiday season. Also, they will have to have time to familiarize themselves with your dog when you are not home to make sure your dog allows them inside. It would be a shame to hire a pet sitter to only find that your dog will not let them inside and you are already out of town unable to do anything about it. Another drawback is the cost. You would want the pet sitter to come by 2-3 times a day which can end up costing more than a boarding kennel.

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