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Traveling? – Hotels For Dogs

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 7, 2009

Traveling with your dog this holiday season? Want to stay in a hotel? How do you know which hotels will allow dogs? The perfect answer can be found at Pets I am traveling a long distance and need to stay overnight at a hotel which allows dogs so I checked out Pets I have used this site before, but now it is even better. It has been re-built to be easier to use and more informative. I selected the top tab for Lodgings, then the drop-down option of US Lodgings. From there, I selected the state I wanted to find lodging in. And then on the left, I selected the city. A very comprehensive list of hotels for dogs appeared on Pets  The list included the names of several hotels, their addresses, their phone numbers, and sometimes additional important information about the hotel. It was easy and quick. Within 5 minutes, I found a hotel and called to make a reservation. Super easy!!

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