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February 7, 2013

My dogs love to ride in the car! Whenever I go someplace where my dogs are allowed to go too (since I won’t leave them in the car by themselves) I take them with me. So, bank drivethrough, fast food drivethrough, let’s go Maya & Pierson! Even better, let’s go to the dog park or the pet supply store to buy some toys!!!

Speaking of riding in the car, I absolutely love all the hilarious Subaru dog commercials. Did you see the new ones when you watched the Puppy Bowl? I had a teaser for one of the commercials last week. Here is another teaser. Then below that is one of the full commercials. Seriously funny.

I like this one, except the dog should not be sitting in the lap! Where’s your seat belt, miss/mr puppy? At least Grant Weber, the Subaru Salesman, isn’t actually driving with the dog in his lap.

When you watched the Puppy Bowl, did you get a chance to use the IntoNow app which presented Subaru content in conjunction with the show? I did and I liked it a lot, although I did have a bit of trouble figuring out how to use it. Also, because of my phone some of the links on the app did not allow me to use them… like the one for making a dog driver’s license. Fortunately, these are available on Subaru’s Facebook page. I will give it a try soon, then will let you know what I think.

We seldom do paid posts, but when we do it is because we like the content we are being asked to present… in this case, the funny Subaru dog commercials. We’ve posted these commercials a number of times in the past, unpaid, so it isn’t that much of a stretch to have a paid post. This is a paid post, although the text content associated with these videos is all our own.

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One Response to “Can’t Get Enough of Those Funny Subaru Dog Commercials”

  1. Flea:

    What fun! Our first family car was a Subaru wagon and I LOVED it! I’m going to have to get licenses for my dogs now. 🙂